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North America to Arms

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Big Travis
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
North America to Arms

Installing- To install the mod first unzip the .zip then put the 2 language.dlls in your AOK main directory (must have show hidden files activated) Then install the .aks by double clicking. Alll the other files are embeded in the mod and will install correctly.

Important note before playing- You must set your screen size to 800x600 setting to see the new civ.s interfac bars


ExploreAge (feudal age)= Famous Explorers like John Calbot and Christopher Colombious have discovered the New World. Nations have landed on the Maratime shores and started colonies to take over the extremely valuable Fur trade industry. Large battles have erupted between the colonists and Indians, Hudson Bay Company and NWC Company, and British Vrs French
Fort Age (castle age)= Wars from the old world have made their way to the new world in colossal fights between the French and the British. Famous wars like the War of the Spanish succession, and the seven years war. It ended when James Wolfe(new hero unit) conquered Quebec on the plains of Abraham. The treaty of Paris was signed, handing all of New France over to Briton.
Liberty Age (imperial age)= Disappointed and disgusted by the taxes from Briton, the Americans started a revolt. After the Boston Massacre, this was the last straw. The American Revolution started on the fields of lexington green, and there was no turning back. At the battle of Yorktown, the french joined the Amerians and defeated an entire British army. The final British fort was captured, and now, what was a simple revolt, was a revelution that declared indipendance of an entire Nation.

New France|Defensive Civilization|Unique Unit- Lancer (Cavalry)|*Buidlings 10% dark age, 20% Explore Age, 30% Fort age, 40% Liberty Age *Skirmishers,pikemen cost -25% *Fire Ships +20% attack *Advance to Liberty Age costs -33%

British|Gunpowder Civilization|Unique Unit- Dragoon (Cavalry)|*Builders work 30% faster *Blacksmith Upgrades dont cost gold *Cannon Galeons benifit from ballistics

The 13 Colonies (USA)|Gunpowder Civilization|Unique Units- Musketeer (Infantry)|*Gunpowder Units train 20% faster *Gunpowder units +25% HP, Gunpowder research costs -50% *Gold Miners Work 15% faster. Chemistry Free *Hussar and Light Cavalry upgrade Free.

Bayonet Soldier|Created at Barracks in Liberty Age|60F 20G|A bayonet was a long triangular spear that came from the end of the musket.Most Soldiers feared The Bayonet charge more than musket fire.

Light Infantry|Created at Rifle range in Liberty Age|45F 50G|The most basic form of rifle Infantry. These were the regular soldiers of most armys.

Mobile Cannon|Created at Siege Worshop in Liberty Age|225W 225G|The Cannon was a deadly weapon in this time. Could shoot long distances and a large area of affect damage, This was perfect for attacking forts and large masses of troops or cavalry.

Musketeer|American unique unit|60F 55G|This was an elite type of infantry to all the rest. Carried a large musket with a bayonet tip, they were a deadly and accurate shot with the gun, and could easy counter cavalry attacks with the bayonet spear.

Lancer|New France Unique Unit|70F 75G|A heavy cavalry unit that is best against infantry. Not armed with a firearm or sword, but a long wide lance, perfect for attacking infantry at close range.

Dragoon|British Unique Unit|60F 70G|A cavalry unit armed with a firearm. Dragoons were widley used by the British Army during the revolution. The fast Heavy Cavalry could attack the broken and fleeing american infantry lines.

-=Bonus Units=-
(these cannot be built in standard game and must be acssesed in map editor)

Cannon ship and elite Cannon ship (Turtle ship)

Trading Post(Trade Workshop)

Falling Rain and snow (flag B and C)

There is no new heroes hexed, but there are new heroe faces. Just use scenario triggers to make new names

-=Random Maps=- By Eric the red
These Are both based on climate regions of north america. they also include falling snow and rain.These RMS require VERY fast computers

Winter@Canadien shield
Spring@Coastal Plains


Military Screenshots

Special thanx for the_Nomad for his hex editing. If youv got a problem with the dlls in the game, take it up with him, not me.

I hope You Enjoy the playing the mod as i did making it.
email is
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
This mod, North America to Arms, replaces numerous units and buildings, with a theme of the Colonial days of the Americas. For those of you who wanted to go to America and build colonies, have great ships duel on the high seas, and witness muskets in action, this mod is for you.

The mod's buildings, for the most part, are either of palisade (the military buildings) or are modified Western European Architecture. However, it's not the buildings that are the focus in the mod as the units. There are a total of 7 modified or completely new units in this mod, a record number for any mod to date. The units have good anchors, which for other creators tends to elude them. The only critisizm about the units is that some have colors that are too bright, or they don't look realistic. Nevertheless, they're good units.

