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The adventures of El Cid-FULL_VERSION

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
1. History (a little bit)
2. explanation of my cpn (You MUST read this!!!!)
3. features


Remeber this is a fantasy campaing.

The Vikings have killed King Sancho. El Cid has heard that the priest in the holy city Wendel can revive people. So he was going to the city Wendel, but when he arrived he saw that the city was under a HEAVY attack. He tried to save the priest, but he was to late. The Priest was already dead. El Cid tried to save the city, but the Vikings where to strong, and killed El Cid. His son Erik has heard that the vikings has killed his father, El Cid. He cried for days until a strong strong person came to his house. It looks like the ghost of El Cid, he said to Erik. My son, help the other people against the Vikings, kill the leader of the Vikings. T....take.....revenge.....aargh.

Erik: father, father!
Mom: Erik you had a nightmare.
Erik: no it was dad!
Mom: (trying to believe him) what did he say?
Erik: I must help the other people against the Vikings, and kill the Viking boss.
Mom: before you start your journey you should sleep.
Erik: good night.
And then Erik felt asleep.......

2. In this campaign you play Erik (the son of El Cid.) You should think: why don't you call your campaign "The adventures of Erik.) Well, that is because of someone has download the demo and is waiting for the full version, then he knew that this is the campaign.


1. food system
2. MUCH and GREAT eye-candy
3. 1 sound file
4. earn money by kills
5. buying/finding weapons make you stronger.
6. 300 triggers 600 effects.
7. and MUCH more.

Can sombody review this campaign? PLEASE.
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A State of Swords for Erik's revenge scenario, it's kind of impossible to beat it, because 1) erik is too weak.. 2) because you die in like 5 min.! maybe i dont know how to play it but can you tell me how to make the dying in about 5 min thing stop.. tell me!

A State of Swords
Proud member of.. 'nothing'
the reviewer
Map Design5.0
I've heard of this campaign a few weeks ago, when Mapmaker needs playtesters. I liked the Demo so I thought this was also a very good campaign of mapmaker, and yes, this campaign was just WONDERFULL. I liked everything about it, here is my review.


The Playability in this campaign was good, I've found no bugs, the objectives are clearly and everything flows nicely. If you play on a slow computer, there can be some lag, but if you play on a fast computer there is totaly NO lag. The eye-candy in the scenario makes it also funnier
to play, and then there is also the Music. And therefore a 5 will be given.


The Balance in this campaign is also good, if you're new in the community you just play on standard and the campaign will be easier. If you're very good you play on hardest. In most campaign you can only play on an difficult level. Watch out! This campaign is MUCH harder then the Demo. But if you're a good age of empires 2 player, I think you can win the campaign. This is why I gave a 5.


Just as in the demo mapmaker used the dynamite trick, and once again it was cool. Mapmaker has used a Day/Night system, what almost nobody use. You get money by kills, even the wolves gives money! He has used a trick I've NEVER seen before. He used a negotiate sytem, you should think, I've seen that before! But you're miss! If a Merchant wants 200 gold for a weapon, you can lower the price! But if you're biddig to low he don't sell it to you. That was very original. This definately deserves a 5.

map design

Mapmaker has used almost evry terraing type, just look at the grass, he used grass 1,2 and 3 and covered almost the whole map (about 90%, maybe). Just like in the demo, he tried to made natural landscapes, he used cliffs, desert, trees eye-candies etc. I liked also the towns, as they don't affect the landscape. He used also skeletons, special trees, plants etc, EVERYTHING from gaia! Therefore a 5 will be given.


The History is much better then in the demo. In the cut-scene you see a little of the history and in the second scenario you see also some history. The instructions where clear and clean, he ordend the items and Objectives. He gives and removes Items and objectives at the right time.
There where only a FEW grammatical and spelling errors, but I think that's because he's a Netherlander. Hence, a 5 will be given.


It's it worth to download and play, especily if you like RPG'S! Play it, enjoy it and play it again! GOOD JOB mapmaker!
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Posting this 5.0 review today, I felt that I had to try the new top of the Best of AoK section, and reading the review, I expected great things. Unfortunately this campaign is hardly deserving of this high score, and I felt it was a necessity to bring it down to a more reasonable one.

Quite frankly, how a mediocre scenario like this got a fantastic score like 5.0 I will never know.

Anyone who plays this scenario can clearly see that this is far from being a 5.0 scenario. That score is reserved to near-perfect scenarios that blow the player away, and although this scenario seems a little promising, it is by no means near that title.

Firstly, the introductory sections of both the scenarios of this campaign are completely terrible. The first is literally just "Watch". No warning that this is a cut-scene scenario, no prologue, no bitmap, nothing... But there was an intro, and the author took the time to write a (however childish and unconvincing) history section, which means that a score of 2 points is warranted here.

