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ESHotAC - Kwanggaeto

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This campaign was made for ES's HotAC contest.

A guide book telling you what to do in case you're stuck
An immobile AI file
Lots of Eye-Candy
...and more!

Tell me what you think of it, please.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
sandy_pants This is a very good looking Scenario, much to say about there is. have you made any others? You should consider joining my newly formed design team, Bamboo Blaze Design. Talk to me.
louisev An enjoyable play, I liked all the hidden surprises... although I can't say I like wolf ambush features... the map was gigantic and complicated to follow... and the only frustrating thing about the game was zig-zagging around the map with scouts trying to find the dang wonder to complete the game. I'm not sure staging major battles at the end of the game after all the dodge, hide and skirmish, adds all that much. A gigantic map can be hard to get through without signposts - a few more signposts that give some hints as to the lay of the land might help.

And even with the walkthrough guide (for the most part quite beneficial), finding the suicidal knight in the southwest corner just didn't happen. I stumbled across him later as I built out my village and had taken out enough of the Japanese to get to the other side of the orange town.

Particularly the first segments of the scenario leading up to the arrival at the yellow town, are excellent.
The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
As another ES "Heroes of the Ages" contest entry, this scenario is pretty well done and was above average.

The playability was poor. I did not like having to run away from the enemy in the first part of the scenario and face some 200 defenders when I attempt to siege the enemy cities. It was very annoying as I found it hard to locate resources. Also, due to the huge amount of resistance, I find it impossible to complete the scenario with 45 minutes, which is one of the requirements in the actual ES contest.

The balance was ok, since your initial army should be whiped out easily. However, I found it a bit too hard in the B&D part of the scenario.

The creativity was both mediocre and poorly applied. The only creative thing in the scenario worthy of mentioning is the body guards that follow you. However, the body guards do too little guarding and too much following. They just followed you but did not fight whatsoever. So, a mediocre score of 3 will be given.

The map design is the best aspect of this scenario. The author was very prroficient at attending to the details of map design. There were some empty areas that were a bit disappointing, but those empty areas are reasonable as "plains". So, a perfect mark of 5 shall be given.

The story was absolutely lacking. I did not get the story nor who the hero was just by playing. I couldn't even tell if he was a mercenary or a general in Korea. However, the instructions were clear so a 3 shall be given.

+ Points

- Excellent map design

- Points

- Too hard and too many units guarding the cities
- Poor story

Final Thoughts: This scenarios is fairly well done, but it is not *that* outstanding that it can enter the best of the blacksmith. However, I am sure the author will improve in the future.
Map Design4.0
This is what the scenario is about: In the year 400, Japan attacked Shilla under Paekjae's request. Paekjae knew that they coudn't defeat Koguryo by themselves, so they allied with Japan by sending their prince to Japan. Even Gaya joined in. When Japan attacked Shilla, Koguryo helped by sending a large army. They drived the japanese army out.

I was one of the playtesters of this scenario so I got it from the author. The Kwanggaeto scenario is a masterpiece for a beginner! I know that the author has spent a lot of time designing the scenario since he has sacrificed a lot of his time for playing multiplayer for this scenenario. This scenario is especially good for a first timer since it scored above a 4.0! Here are the categories on the score:

Playability - 4 - It was a really fun scenario! At first, I thought it was going to be boring since your first objective is to bring the hero to a place and then I thought that would win. However, after that, I found out that I was only 1/4 done and I had to destroy the wonder or the Japanese head leader. I loved the extra missions, which were like Mark Stoker's, and the enemy also doesn't get heresy. I HATE heresy in scenarios since monks are supposed to convert enemy units into your army. It was also cool to get more than one road. In my first try, I took one road, and in my second try, I took another. Unfortunately, other than the secret missions and the multiple roads, the story was basically the same if you played it again.

Balance - 5 - The map was not too hard, nor too easy. It was challenging though. I did beat it in my first try but a newbie or a rookie probably can't beat it in the first try since it's fairly challenging. However, a newbie or rookie can beat it in like the second or third try, which is good. I'm a low-intermediate. Also, the enemies didn't receive the normal AI, which I don't like because one of your allies may tribute you a lot of resources or your enemies won't change their diplomacy to you to neutral.

Creativity - 4 - The scenario was fairly creative with the multiple missions and the multiple paths. However, it seems to be sort of like Mark Stoker's campaign Tamerlane, which has multiple missions and paths. However, dragons89 did add a few creative features. It's up for you to find them out!

Map Design - 4 - It had lots of eye candy and special features. However, there weren't very many map tricks, which are in the campaigns with a score with 5.0. Other than that, the map design was awesome. There were also very few blank areas.

Story/Instructions - 3 - The story was not very good because I didn't really get it. There were a few grammer mistakes but you can still understand the scenario and I know that dragons doesn't have English as his first language. Throughout the scenario, I was never confused although if you click on hints or scouts, the English is a little messed up but the hints and scouts are usually not completely essential. The playtesters were in the readme,txt file, but I would like that in the history section so that people who are too lazy to read the readme can at least read it in the game. Also, it is best to put some more detail in the history section and there should be more parts of the story.

This is a fairly good scenario and I highly recommend that you download it. It's one of the best scenarios ever made for a first timer. IF dragons89 makes another scenario, I'm going to immediately download it, no matter what, and I think that it's a good idea for you to download his next scenario once it gets out, which is in the making. Also, this is my first review so if I make a mistake, please don't flame me. Thanks!
laz123 Excellent game. Thanks.

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Map Design4.5
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