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Eric The Red
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This modpack changes the paladin into the Frankish paladin! The running is a little choppy. It also changes the fishing ship into a different ship that is inside the Map tricks scenario by Rasher! It also change the dark age house into yurts!
~Eric The Red~
You may think it's simple but it took alot of work to get the fp to work properly.
Screenshot coming soon!
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TheFett You get to change paladins into Frankish paladins? Ooh, I'm soooo impressed. Yeah, right! Everyone knows what Frankish paladins look like. Plus, there's already a mod like that out. And you just stole Ronin's idea with the yurt thing. So basically, you just combined two mod packs by OTHER people into one and put your name on it. And you whine about how bad the other mod packs are when yours merely involve copying? Geez.
Eric The Red
File Author
HAHAHA! I love making you mad! Of course I took the ideas. How many mods for the x-pac do u c here in the blacksmith that changes houses to yurts, fishing ships into a new ship, and paladins into frankish paladins. How many mods have u made? NONE?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAH! (hilarious stuff man)
King Anton I just want to say Bravo Eric. I like the mod pack. Sure i know what the palidin looks like and the yurt/house thing isn't needed. But that is the whole point of a mod pack. The author sees something they dont like about the game and change it to their liking. And then they are generous enough to share it with us lazy slackers and you go and tell him how useless it is. As Eric the red said "How many have you made". OK i'll stop talking now before i offend anyone else.
the_red_chimp u know eric, i'm beginning to hate you. Although the mod packs are good, you have no people skills
Eric The Red
File Author
Thank you. I don't really like this one. But I do like the new fishing boats. that is about it. The other things were a waist of time for me. I think I will make a separate modpack for just the fishing ships. Don't know if I will post it. I wonder what's wrong with red chimp. I don't know him. but he don't like me. HEHEHE
Al Key Hall Ik Well, Eric, I don't like you either. This modpack is a decent idea, but its just not interesting. Before you say anything back, consider that my comment was far better than alot of comments you've made about other people's mods.
Eric The Red
File Author
u know what? I don't really care if u like me. In fact I couldn't care less. I can easily help you. don't download my modpacks. If u hate it than don't download it. I have one I am working on now that is pretty good. BTW I comment badly because people misjudge me. I have a bad reputation. I know that. BUT I DON"T CARE!
Mr. Ed Eric, I been reading comments on this board for some time. Never commented myself, but now I've got to say: if you just choose your words a bit wiser, everybody (also those who "hate" you), whould see that you mean good. I just "filter" some of you words, and find your comments interesting and balanced.
Vampire Slayer I never disliked you for your criticism until you dissed my work for no reason. I wouldn't mind If I knew it was a dumb Mod, But it is a hell of alot better than any of your work and your saying it sucks and is one of the worst mods? I never said anything about your work. I don't release a Mod unless it was good, that's why I have only 1 so far. I am currently working on a few things for the Roman Mod. Lets see if you can get a building or anything accepted from Nomad, Aga or Render into their Mod.
Eric The Red
File Author
Ok I got something in the mail from spiney to calm down. But one thing. I can make a very good building. Haven't released it yet. Don't know if i will. U need not TRY to make yourself look good. BTW I didn't post the comment to you. it was to alcoholic. or as u know him. A1 Key Hal 1c. I think that is how he does it.that comment was 2 him. Noq please quit leaving comments on my modpacks. I could really care less what you think of my mods. I will admit that a lot of them suck. Especially the changes. Both of them.hehehehe. bout time u bought psp7. Didn't think u would make it. HEHEHEEHE! O well. I saw your buildings. Straw on them roof. and a little bit of cut copy paste. ect. I am expirimenting with psp7. HEHEH wait till I get some cool ideas. BTW do not respond to this either.
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