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The Adventures of Robin Hood

Author File Description
Gregory Koteles
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
Pick up your bow and quiver and step into the shoes of the most famous outlaw of legend!

The second chapter in the Adventures of Robin Hood chronicles how Robin became an outlaw.

-Over 250 triggers and a thousand effects.
-Talk to everyone you meet by clicking on them and hear what they have to say.
What they say often depends on what you do.
-Roam the English countryside in search of adventure.
-Skirmish with the forces of the Sheriff and Prince John as you make your way towards the heart of Sherwood Forest and the destiny that will await you there.
-Encounter historical and legendary figures on the road to becoming a legend yourself!
-The first scenario, Peace in the Holy Land, has been updated with additional characters and dialogue, tougher battles, and click-to-talk format.
-Each map custom made (no random maps here) to represent the regions during the 12th century as accurately as possible.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Avatar This was very well done. What else can I say? There was a nice touch of humour, triggers have been used effectively, it follows the myth of Robin Hood. Too bad it finished too soon. I am left desperate for more.
Janus and Guru Great Job!! Very Good Map!!!!!! The scenarios well done, good history, and wonderful fun! Download it!!
One thing: the scenarios is bit shorter. But is all okay!!
ThisNameWorked2 A great scenario!!! lots of eye candy, great map design plot etc. The only problem is that robin takes a long time to get across that big desert, it gets kind of tedious after several crossing. Other then that everything was great!
Official Reviewer
One word: Wow!!!
This is a very smooth and enjoyable scenario. However, I did find it a bit tough once in a while.
Cherub Lobby
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
I think we have unearthed another new star in the scenario design field!

I enjoyed this authors first scenario “Seven Samurai” so thought that I would download this one and give it a shot. This guy has a great feel for the triggers and how and when to use them. He really brings a scene to life with intelligent and logical use of triggered conversations.

It really is a delight to walk around and receive info .. or jokes.. or red herrings from the little fellows (and ladies) walking around the screen. The characters will talk to you again with different messages some of the time and great responses like a guy gives you some money first time you click.. next time you click him he says “What broke already?” Little things like this really make a scenario enjoyable. Watch for some of the hilarious little “cut scenes” that take place around the map. I also liked very much the intelligent and very realistic way of upgrading your men!

A small criticism is the lack of detail in large areas of the map (I am guilty of this too) give the scenarios a slightly unfinished look to them. Also having to walk long distances at times with nothing much happening ( I swear it took my guys 5 minutes to walk from Jerusalem back to Jaffa) was a bit annoying. I guess this is a subjective thing (from a judges point of view) but I couldn’t bring myself to deduct 1 point for map design because the author had failed to “fill in” superfluous map areas. The City areas in which a lot of action takes place are first rate!

Contrast this (sometime lack of detail in the countryside) against the magnificent and detailed cities and docks and it makes you wonder. The attention to detail in some ares is superb.. the Wailing wall, the dock areas, Jerusalem and Lincoln, the palaces are all magnificent and very apt. I love the way the bitmap at the start even has the Dome of the Rock! The story is just sensational and the covering history an enjoyable read. For playability I would give this a 6/5 but 5 is all that we can.

The Balance is great.. you have to fight with your heroes so you do develop an affinity with them as you constantly have to ensure their victory .. and safety. Most of the battles requires some good “battle management”.. but the Author usually gives you some good retreat and heal options.. like allied monks or garrisoning opportunities!

I must admit I was really disappointed at the end… because it ended.. I want more of Robins Adventures!
Sea_Elf GREAT NEED MORE I NEED MORE MORE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthias How much longer until the next one?
Tonto_jlmk A great campaign! I demand to know when you are releasing the next scenarios!
Kittithaj Very great campaign! But it's too tough even in easiest level. I can't help Will Scarlet from being killed. So I have to cheat to pass that very good scenerio to reach the even better scenerio.
sam After I defeat the assassins in the hills and i'm supposed go back to save Saladin, i always get there just in time to see him die. I don't even have time to get one shot off at them and he's dead. But for the parts I did get to see it was great!!!
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