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Test yourself!

Author File Description
Aok Kid
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 7
Test yourself with this campain. Can you make it all the way to the end? You play a conquistador. You must kill enemies to destroy gates and get to the flags so you can play the next scenario. The final scenario is a mix of all the rest of the campain, with a bonus farm level. This campain plays much like a normal video game, where your alway's trying to get to the next level.
Enjoy! Aok Kid
P.S. Look for my new Wolf Pack campain, for those who wish they could play the wolves. Follow a wolf pack through all the hardships and battles in my new campain! (Coming soon)
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
The campaign consists of seven scenarios; it is a RPG, not of the common style, more like a video game. "AoK Test yourself!" is an arcade-style scenario where the player uses the first six levels as a training system, the final scenario consists of previous levels and a bonus one. You play a conquistador, a shooter.

Playability: That was fun; I had a great time playing the different levels until I finally managed to win the seventh scenario on hard, without reload. You have to be fast, move constantly to fight an army of Bombard Cannons in the forest, use your skill and exact timing to shoot Heavy Camels in a desert. Then you can take a break killing Berserks on snow and Jaguar Warriors in the jungle, breath through until the fast-paced action when Cannon Galleons and Bombard Cannons attack you, and use all you learned and your luck to survive fighting the Onagers. After these levels, be prepared for some adrenalin pumping action with the seventh level. The campaign has a good game play and a high replay value. 5

Balance: The first six scenarios are training facilities, an experienced player can skip the first four; especially scenario three and four are very easy. The challenge starts with the fifth scenario, and the good unit choice, fast but not self-healing, serves well the balance and game play. Considering the nature of scenario one to six as training facilities, the perfect rating relates to the arcade game itself, the last scenario. 5

Creativity: This classic arcade-style shooter is the first at the blacksmith of its kind and the idea alone qualifies for an above average rating. Well thought out adaptation, a not healing unit and interaction of levels like the bonus field level, which was great. The uncreative map design denies a higher rating. 4

Map Design: The overall design rates between pathetic and average, a weak two. You find forest with flat grass 1, plain desert and snow, jungle with flat grass 1, a lake with a bridge, fields and flat grass 1 with ruins. However, some well-implemented technical aspects, like the design of the fifth scenario with bridges, bombard canons in walk able forest, a lake with canon galleons attacking over the wall and onagers with the fields boost the rating to average. 3

Story Instructions: The objective is clear, the explanation of the game sufficient, but there is no story. From the tutorial "If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3." 3

IN CLOSING: Test yourself! is a campaign based on a creative idea, with a good game play. Will you pass all levels? Test yourself!
Map Design2.0
Test yourself! is a great seven scenario RPG game that gives you the chance to play an arcade game inside of another game.

Playability: 5
This game had NO bugs!!! Woohoo!!! Speed and timing are key factors to winning this game. Loved the last level the best. the best part was that the second and third time playing is just as fun!!

Balance: 4
I was not quite sure what the first 6 scenarios were exactly for until I hit the last one. Without the training in the Bridge scenario, I probably would have lost on hard. Also, the Conquistador wasn't very accurate in shooting. May I suggest an archer?

Creativity: 4
This and the map design are closely related. They bth have input on how the map looked and was made. The blan terrain took this one down to a 2. The arcade style shooting game took it back up to a 4.

Map Design: 2
Once again the blan terrain without any elevation hurt this score. Also the trees/buildings/ruins/plants were to randomly placed. In a real forest, there is more than just a few trees scattered here and there. There are Leaves on the ground, rocks, random junk, and also mixed terrain. Have you ever seen a forest with just plain grass? Nope. Try mixing leaves and dirt and even broken road too.

Story/Instructions: 3
Crystal clear objective, but no story line. 99.9% of great senarios have a story line. Period.

Additional Comments:
Good game. Great idea. Bad map design. All in all a good scenario to really Test yourself!

[Edited on 08/30/07 @ 07:56 PM]

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Map Design2.5
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