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All Roads Lead to Rome

Author File Description
Rome Mod Team
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
All Roads Lead To Rome Mod

The first and original Rome mod that's been in the making Since the Fall of 2000 (with many long breaks along the way). It's the longest project for AOK ever to be completed, the biggest AOK mod ever, has the most changes ever, and is the first modpack to add entirely "new" units. This modpack is a total conversion of the North European Building Set into a new Greco-Roman Building Set. It replaces the Viking set with a Roman one and the Tueton set with a Greek one. The modpack replaces some sounds, such as the Lion and the Priest. The modpack also includes a language.dll and a language_x1.dll that changes the names of units, and includes an empires2_x1.dat and an empires2_x1_p1.dat that adds extra Eye Candy to the "Roman Ruins". You can install these files using the "ARLTR Extra Files Installer" and you can uninstall these files using the "ARLTR Extra Files Uninstaller". The Installer will create an extra folder called "ARLTRBackup"; please do NOT remove any files in that folder because the Uninstaller will use these to restore you original settings (Otherwise you have to reinstall Age of Kings.).

Please unzip the "All Roads Lead to Rome" to your Age of Empires II folder. All files will then unzip to their proper directories.


Object Replacements:

Berserk --> Legionnaire
Elite Berserk --> Elite Legionnaire
Longboat --> Trireme
Elite Longboat --> Elite Trireme
Teutonic Knight --> Hoplite
Elite Teutonic Knight --> Elite Hoplite
Viking Wonder --> Roman Wonder (Coliseum)
Teuton Wonder --> Greek Wonder (Parthenon)
Monk --> Monk (AOE Priest)
Light Cavalry --> Light Cavalry (Beta Scout)
Trebuchet --> Trebuchet (Beta)
Advanced Heavy Crossbowman (Beta Archer) --> Scythe Chariot
Berserk (Beta) --> Berserk (Viking Berserk)
Jaguar --> Lion
TWAL --> Aqua duct
Heavy Swordsman --> Heavy Swordsman (Non-Disappearing)
Pope Leo I --> Caesar
Imam --> Senator
Archbishop --> High Priest
Friar Tuck --> Priest
Erik the Red --> Maximus
Hrolf the Ganger --> Praetorian
Harald Hardraad --> Gladiator
Tree B --> Cross
Tree C --> Cross
Tree D --> Cross
Tree E --> Cross
Tree G --> Pink Flowered Tree
Tree H --> Tall Evergreen
ES Flag --> SPQR Flag
Church 4 --> Roman Arch

Technology Replacements:

Berserkergang --> Pax Romana
Crenellations --> Discipline

Additional Objects added to the "Roman Ruins":

Gray Column
Brown Column
White Column
Legionnaire Statue
Athena Statue
Roman Bath


Tevious (a.k.a. The Vampire Slayer):

Designed most of the Building art work, designed the Legionnaire/Praetorian, converted some AOE units to AoK for the modpack, touch-upped some of the art work, and compiled the modpack.

Added the Beta units, designed the Trireme, designed the eye-candy, designed some of the Building art work, designed the Interface, and built the ARLTR Extra Files Installer and Uninstaller.

Designed some of the Building art work and touch-upped some of the art work.

Designed the concept of some of the Building art work, which were later re-textured, and touch-upped some of the art work.

Other Credits:

Designed the concept of many of the Building art work, which were later re-textured, and converted some of the AOE units to AOK for the modpack.

Edited the empires2.dat files to add extra eye candy to the Roman Ruins.

Special Thanks to:

Wildfire Studios for some of the art work from the "Rome at War" modpack and the History articles!

Ykkrosh for making it possible to edit small details of the Genie Engine!

And to AoErat, ROR_Sir_William, Wijitmaker and Izzy for their help with the modpack!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Roman General 4238
Well the long awaited rome mod has finally arrived, and I must say its something I have been waiting for for quite a while.

I actually had uninstalled the AOK series from my computer and had moved on to bigger and better thinks (aka celtic kings and AOM.)

But after seeing the upload of this mod I had to download it for old times sake. so anyway here is my critique

Provides a unique feel to the roman era
brand new textures
great building set
awesome legion(great improvemet over the RAW version)
Aquaducts are superb and much more realistic than RAW's
Great new pictures for history section
awesome tireme

I can't seem to get the additional frames of the roman ruins to work (copy past doesn't work either)

The stone wall, which is the same from RAW, shouldn't be there. You guys should have left the wall thats in the first release of ARLTR, that one was way better

University looks out of place, doesn't match the theme

the bathouse could be better

and finally, your missing the appropriate audio files for the two civs. I suggest taking the RAW sound clips

Overall, I give a 4.5 with the prospects of a 5 rating if the above adjustments are made. I think its great that this thing finally was finished and realize the futility of making anymore improvements. But do it for the integrity it deserves as one last bang that probably marks the end of AOK. :(
<strong>I give this mod a 5.0</strong>

<font color=red>Once you get past the installation, everything is smooth.</font>

The mod has replaced units beautifully. It also replaced the water textures, shallows, etc. All beautiful! It is very innovative and creative!