Also, there are some nice scenario features lile snow and rain, the first of its kind in a mod. The snow and rain are very impressive, and allows someone to simulate a snowy winter or a rainy day at sea.
Ah yes, North America to Arms, a modpack that many of us should admire and treasure. When I downloaded this mod, I waited patiently for 45 minutes to give his mod a go :), when I finally extracted the modpack from its zip file encasement, it apeared to have been the modpack itself and a small document with insuctions and a pair of language files. As I opened it I saw this modpack missed one thing - FLAVOR. It didn't feel like I was installing an American Modpack conversion, but just another one of those "5 hour to make" mods, and it really dissapointed me.

To review this mod I gave it 4 different catagories:

Overall Look - Does it feel like when we upload the game, we are playing as the Americans?

Feel - When we play a scenario with these "american" components do we feel as if it's a new game?

General Concept - Do you think this a good idea?

Final Words - What do I think of this mod? Is it good? Is it bad?

When I went to the main screen of the mod I saw a NATA style unit near the options. When I proceded to the map editor I was sifting throughout the units grabbing all the different units, as many as possible. When I went to the heros section, I was disgusted on what the names looked like with "?????" instead of the original thing. If a modpacker, cannot completely fill out the language files, I recomend he leaves it alone, instead of ruining his mod. The units in the game appearently didn't look like it had ANY time spent on it. He simply slapped on the player color and went on to the next unit. But the unit that really dissapointed me was the Cannon. When I went to fire it up I was so impressed on what it looked like. I fired up the "Test" option and gave it go. To my dissapointment, the anchors were all screwed! And I can see peices of the bombard cannonmen around the cannon! VERY BAD. But I did like the new unit Icons for the frankish paladin, you did well on that. The jannisary replacement of the unit was very dissapointing. For one thing, why did it have a skirt? And it also still looked like a Jannisary! Please redo this and try to add a wide variety of colors, then maybe you will recieve a well deserved "5" ;).

First of all, at first, it does have some good qualities here. There is a feel that you are in the colonies when you build a few of the buildings, for example. However, the buildings are woefully poor. All of the designs center around palisades. It's all copy/paste. Some of it just looks funny. Other problems are that very little of the buildings are actually "origin original". They are either ported over from one slot to another, or just retextured versions of one another.

Although this is a great idea, you completely ruined the fact of having North American men fighting other NATA units. If you had some help on this it would have been a very well done mod, not that I am saying that it stinks as a modpack, it is just that you should redo it. It really disturbs me on how badly this was done. You obviously didn't think it out. And when did the Americans state Turkish as thier national language? That is pathetic! Please rethink out your mods next time you do one.

My final thoughts on this mod is that although it does have a good concept, the design is poor, and the work is poor, earning this mod a 2.5
Cy_Attila ze Hun
The mod was one I was really looking forward to. I mean the sheer scale of all the new scenario's was so vast and the fact that it wouldn't be another one of those mods which gave you a building or 2. I played a few RM's against the comp on the custom maps that came with it and loved the snow covered Candada map by Eric the Red. I thought the castle age buildings where nice even though I didn't like the feudal ones that much since I don't like the look of plaisades. The units were ok. They had a few coloring bugs and such and their unit icon's background color was starnge. The unit icon for the French was very nicely done. I think the most dissapointing part of it was the fact that he replaced the Spaniards! They played a role in North America. They fought against the British and sided with the Americans and the French. Another anoying feature was the fact that when you played the Brits you'd have a full color British Falg on the bottom area(I forgot what its called). I like how he made the tepees but he could have added more Indian things. But, all in all, its a good Mod Pack and you should download it.
This mod really has it all, the best I have seen so far from one of the best modmakers around. If you pick any one mod to download or install permanently make it this one.

Graphics: 4.8 - Nicely done, a lot of effort has been put in here, the troops look realistic, the dragoons I particularly liked.

Backgroud and History: 5.0 - historically correct and
well thought out, Travis has obviously researched this properly.

Sound: 4.5 - Modpack sound doesn't work well on mine, but from what others have said I would have to say it is above average

Playability: 5.0 - This is well converted and the units suit their AOK counterpart perfectly. The infantry that replace the handgunners look particularly impressive when holding a fort against huge odds.

Overall: 5.0 - This modpack has everything, and you won't get bored too soon, the worst thing about it is the lack of heroes, but if you want an extremly playable mod then this is for you. Have fun!
Great mod. I had always wanted to be able to play out battles of North America (and Europe) in the colonial period,and this great mod does exactly that. Came with 2 cool maps, one that lets it snow, and one that lets it rain; very nice effects. Very realistic in looks with the wooded walls and forts, very true to the time period, and an overall great mod, thanks .

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