The map design is also quite terrible. The previous review commends the author for using everything in the gaia section of the editor. He is right in a certain respect: One can expect to see flying dogs and strange terrains in places they don't belong over both maps. In the first scenario, not even 25% of the map is seen, and in the second scenario, the map is blocky and sloppy. And that is a complete disgrace for a 5 score. It does look as if the author spent some time on the map, which forces me to bring up the score to a 2.

You can expect Playability and Balance to be equally shameful to a 5 score. The plot is completely unconvincing ('Mom: Rise and shine, wake up, Erik! - Erik: Time to avenge my father's death! - Mom: Okay Erik dear, just be careful from the Vikings!') and one can expect to die from the attacking militias and berserks within the first couple of minutes of the scenario. Also, there is a bug that causes the player to lose during or after a dream that Erik dreams on a bridge - Within the first 5 minutes of the scenario.

(Mentionably, don't expect any moment of grace or relief even when the scenario is lost. The loss message no different than the rest of the scenario... a poor, short 'The Vikings now rule the world. TRY AGAIN.')

The only thing in the whole campaign that is mildly impressive was the first scenario, which was a cut scene saturated with "change view" and light-and-shadow effects, which was nice.

In conclusion - This scenario is definately not worthy of a 5, and I'm not even convinced it's worth the time to download and attempt to play it.
Please, surfer, don't download this scenario.
Please, "the reviewer", gain some experience before you attempt to review again.
Map Design5.0
I disagree with Jerusalem. This campaign should get at least a 4.5 amd not an an 1.8! You die after a few minutes because you run out of food. And if you're not an expert don't play this campaign.


There where no bugs, and I enjoyed everything. There where only some lag. I enjoyed his forest, created as natural as possible. I liked the shadow and light effects in the cut-scene. that's why I gave a 4.


Mapmaker said that you must only play this if you're an expert, and he was right. For example: at the begin you must get to the next town before your food is up, but there are many enemies outside. If you fight them all you'll lose, so AVOID them. If you die more then 5 times in the first forest you should know that you should take another way. You must go to the far right and then to the south. then you see a bridge, go over the bridge and you'll see the first city. ONLY expert should play this campaign, if you're an newbie you NEVER can win this campaign. that's why I gave a 5


He used many maptricks: dynamite that explode, name changes, etc. HE used one trick I've NEVER seen you can negotiate with an merchant, if he sais I buy this armor for 200 gold, you can lower the price to 50 gold. And there is nother trick I've never seen: in the maze relics are switches, that's unique. That's why I gave a 5.


another strong point from this mapmaker. mapmaker has an very unique style, when he create campaigns, I've never seen this style. This campaign is MUCH better then a randommap. He makes the forests as natural as possible, he used: mud, flowers, broken carts, birds, trees (duh) etc. he also makes the desert natural as possible.


mapmaker has made a good story, in the first scenario you'll see a little of the history of El Cid. In the second you just read the history and you should think, this isn't a good history, but the history goes further when you meet a ghost. The instructions where very clear. He used a system with objectives and items, I haven't seen that in many campaigns. That's why I gave a 5.


this is a very good campaign, it's REALY worth your time to download. Good work mapmaker.

to Jerusalem: I think you should gain some experience in reviewing campaigns, cause I know when I see an good campaign and this is one.
Obed Bart insults a well-known reviewer and HG angel, Jerusalem, by saying in his review "to Jerusalem: I think you should gain some experience in reviewing campaigns, cause I know when I see an good campaign and this is one."

It astonishes me that as "bart", a reviewer I have never heard of, and - correct me if I'm wrong - is reviewing for the very first time, reprimands Angel Jerusalem, one of the most experienced and balanced reviewers in this Blacksmith that is still active. Jerusalem - pay no attention to bart, many people appreciate your efforts. I know I do.

On a different note, I suspect that "mapmaker", "thereviewer" and "bart" are all smurfs of the same individual. That's the only way in my mind, that such a mediocre scenario could recieve such high scores TWICE.

Don't download this scenario, it is a frustrating waste. And next time, if mapmaker(/thereviewer/bart) wishes to put a food system in his scenario, then he should write a detailed hint about it with some instructions how to get food, rather than a vague one that is in this scenario.
Bon 5.0? 4.8?

Let me just say

Map Design2.0
Well, I did my best to go into this with a completely unbiased attitude. However, my view was similar to many before me.

A story, I believe, is one of the main factors in making a scenario fun. This, i believe was one of the major let downs of this campaign. More on this later but the story was incredibly lacking and provided no real motivation for any major playing desire. The actual playing was not fun at all. There were numerous bugs in this scenario that degenerated the experience for me. For example. Moving 'Eric' to a small part of the map would trigger a defeat for me, for no reason whatsover. The Battles I fought, were simply "Can I beat them?" Yes: Well lets hack in. No: Run away until I can.