The author(s) have also managed to add additional frames to a pre-existing object, the Roman Ruins. I was very surprised to see that, because I thought it was impossible. Great discovery! It replaces useless objects, like the "church 4" and the disappearing "Heavy swordsman", and makes them useful for making maps.

The ruins were, by far, my most favorite part. There were 3 different columns, two statues, and a bath. Yet, the original Roman ruins were still accessible! The wonders (the Colloseum and the Parthenon) are beautiful. The monasteries are realistic. The best unit, in my opinion, was the chariot that replaces the skirmishers.

This mod has been awesome and very long-anticipated. The time and effort has been well worth the product.
I'd love to give your mod a 6.0...

It is the most complete and most elaborate mod I can find here. The neatly fine tuned details are coherent and give you a marvellous idea of the atmosphere of the late Republic until the final stages of the Imperium. I loved RAW and in a way it is a pity its sounds are gone now.

Still ARLTR is much more complete than RAW, including all the necessary eye-candy to make scenarios of the Roman colonization of the Rhine or Britain or Judaea or Greece or ... well the known world of the years between 200BC and 400 much more worthwhile.

Thank you very much, creators.

sincerely, Meister Yronimo
Mike the Great
THIS IS THE BEST MOD I HAVE SEEN IN MY TIME OF AOKH FORUMING! I liked how you changed the Bersek to a Legionare, but I think, if I had the time, I could change all the regular units (ex. Champion, Pikeman) to their "equivalent" in AOE. What I didn't like was that you replaced the Advanced Heavy Crossbowman with the Scythe Chariot. Sure, it'll have range, but it will go sooooooo slowly. Anyway, my mod. I can change the following: (I'll include just a few, since the list is so massive)

Britons-Britons (new)

Man-at-arms-Short Swordsman
Mameluke-Camel Chariot
Woad Raider-Huskarl


And much much more.

I'd give this a 10 if I could, had it for a while, but had to uninstall AOK to make room for AOM (which doesn't even work!!!)
Great Job, clearly well thought out and executed. I'm new to the whole mod thing, but I had always wanted to be able to create Roman scenarios for AOK, and this great mod pack does the job quite nicely, thank you very much. Great mod guys, thank you for your time.

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 07:25 PM]

I really liked this mod, the graphics are a bit choopy, but I realy like the design, the feudal age set being the more village like deisign, and the castle/imperial age sets being the actualy city, I'll give this mod a 4.5 since it's a wonderful mod, but the graphics need some touching up and you didnt do anything about the other remaining civs.

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 07:26 PM]

Rating: 5
All I can say is WOW! Though I'm late in finding this mod, a big thanks to all who put the hard work into making it a reality. I'm a ROR addict myself, so it's nice to see Romans and Greeks in TC. The buildings are beautiful, and so are the new and altered units considering that it's just a mod.

Additional Comments:
However, I also had plenty of trouble getting this mod to work. I'm lucky I have more than one computer to try it on otherwise I'd never have gotten it running. I'll explain how I run the mod here as I don't think the process is explained well enough for newcomers to modding AOK/TC.

1) Download this mod and "Mod Pack Studio" version 2.0 (Not version 3 Beta - if it doesn't work then it will stop V2.0 from working as well.)

2) Unzip the files from the ARLTR mod into the AOEII folder. Double click on "ARLTR Extra Files Install" and follow the instructions in the DOS window.

3) Unzip and install Mod Pack Studio V2.0. It should go through the whole install-shield process, so if you see a quick progress bar go to 100% and then disappear, it's not installed.

4) Run Mod Pack Studio. After setting up the AOK files, the interface will appear. This is how you start the game.

5) Make sure TC CD is in the drive. DO NOT RUN THE PROGRAM FROM THE CD. If the startup screen appears, close it.

6) In Mod Pack Studio, click on "File", then "Install & Run Mod Pack..."

7) Find the AOEII folder in Program Files and find the file "All Roads Lead To Rome.akx". Select that file and click "Open"

8) Wait for Mod Pack Studio to install the file, this might take a long time.

9) When the prompt appears to choose between running AOK or TC, choose TC. THIS IS HOW YOU MUST ALWAYS START THE GAME.

10) The game should load, but if it hangs while loading, press "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" and select "Age of Empires II Expansion". Click on "End Task" and wait for the Mod Pack Studio window to come up again. Repeat steps 6 to 9. (This always happens to me when I start the game. It always runs after I go through this once.)

And there you have it. Now enjoy the glory of Rome in TC!
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
All Roads lead to Rome is the first every conversion Mod Pack. it converts the North European Civs into Greek and Roman ones.

The Mod Pack has great graphics. The buildings blend in extremely well with the rest of the game. They look really realistic and will improve your scenarios alot.

The Mod Pack is really useful for a Roman scenario. It has great graphics and makes Romans look really realistic and much much better.

The Mod Pack also comes with a custom scenario which is fun and enjoyable and a Camel Mod pack which changes the Horse and Wild horse into a Camel.

All Roads Lead to Rome is a great Modd Pack and I am not suprised that it took two years to make. it is very very good.

Additional Comments:
A great Mod Pack which is worth the download. It will improve many scenarios.


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