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Fallout Arroyo Version 1.2

Author File Description
Falcon Campaign Creations
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Falcon Campaign Creations
cooperation with
Falcon Design

First of all: I promise that by downloading this campaign (1 scenario, but campaign so that noone could get their hands easily on its skeleton), you will NOT regret. Many have loved it, and many will in the future!
This is the second time I release this demo, it has many (many) updates, so be sure to download it, although you may have it already (old version of course, downloaded by 900 players). And don`t think twice, when thinking that demo offers nothing. This is demo only cause it has only 1/10 of all planned scenarios. This scenario is full version, and worth every bit of it.
Another thing is that I would love to get a review, last time I did not, but it is worth it!


Campaign Icludes:
1 scenario (As it is why I called it demo, it will have about 10 in total)
Over 135 triggers (In small map). (+15 in this version)
Over 4 sub-quests.
Experience points system.
A good story, nice intro.
Goodie bmp. (updated!)
And more...

The story takes place in the future. The world has been in the atomic war. Life is destroyed. People lived in the vaults. Now they have come out again. To start it all over again. You start in a village named Arroyo. It has been safe from outside world, cause the great canyon separates Arroyo from the outside. But now, the village is dying. But there is a hope. An item known as GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). It is said it can bring life to the wasteland. You must get it.

It is a campaign that takes place in many different places. The first scenario is in Arroyo, your village. You must prove that you are the Chosen One. Are you?

This is called Demo, but it actually is not. This single scenario is very good, as a scenario, so don`t worry to get some bad, few triggered scenario. This is a must download!



Those are player comments and mails sent to me about this scenario, when I last time released it:
Between (these) are my comments about them

Player Comment posted by chinese705 on 5/9/01
When will the real campaign come ?
(Don`t know yet)

Player Comment posted by Corporal Hicks on 12/11/00
The road to the east graveyard through the palm forest is blocked by trees and i cant pass, i think it could be a bug or , are there any trigs to solve it?
(fixed in this version)

Player Comment posted by new guy on 11/14/00
I cant even get past the wolves in the trails because he does not regenerate and I have found no way to heal myself can ya help me or is this a major prob?
(fixed a long time ago)

Player Comment posted by new guy on 11/14/00
The problem is the caracter given me to play has only 40hps and attack of 4 so i can only kill 2 wolves and i see no way of healing myself
(fixed a long time ago)


Mail sent by MLam
I can`t wait for full campaign (After that he wrote a lot about some bugs (fixed) and his gameplay)

Mail sent by Follower
Loved your scenario, Fallout and Mysterious Island. Can you send me the beta of next FALLOUT scenario (I did not, cause it was not made yet)

Mail sent by ERPEGEfan
This is amazing, when I downloaded your campaign, I thought about how you were able to transfer future (sci-fi) into past. Nice job, but tough times are coming soon.

Mail sent by Mika Viitala
BTW, are you finnish? I`ve not seen many fins around AOE2, so are you? (No, I am from Estonia, your neighbour)

Mail sent by Espadinha
What is the next scenario about? Are you making scenarios based on cities? (Yes. Every "large" scenario is another city. Campaign will have some "random encouter" scenarios too, which are small)

Mail sent by J¤RI Maripu
This was kinda cool, fallout i mean. But still can`t beat Ingo. (Yeah, well...)

Thank you everybody.
By downloading this, you ain`t regret!

Kristo Vaher
Falcon Campaign Creations
Falcon Design
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Fallout is another example of the phrase “never judge a book by its cover”, except that in this case the content is worse than the cover. When I read through the campaign’s descriptions, I was convinced enough by the author’s summary to download and give his campaign a try. Unfortunately, I did not find his words to be true, as the campaign turned out to be very lacking, to say the least.

In this demo scenario, you play a militia soldier undertaking a task to prove himself worthy to be the “chosen one”, in other words the one that will save the world. Even though this is only a demo, and contains only one scenario, the campaign starts out weakly.

