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Joan & Harolfs Travels

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File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
This is my first RPG. It is not finnished, but contains 2 missions. It is a fun and amusing story of how a man and his wife decide to go and be sumbody! I have not finnished it yet, so you could call it a demo! I am finnishing it and will uplaod the finnished version soon if anyone likes it. The scenario will just stop, you wont be victorious, there will be just nothing left ot do after you have talked to the people on the beach (the next thing would be to go to the lighthouse and see a cut scene which i am still doing so i thought the demo cud end there). PLEASE post a comment so i know if i should finnish it or not.

(contains an ai freeze not made by me but required to play the game!).

Please report any bugs. Thanks
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rokkitman Well, this is novel: a Scn that doesn't revolve around combat. Well worth carying on, if you can fix the bugs. However, who the hell is this Scn for? The plot is like one for kids ('Let's go to the beach'), but you have some very saucy (the only thing that would get past the firewall) bits of speech, making it totally unsuitable for youngsters!
'Wolfy' is an inspired and original idea, keep it up, even with all the bugs, but the little circles around the speaking characters are pointless, annoying and buggy. If you want my opinion, don't bother with them. Also, I would recommend getting rid of the othere farming bit, where the man says 'Get off my land': having to restart all over againg really p*ssed me off. Finally, your English isn't too hot, although this is forgivable as it is readable. A good effort, although with my debut AOK Scn not out yet (I did loads of great AOE ones before I found HG), I might not be in a position to say so.
File Author
Thankx for your comments. Plz keep 'em coming.

I WILL fix all the bugs, the uploaded one so far is no-where near finnished! Also, there is other scenarios I am thinking of to go into the campaign (they follow on).

I never realy had a particular age group in mind when I made this 1st scn of mine, I was just chucking in ideas as I have basically been improvising what happens as I built it! I suppose it would be best for 15-20 yr old males. The language content isn't that bad, it was just a joke. And I never put swearing e.t.c into my scn incase young kids play 'em.

Wolfy isn't 100% original, I used something in the hints + tips bit for triggers and changed it slightly, (well, its a bit of a bug!!!!) and I used a similar idea for the camel rides on the beach. Although it was annyoing to get the triggers right as when u talk 2 a person who has been tasked, the unit just stands on the spot!

The rings around the person who is currently passing a comment is supposed to be a helpful tool, which should make it more enjoyable. I'll continue that, as I've seen it used in many other scenarios. The only drawback is that if it happens to your own unit when you have tasked them, the become unselected and before u realise, u've left them behind!

The farmer bit (where u lose if u go on his land) is a bug I intended to fix b4 I posted this, but 4got. You are not supposed to lose, and I don't know y u do, but he shoudl just attack u! 4now, just keep Joan away from him and his land as it she who triggers the trigger (and most of the others).

My spelling/grammer e.t.c is not perfect as I haven't fixed any mistakes, yet, but at the end of it i'll go back and check it all.


After the lighthouse mission is solved, there will be another great cutscene where bandits come and kidnap Joan as a hostage! Sadly, wolfy may die, but I am posting a web-pole on my website to see if he should or not!
vote at

please vote as I need to increase hit-points to help my site get off the road! It has loads of cheats and free nokia ringingtones...

rokkitman Awww, poor wolfy...

20yr old guys? Are you sure?
File Author
Well I suppose I meant 20 as a maximum age. The "saucy bits" would be a good laugh for a 20 yr old ... maybe ...?
I don't know!

(If you luv animals / dogs, u'd better vote as currently wolfy's fate is to die! nooooooo! But, if u want 2 c blood, stop the animal lovers from saving him! vote at [url][url/]

(plz excuse my codes if they dont work as Im not very gud at remembering them!
File Author
Also, (i 4got) that I have just brought a copy of the expansion pack! I must say it is a g8 improvement. Anyway, I am going to finnish this scn using tc. I dont know if this is comp with aok, but I just can't wait to start adding snow on the next level (nearly finnished the first). I hope u all don't mind. If loads of people do, say something and I may do one of each (i have kept the aok version unedited while i do tc).

1 more thing, if u r tryin 2 post a comment but u can't (on htis downlaod), its bcause on my machine 4 sum reason it has the name of download set as Joan . You must change this 2 Joan & Harolfs Travels . Thanx.

vote 4 wolfy!

the vote is on the next page from there (after u click enter)

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