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Amensia - The Forgotten Story

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
You are a shipwrecked warrior in a strange land© As you come to conciousness you realize you don't know where you are© You don't know who you are©©© A case of Amnesia© Trek inland through the thick jungle pathes overgrown with plants and try and find someone to aid you to regain your memmory©


My First RPG with eyecandy and click-talk triggers© A seceret quest and a fork in the game which makes your choose an upgrade of armor or attack to aid you in the rest of your journey©
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Map Design4.0
Amnesia – The Forgotten Story is a pretty decent RPG worth trying. One major setback, however, is the lack of instructions, which I will point out later on. In this campaign, you play a shipwrecked survivor that is stranded in a foreign land. The interesting twist added is that the warrior has lost all his memories, and you will have to find a way for him to regain it in the foreign land. A solid start to begin the campaign.

As I play through the campaign, most of the triggers and dialogues flow through smoothly; no complaint will be made. However, how can a campaign be perfectly playable if the players are confused on where to go? The Instructions and sub-objectives given are very vague and unclear, all given through the characters’ dialogues. Because of that, I have to refer to the chat history if I miss or forget anything. The author should have made use of the “objective” triggers when designing the campaign. Another major setback in playability is during the mission to find the relic. The monk (not the objective) asks me to bring the relic back to the flags, but in his little town there is only one flag, and when I brought it there nothing happened. I dragged the relic all over his little town with little outcomes, thus ending the campaign unceremoniously.

Amnesia – The Forgotten Story’s difficulty is perfect. Even though you are given a powerful hero to start with, and given the chance to upgrade yourself at various points of the scenario, charging madly at a group of enemies will result only in death. Each band of enemies you encounter during your travel will be tough to defeat. The author made sure you have to use all the extra units given to succeed. Personally, I am not an AOK veteran player, so other players may not have the same amount of trouble as I did. But I did have several game-overs due to foolish tactics, so in my opinion this campaign’s difficulty is challenging, but winnable.

I will say this campaign’s creativity to be average. The more campaigns I’ve played in my life, the harder it is for me to award points in the creativity area. But since a review is not supposed to deduct points for a trick already used in other campaigns, I will still point out the creative things this campaign has to offer. Firstly, as I’ve already mentioned, is the character that you are playing. The warrior has lost his memory, and that’s an interesting twist added, because other campaigns that I’ve seen started with just a soldier stranded or exploring a land. A good RPG needs to show a sense of purpose of the main character(s) in any of the quests, so the players will feel compelled to play on. The armor or weapon upgrades are also nice to see, since you can pick either +200HP or +10 attack, and this decision may make all your next quests either harder or easier.

Amnesia – The Forgotten Story’s map design is very nice to look at – at first. The reason for this is simple: after walking around for a minute, you will see that all the areas consist of flowers and jungle trees. The ground is almost covered with flowers everywhere you go, and jungle trees surround you everywhere you explore. The overuses of these eye-candies soon make the map uninspiring and repetitious to look at. On a lighter note, some areas do look very nice, especially when other “gaia” units are added. The towns are created nicely, and buildings placed naturally. Therefore I will still say the map design is above average.

Even though this campaign starts out pretty strong, the story does not really develop. Meeting a friendly sorcerer, asking him to restore your memory, and ordered to do some basic quests make the storyline dull and boring. Lots more interesting things should still be incorporated to improve the storyline, since this is an RPG. As for the instructions, I have pretty much covered them above. The instructions need to be much clearer, and placing them on the “objectives” section would certainly help very much, instead of the characters’ dialogues only. Definitely the weakest area.

Overall, the campaign is not one of the best there is. But if you are a fan of RPG, I recommend checking it out, for it may be worth playing.

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Map Design4.0
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