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North America to Arms

Author File Description
Big Travis
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
North America to Arms

Installing- To install the mod first unzip the .zip then put the 2 language.dlls in your AOK main directory (must have show hidden files activated) Then install the .aks by double clicking. Alll the other files are embeded in the mod and will install correctly.

Important note before playing- You must set your screen size to 800x600 setting to see the new civ.s interfac bars


ExploreAge (feudal age)= Famous Explorers like John Calbot and Christopher Colombious have discovered the New World. Nations have landed on the Maratime shores and started colonies to take over the extremely valuable Fur trade industry. Large battles have erupted between the colonists and Indians, Hudson Bay Company and NWC Company, and British Vrs French
Fort Age (castle age)= Wars from the old world have made their way to the new world in colossal fights between the French and the British. Famous wars like the War of the Spanish succession, and the seven years war. It ended when James Wolfe(new hero unit) conquered Quebec on the plains of Abraham. The treaty of Paris was signed, handing all of New France over to Briton.
Liberty Age (imperial age)= Disappointed and disgusted by the taxes from Briton, the Americans started a revolt. After the Boston Massacre, this was the last straw. The American Revolution started on the fields of lexington green, and there was no turning back. At the battle of Yorktown, the french joined the Amerians and defeated an entire British army. The final British fort was captured, and now, what was a simple revolt, was a revelution that declared indipendance of an entire Nation.

New France|Defensive Civilization|Unique Unit- Lancer (Cavalry)|*Buidlings 10% dark age, 20% Explore Age, 30% Fort age, 40% Liberty Age *Skirmishers,pikemen cost -25% *Fire Ships +20% attack *Advance to Liberty Age costs -33%

British|Gunpowder Civilization|Unique Unit- Dragoon (Cavalry)|*Builders work 30% faster *Blacksmith Upgrades dont cost gold *Cannon Galeons benifit from ballistics

The 13 Colonies (USA)|Gunpowder Civilization|Unique Units- Musketeer (Infantry)|*Gunpowder Units train 20% faster *Gunpowder units +25% HP, Gunpowder research costs -50% *Gold Miners Work 15% faster. Chemistry Free *Hussar and Light Cavalry upgrade Free.

Bayonet Soldier|Created at Barracks in Liberty Age|60F 20G|A bayonet was a long triangular spear that came from the end of the musket.Most Soldiers feared The Bayonet charge more than musket fire.

Light Infantry|Created at Rifle range in Liberty Age|45F 50G|The most basic form of rifle Infantry. These were the regular soldiers of most armys.

Mobile Cannon|Created at Siege Worshop in Liberty Age|225W 225G|The Cannon was a deadly weapon in this time. Could shoot long distances and a large area of affect damage, This was perfect for attacking forts and large masses of troops or cavalry.

Musketeer|American unique unit|60F 55G|This was an elite type of infantry to all the rest. Carried a large musket with a bayonet tip, they were a deadly and accurate shot with the gun, and could easy counter cavalry attacks with the bayonet spear.

Lancer|New France Unique Unit|70F 75G|A heavy cavalry unit that is best against infantry. Not armed with a firearm or sword, but a long wide lance, perfect for attacking infantry at close range.

Dragoon|British Unique Unit|60F 70G|A cavalry unit armed with a firearm. Dragoons were widley used by the British Army during the revolution. The fast Heavy Cavalry could attack the broken and fleeing american infantry lines.

-=Bonus Units=-
(these cannot be built in standard game and must be acssesed in map editor)

Cannon ship and elite Cannon ship (Turtle ship)

Trading Post(Trade Workshop)

Falling Rain and snow (flag B and C)

There is no new heroes hexed, but there are new heroe faces. Just use scenario triggers to make new names

-=Random Maps=- By Eric the red
These Are both based on climate regions of north america. they also include falling snow and rain.These RMS require VERY fast computers

Winter@Canadien shield
Spring@Coastal Plains


Military Screenshots

Special thanx for the_Nomad for his hex editing. If youv got a problem with the dlls in the game, take it up with him, not me.

I hope You Enjoy the playing the mod as i did making it.
email is
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Shadoe_Phoenix Woohooo! It's finnaly here!:D
doar How do you uninstall it? When I uninstall it, the units go back to normal, but my town center is still called Town Hall, my castle is still called fort, my conquistadors are still called Dragooners, and so forth. How do you stop it?
Big Travis
File Author
to uninstall get rid of the laungauge.dlls you installed and put back in the originals
The_Chimera Looks amazing Travis... the best mod I've seen yet!
_someone_ Looks like a lot of work was put in to it. GREAT JOB!
Eric The Red Travis now that u got this outta the way, u have to help with Black Knight, I NEED YOUR UNIT DONE! get it done, by the time I come back from my vacation, that way all i have to do is work with my units, and no one can bother me, I will be gone for a week starting tommorow, I am not gonna b signing on to messanger, I can't get along with anyone there, so I will rarely b on. might as well get used to it. Good mod, talk to u later. And get it done.
doar Travis:
Where are the original .dll files at?
The_Nomad This is an excellent mod. Why are you wasting your time and bandwidth here? DOWNLOAD NOW!
LordLizard My PC doesn't recognize AKX files, what do I need to open these?
Big Travis
File Author

i understand some of you have problems installing. here is step by step instructions
Exract the .zip

first, move the RMS scripts into the "Random" folder (only do this if your computer is like +800mhz. otherwize it will freeze when you try run them)

Go folder options, and show hidden files "on"

TAke the orginal laungauge.dll and laungaugex1.dll and move them in a backup folder (screenshots?)

Put the 2 new dlls in the AOK main directory in place of the old ones

IF you do not have MPS lite, go to the blacksmith search, and download it

after MPS lite is installed, Double click the .aks

im sure this will help most of you and if you have further questions, email at, do not post questions here
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