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Invasion in France

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Unzip the file, open the AOE II folder, put Invasion of France.cpx in the Campaign map and the other files in Sounds/Scenario.

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Peter Vieren
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Angel Park
Official Reviewer
You start with only a small band of soldiers with a mission to destroy a bridge across the map.

I found it impossible to actually do since you have a time limit and the enemy forces outnumber you greatly.
louisev I got through the scenario, and broke the bridge, but my petard was my last human unit. All I had left was a hunting wolf at the end, and the only message that occurred after breaking the bridge was 'a few hours later...'
and then Teutons started lining up on the bridge. The scenario didn't end until I deleted my hunting wolf.

I don't know WHAT the boat rental guy is supposed to do because I could never get 5 gold to pay him to find out. Is he just eye candy?

I got to make use of the long-swordsman upgrade, but not the two-handed swordsman upgrade because I didn't have any guys left to upgrade by the time I got there, and when I found the priest I only had two scouts to heal, so what's the point?

Not a bad sort of challenge to make up - but if the point is to break the bridge then you should have it say 'victory' at that point.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Although "Invasion in France" is a nice scenario, it is unfortunate that it seems that too much of the attention was put into "extra" things - (extra in quotes, because they do add to the experience) - but the gameplay itself, in comparison, doesn't seem to be the focus of the scenario.

In this semi-historical scenario, you play a merchant who discovers a planned Teutonic invasion of France, (in addition to the current pillaging of France by Gothic tribes) and warns the King of France of this. The King, hesitant and disbelieving, gives the merchant a small battallion in order to stop this planned invasion. The objective of the scenario is to bomb the bridge on the Rhine, over which the Teutons plan to cross. Unfortunately, the time, forces and ways to achieve this make an utterly impossible scenario to beat, even on standard difficulty (which, mind, is lower than the reccomended one): Hoardes of Goths killed my troops and attempts to keep the petard from dying off were futile, not to mention that the time given is way too short for the slow petard to even get past the map.

Aside from the astoundingly high ratio between my forces and those of my enemies', the scenario also "features" a bug. Upon arriving a port in the north of the map, one can talk to a ship renter who can give a ship for 5 gold an hour. The problem is, no instructions are given how to execute the transaction, and even though a sailor who looks suspiciously like a jannisarry kindly said "here you are" - I did not see any ships change ownership to me. I suspected that this is because I did not have any gold, (there's no way to get any, either) but even after utilizing the "robin hood" cheat, nothing changed.

The scenario is okay as far as creativity goes. I almost gave it a 3, (the score reserved to scenarios that are as creative as a random map), but a unique victory condition, as well as a nice plot brought the score up to a 4.

A very average map was also in this scenario. It was decent, although there were a lot of straight lines, blocky forests, bad blends of terain and underuse of the map. Eye candy was scarce, and even the Rhine - the focus of the scenario - wasn't over average.

The story was sufficient, the objectives were accrate, the hints were helpful, and the plot was told in an interesting fashion and from an interesting viewpoint. Even a history section, explaining which parts of the scenario are historical and which aren't, was included, which gives the story a 4.

Mentionably, there are some sound effects included with the scenario, so if the file size is big, it's because of the wav's. IMHO the scenario could have done better without the sound but with some more fun in it... as I mentioned in the beginning of the review, the fun factor should be the focus of every scenario.

Feel free to download this if you're up for a very serious challenge - I, personally, couldn't beat it.
File Author
First, to Angel Park:
- One important thing: there is NO TIME LIMIT! When you see the Teutons attacking the Bridge Guards, this is only the advance guard.
- I'm sure the scenario is possible: I've playtested it enough and as you see, louisev could also manage it.
- Reinforcements can be found.

To answer louisev's questions:
- It's possible that the victory trigger doesn't always work. When I played it, it always worked, but it might be failing. The Teutons should be lining up the bridge indeed, and a bit later 'You are victorious' should appear.
- The Rental Guy is just eye candy. :)
- Try to reach the monk with all your soldiers.
- If you want the Champion upgrade, try to protect your Two-Handed Swordsmen, but if you get it, unexpected thinks may happen. :)

Thanks for the comments, and I hope more comments will be sent in.
Ricky the Great Really Great Scenario!
Of course it's a bit hard, but once you know where the 'special' units are, it could be a lot better.
I Think Angel Jerusalem could give a better review: i think he's not good at Fixed Force.
I wish you guys like the scenario.
There are maybe a lot of enemies on the map, but once you've found the right way, you can play the scenario very easily.
laz123 Too hard for me. Good try.

As Homer Simpson says 'If anything's too hard it's not worth doing'.

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