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The Hunted

Author File Description
Magnum Zero
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

By Magnum Zero

Member of Era Productions, Woad Creations, and Arcane Designs

Originally, I wasn’t planning to release the random map after the amount of skepticism I had about it. Some people may hate it, others may love it. It's a new breed of RMS. In this RMS, things are very different from normal. There are no kingdoms, no empires, and no countries. Two warring nations rent the life from the Earth. No, there are rarely any buildings left standing. The few Kings that survived the onslaught lie craven, protected by a single swordsman and a scout. The Kings hunt each other in the winter forests, running and searching. Which King will end up victorious? Which King will end up dead?
In The Hunted, you play no ordinary game of AoK. You receive no buildings and no villagers, just a scout and a swordsman. Your objective is to hunt down and kill the other Kings, before you are killed first. You must use strategy; do you scout with your Eagle Warrior or Swordsman? Will you go with speed or power? Do you hunt for the mercenaries or the enemies first? Are your eyes sharp enough to see the enemies’ footprints in the snow? Can you tame the sheep to be your eyes? Can you tempt the monks to heal you?

How to play The Hunted
Each player receives three units, as stated above, a Swordsman, an Eagle Warrior, and a King. On the map, there are Gaia units scattered about, for you to find. You find them, and you can use them to either guard your King or kill the enemy. There are also sheep. You can use the sheep to scout around the map. In the winter version, you can track the enemy by their footprints. You lose when your King dies.

Important game settings
Since The Hunted offers such a unique experience, special game settings MUST be used. The ages must be set to Feudal for balance issues. The map size should be tiny. Why would you want to search a Giant map for a single king? You wouldn’t. This game must be played with all techs on, so that each civilization is even. This must be played with multiplayer, NOT with computers. The AI has no idea how to play this random map and it just stands there. Don’t play with map revealed or explored, it ruins the suspence.

About each file
MZ@TH-W is the original The Hunted, with snow. MZ@TH-A, however, is something different. Samurai are given to the players as opposed to Long Swordsmen. The setting is in autumn, when the trees are losing their leaves, so there is no snow to track your adversary. There are small strips of road now, once connecting great trade routes. If you’re sharp, you’ll be able to use the roads to your advantage.

Enjoy the Script!
--Magnum Zero
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Visual Appeal5.0
'The Hunted' is not a usual sort of random map with 3 villagers and a TC. Rather it is a unique game in which you have to hunt down the enemy king and kill him.

Theme: 5
There is a good and original theme underlying this random map, the idea of hunting down the enemy king is well thought out and carried out excellently. The notion of playing with only 3 units may seem strange at first to those who play lot of multiplayer Aok, but actually it is a great deal of fun and in fact new strategies have to be invented to play this game. The eagle warrior is fast, but can be countered by the long swordsman (in the autumn version the samurai is less powerful). The king can quickly run away too, making it difficult to carry out surprise attacks. The mercenaries (gaia units) are not too powerful either.

Visual Appeal: 5
This random map looks excellent. The terrain blending is well done. Both the versions (one in winter and one in autumn) are well designed and have great deal of eye candy such as rocks, water holes, flowers, ruins etc. It suits the game very well.

Playability: 4
'The Hunted' is meant to be played as a multiplayer game and is best enjoyed when there are full 8 people playing the game. In fact those who play the 'Dota Allstars' warcraft game [like me ;) ] would find the RPG idea familiar and have a lot of fun in this map. Various strategies can be evolved such as using sheep, looking for gaia units, etc. However one thing which is rather difficult to do practically is tracking footprints... your own units leave footprints too, not to mention deers, wolves etc. However playing with few people (say 1 on 1) can be very boring. Also in most games the outcome is more based on luck than skill, depending on the positioning of the players and gaia units.

Additional Comments:

This is a refreshing and original idea for an RMS. Download now!

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Visual Appeal5.0
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:4.69 KB