What hurts this campaign’s playability most is the boredom and simplicity of all the quests and sub-quests. As you play through the scenario, you are most likely to spend most of your time traveling aimlessly through mazes and fighting endless wolves. Some sub-quests such as finding a lady’s lost husband, will send you exploring from one side of the map all the way to the other side. Furthermore, the main mission is to gain 1500 experience (the author uses ‘wood’ as the measuring unit), which can be tedious since you will need to explore all the maps just to hunt and kill wolves.

The balance of this campaign is totally wrong, in my opinion. It may be my poor skill of battling, but the scenario’s difficulty depends mostly on your luck, instead of skill. As an example, the very first mission has you to go through a maze of fortified walls, with wolves as its inhabitants. First time playing the scenario, I obviously walked everywhere in random directions, since it was a maze. After fighting over 10 wolves, I was practically left with 1/4 of my original HP. Then at the end of the maze, some sort of a boss awaited. Badly injured as I was, he defeated me within seconds. The scenario’s difficulty did make me play through it for the second time; but I am frustrated of the fact that I lost only because of running into dead-ends with wolves, not errors in techniques. Of course, since I know the direct route through the maze by then, beating the boss was a breeze. All the sub-quests were also very easily accomplished, as they only involve searching for a lost ‘item’.

If you enjoy walking through mazes, fighting wolves, and searching for lost items, then you might find this campaign a blast. Unfortunately, that is not the case with me. They were all tedious and boring tasks to do, in my opinion. The only creative aspects of this campaign I could think from playing the scenario twice, were the interesting story introduction and the small palisade wall’s explosion by a triggered bomb.

Fallout’s map design is very simple and vague, even less attractive than a plain random map. The majority of the map consists of dirt and jungle trees, with some flowers thrown in, which didn’t help much. The town buildings also look a little too widely-spaced and scattered, that they didn’t form a natural town. As for the area you are on during the first mission, the only things present were skeletons, wolves, and fortified walls. I realize that the area is strictly for “the chosen one” missions, but much more eye-candies can be implemented, especially if the author had studied other great scenario’s map designs carefully.

The story and instructions are probably the strongest aspect of this campaign. Since all the missions are pretty straightforward, all the instructions were easy to follow and crystal clear. There were also some helps in the “Hints” section. The story is very simple and linear too. The plot never progresses much throughout the scenario though, but if that is done in the following upcoming sequels, it will be sufficient.

In conclusion, I am quite disappointed after playing Fallout. I expected much more, especially from the way the author had described his campaign. I sure hope the next 9 scenarios that he promised will be much more improved, so that this campaign will be worth playing as an introduction.
Map Design4.0
I disagree with the other reviewer, so Here is my review...

Story/Instructions: 3

Understanding he's trying to recopy "Fallout", I gave him a 3.. However, theres a little lacking of story line until you play the cut-scene, which he submitted to me earlier today...

Map Design: 4

I felt it deserved a four for one reason, the first part of the .scn is a desert... He made sure that the desert had things, that a desert should have.. I've seen many .scn's where people make deserts and put Snow Palm Trees on, Or Make snow, and put a palm tree on them.. this was not the case at all.. He made it feel like A Desert Place, enough being said... I felt it could have used a little more elevation, however...

Though, RPGS are hard to make, I felt he put a lot of effort into it... One of the most creative things I saw, (not by all means a new idea, however, I've never seen it aucally used) was the wood an experience gauge.. He also made a trigger for each wolf to give you a certain amount of experience.. No, it's not acume kill, he made a trigger for each enemy.. I felt he put a lot of effort into that..

I felt he deserved a four on that, as there are plenty of quest and enemies to exceed the 1500 experience goal.. Some were hard, some were pretty easy.. Some required a good eye, some required common sense... I felt that was a good part of the .scn, "Fallout.."

Hard but not impossible? True. I felt that the author of this did not mean for you to try and defeat every last wolf in the training area before trying to face the "boss" call it that.

In overall, I think he had the good general idea of a good classic RPG and hope his rest are even better..

Though it's only a 3.8, I think it deserves It.. Author put a lot of effort into updating it, fixing bugs, and making it more enjoyable...

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Map Design3.0
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