Mapmaker recommends only an experienced age of empire 2 player try his campaign on anything but easy. To me, a good player is one who utilises skill in his playing, not one that is good at deciding wether to run or fight. The occasional puzzle or decision process you have to face is no real challenge either. But, all this considered, The only way to get to far in this scenario is to cheat. Basically.

The only standout area in this scenario. While having a poorly scripted tale and some inferior design there were some elements that brought this score up. Despite being a very stock standard RPG-ish game, i felt that mapmaker needed to get at least a 3 for his efforts here.

Map Design:
Ack. This was a very, lets say, different map. I'm not talking different as in radical and new, I'm talking different as in tried a bit too hard in some areas while completly neglecting others. I'll explain. There were many different kind of terrains mixed into this scenario. They were unfortunately, a little too mixed. In the first forrest you encounter a big mix of bamboo, leaves, grass, dirt and forest in a mediocre looking set up. It is ruined though, by a peculiar entwinement of ice and jungle trees. There were even a few random snow pines thrown in. Another let down was the towns and cities. It appears to me that mapmaker does not know how to change the starting age of players. So there is a mix of dark age, feudal age and castle age buildings making a very unrealistic city. Finally, the map was very blocky and square. This really deflated the whole level.

Like I told before, the story was really not sufficient for a standard scenario. Especially a self classified 'fantasy' The Instructions to, were insufficient.

This scenario could be so much better. A lot of work is needed in all areas though, but If some more effor were applied to some of the areas I spoke about, a more promising campaign could be produced.

Good points:
- Creative in parts

Bad points:
- Far to difficult
- Bad map design

Final Thought:
If you download this campaign, do so for amusement value only. If you are looking for an entertaining challenge, this is not it. And remember, the Scenario is Impossible to finish, at least without cheating.

- Brad
Map Design4.0
Playability: The difficulty was extreme, there are 2 important bugs, and the story line isn´t very good, so it can be really boring and desesperating.

Balance: The author said only experts should play the campaign. Hmmmm. I think this campaign is like "Commandos: Behind the enemy lines". It´s too difficult, but not impossible. Really, I don´t want to spend hours and hours in a AoK campaign trying to avoid Vikings... It can be desesperating!

Creative: There were many creative tricks, but I think the storyline should improve a lot (the typical revenge).

Map Design: I think I can guess how the author made the map. First he put water and then he put the flowers, trees, etc etc...Really the map is very detailed... but it has some bugs. If you see the minimap, you can see the island, the paths, etc are square. The cities are square. Really, I don´t like this. Then, the author mix forest, desert, rainforest, snow, ice... This is unbelieved! And finally... there were dogs flying!!!! It´s better than a random map, and if the author corrected this three bugs, I would give him a 5.

Story and Instructions: Terrible. WHEN there are instructions, they´re confusing, short, and had some grammar and spell mistakes. It has no bmp and the storyline isn´t very good.

Really, it should improve. The author should put good instructions, put less enemy units and down the difficulty. With this things it will improve a lot, but if he wants a good mark, he should polish the design, do a bmp, polish the storylines and correct the mistakes.

For the moment, I don´t recommend downloading the campaing, because it´s too difficult.

Positive points:
- Great music
- Great cutscene
- Detailed map
- Creative in parts

Negative points:
- Difficulty
- Confusing instructions
- Square map, square cities.
Eagle Warrior 2000 Haha, Obed is wrong, it aint the same induvidual, but they're friends, I know, becouse mapmaker asked me to review it to and give it a 5, haha, he'll probably hate me becouse I'm saying this.
The Kestrel
Map Design2.0
Okay. I have no idea why this got 5.0s but if you want some good ideas, read the forum post 'The adventures of El Cid, FULL_VERSION'. Now, my comments:

Watch the food meter as it goes from 45 to 35 to 5 to a 'You have Been Defeated' message. You die after five minuits NO MATTER WHAT. I've tried this about 50 times and I die from either food loss, Vikings or any other numerous ways. This is impossible to play without wondering how much was playtested.

This is the hardest thing I've ever seen! If I use MARCO/POLO I notice the map is LOADED with baddies! Sorry, 150 HP can't fight 1,000,000,000,000,000 Milita!

The creativity is average. RPG's have been made before, and this has a fairly common MP3 file for music. (Whose author, btw, was not given credit in the scenario).

Map Degisn:
I've seen worse. I am just wondering why everybody's in the dark age. I also wanna know why the first bridge seems to be kinda mixed up like how it starts with the wrong piece. I didn't get past there.

The story was common, and what kind of kid wakes up and says "time for my revenge!"? Also whos mom would say "careful, dear," to that statement?

Overall, I don't think this is worth your time.
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