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All Roads Lead to Rome

Author File Description
Rome Mod Team
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
All Roads Lead To Rome Mod

The first and original Rome mod that's been in the making Since the Fall of 2000 (with many long breaks along the way). It's the longest project for AOK ever to be completed, the biggest AOK mod ever, has the most changes ever, and is the first modpack to add entirely "new" units. This modpack is a total conversion of the North European Building Set into a new Greco-Roman Building Set. It replaces the Viking set with a Roman one and the Tueton set with a Greek one. The modpack replaces some sounds, such as the Lion and the Priest. The modpack also includes a language.dll and a language_x1.dll that changes the names of units, and includes an empires2_x1.dat and an empires2_x1_p1.dat that adds extra Eye Candy to the "Roman Ruins". You can install these files using the "ARLTR Extra Files Installer" and you can uninstall these files using the "ARLTR Extra Files Uninstaller". The Installer will create an extra folder called "ARLTRBackup"; please do NOT remove any files in that folder because the Uninstaller will use these to restore you original settings (Otherwise you have to reinstall Age of Kings.).

Please unzip the "All Roads Lead to Rome" to your Age of Empires II folder. All files will then unzip to their proper directories.


Object Replacements:

Berserk --> Legionnaire
Elite Berserk --> Elite Legionnaire
Longboat --> Trireme
Elite Longboat --> Elite Trireme
Teutonic Knight --> Hoplite
Elite Teutonic Knight --> Elite Hoplite
Viking Wonder --> Roman Wonder (Coliseum)
Teuton Wonder --> Greek Wonder (Parthenon)
Monk --> Monk (AOE Priest)
Light Cavalry --> Light Cavalry (Beta Scout)
Trebuchet --> Trebuchet (Beta)
Advanced Heavy Crossbowman (Beta Archer) --> Scythe Chariot
Berserk (Beta) --> Berserk (Viking Berserk)
Jaguar --> Lion
TWAL --> Aqua duct
Heavy Swordsman --> Heavy Swordsman (Non-Disappearing)
Pope Leo I --> Caesar
Imam --> Senator
Archbishop --> High Priest
Friar Tuck --> Priest
Erik the Red --> Maximus
Hrolf the Ganger --> Praetorian
Harald Hardraad --> Gladiator
Tree B --> Cross
Tree C --> Cross
Tree D --> Cross
Tree E --> Cross
Tree G --> Pink Flowered Tree
Tree H --> Tall Evergreen
ES Flag --> SPQR Flag
Church 4 --> Roman Arch

Technology Replacements:

Berserkergang --> Pax Romana
Crenellations --> Discipline

Additional Objects added to the "Roman Ruins":

Gray Column
Brown Column
White Column
Legionnaire Statue
Athena Statue
Roman Bath


Tevious (a.k.a. The Vampire Slayer):

Designed most of the Building art work, designed the Legionnaire/Praetorian, converted some AOE units to AoK for the modpack, touch-upped some of the art work, and compiled the modpack.

Added the Beta units, designed the Trireme, designed the eye-candy, designed some of the Building art work, designed the Interface, and built the ARLTR Extra Files Installer and Uninstaller.

Designed some of the Building art work and touch-upped some of the art work.

Designed the concept of some of the Building art work, which were later re-textured, and touch-upped some of the art work.

Other Credits:

Designed the concept of many of the Building art work, which were later re-textured, and converted some of the AOE units to AOK for the modpack.

Edited the empires2.dat files to add extra eye candy to the Roman Ruins.

Special Thanks to:

Wildfire Studios for some of the art work from the "Rome at War" modpack and the History articles!

Ykkrosh for making it possible to edit small details of the Genie Engine!

And to AoErat, ROR_Sir_William, Wijitmaker and Izzy for their help with the modpack!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
You need MPS Lite installed to play the AKX file. Then click the AKS, CD in D: game not running and MPS installs the Mod Pack and starts AoE II.
Joshooarh This is one of my favorite mod packs ever.

[Edited on 10/26/11 @ 11:54 AM]

tjbyrum1 I downloaded it.

I then opened the ZIP Folder. I double-clicked Install.

It said to Extract or whatever. I extracted all to my AoE: AoK/TC Folder on my Programs and Files menu.

I began playing the AoE: TCE game. I was the VIKINGS fighting the TEUTONS. Nothing changed.

Why does it not work.
fryslan i like this mod. and i find this better than rome at war

comes there also a campaign for arltr?
forgive my english

[Edited on 03/05/10 @ 08:09 PM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
All Roads lead to Rome is the first every conversion Mod Pack. it converts the North European Civs into Greek and Roman ones.

The Mod Pack has great graphics. The buildings blend in extremely well with the rest of the game. They look really realistic and will improve your scenarios alot.

The Mod Pack is really useful for a Roman scenario. It has great graphics and makes Romans look really realistic and much much better.

The Mod Pack also comes with a custom scenario which is fun and enjoyable and a Camel Mod pack which changes the Horse and Wild horse into a Camel.

All Roads Lead to Rome is a great Modd Pack and I am not suprised that it took two years to make. it is very very good.

Additional Comments:
A great Mod Pack which is worth the download. It will improve many scenarios.

dementor561 why are people still commenting there should only be about two or three comments
mickvii I put this (my favorite modpack) on my laptop earlier today and ran into an issue. My cursor jumps all over the place and is very 'sticky/choppy' as it moves across the screen.

Tried using touchpad and swapped out my mouse but nothing changed.

AoK usually runs fine, and to open the menu in-game the cursor moves smooth again.

Anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
age of addiction thnx dude ill use all the roman mods(you dont mind using this mod for my project) i making rise and fall mod but im still working the "bugs" in the egyptyans (srry for the wrong spelling) and the the new civil russians
mepoju Great and very good mod!!! I wait the 2º version!!!!

[Edited on 12/31/10 @ 12:39 AM]

AirAssault7 Well, first of all let me just say I like this game. However, there are some issues.

1. I tried several times unzipping all the files to the AoE II folder. That didn't work, so instead I copied and pasted them into the folder manually, including the language.dll files.

2. Next, I tried running the ARTLR Extra Files Installer. That too does not work. It says to press any key in the menu once its running in order to continue, but everytime I proceed the installer simply repeats for each file "Access Denied 0 file(s) moved."

3. I ignored this step and tried running the game anyway, and apparently it runs fine. Many of the skins and animations, and units are present. However what is missing are the text changes and possibly the aqueducts.

4. How do I fix the text and how do I fix the ARTLR Extra Files installer???

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