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Downloads Home » Projects » Roman Conquest of Germania - Part 1

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Roman Conquest of Germania - Part 1

Author File Description
Wildfire Studios
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 1

Roman Conquest of Germania - Part 1
by RoRLegion, Member of WildfireStudios



RomanConquest of Germania - Part 1 (RCOG)


   General Maximus has been a general in the Roman Army for 6 years.  He has won a few glorious campaigns against the germans.  He was known as a cunning and ruthless leader who showed no mercy when delivering punishment to barbarians.  His wife and son moved to a roman city on the outskirts of the empire.  The city was two or three years old, and was named Estrusca.  Young Maximus (General Maximus's son) was a typical teenager at the time.  He liked to party, liked to hang out with his friends, but there was something different about him.  He was a born fighter.  The short times General Maximus got to spend with his son (when he wasn't doing campaigns) was spent teaching young Maximus how to handle a sword, how to ride a horse, and he prepared him for the army.  Anyways, one foggy morning deep in the forests of Germania, the Roman Army was ready to fight a battle.  Across the road were the Bavarii, the most fearsome of the germanic tribes.  General Maximus was ready for a fight allright, but this may be his last.

General Information:

- 288 Triggers
- A Custom Modpack (from WFS)
- Six months of work
- You must have MPS or MPS Lite to install the custom modpack for this campaign (Click here to download)
- A custom music pack - Download here (12.5M)



FrenchPaladin - History
WildFire Studios - ModPack
RoRLegion - Everything not mentioned
Angel Spineman & SWP - Uploading the campaign to certain sites

Once you have downloaded everything needed for this campaign, follow these instructions:

Install MPS (or MPSLite), if it is not already installed
Place "Roman Conquest of Germania - Part I.cpx" in the AoK "Campaign" folder
Place the contents of "Ai" in the AoK "Ai" folder
If you downloaded the custom music pack, place those files in the AoK "Sounds\Scenario" folder
Double-click RCOG.akx each and every time you start this campaign

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tin_Man_ Is the RCOG Mod the same as Rome At War or is it different?
Nice scenario, by the way :)
RoRLegion It is a little different. The legion replaces the champion. Also, some of the eyecandies included in the R@W mod aren't in this one. I recommend you have cable to download this campaign, unless you're a very patient person.
penguinman So far it is pretty cool, but after cutscene i win and theres no more scenarios. Whats wrong with it? I followed instructions. Please help.
RoRLegion That is a bug in AoK that I have found with a few campaigns I have played. You have to fool around and lose on purpose, then win with cheats, and there's a certain combination to fix it. To lose on purpose, find all the units that you are able to control and delete them. Once all of them are deleted, you will lose.
RWH_ArchAngel It is overall a decent camapign, you should have used the RaW Mod Pack instead of this half of a RaW Mod Pack. The scenarios are fun to play but lack depth in trigger work and plot. When I was downloading I thought it was an awesome Gladiator the movie campaign, but it wasnt, sure it ripped a few ideas and names from the movie but hell it was still pretty good. Overall I was a bit dissapointed, but if you have a fast modem it's worth the download, otherwise, it's best to pass this one on by for a better campaign
RoRLegion Part 2 will have the battle from "Gladiator". I think part 2 is's more of a matured design.
RWH_ArchAngel RoR_Legion, I hope you didn't get the wrong impression on the review I submitted, I think that this campaign is great, but there are areas that could need improvement. Just giving some constructive criticism. I will be waiting anxiously for part two
_someone_ GREAT SCENARIO! I beat it yesterday and I got the chance to post today. Good jood!
Antonius Pius I liked your campaign but I think it could do with some work
Is RCOG mod pack the same as the rome at war mod pack?
Also, why is the music pack so big?
Map Design5.0
I played this campaign on moderate and was never challenged.It took about 1 hour to play all 5 levels.If not for the beautiful map design and shortness of the campaigns i would have been bored quickly.

In my opinion as a grass cutter this is where the campaign really suffered.The AI of the opposition was not agressive enough and the stiffness of the triggers allowed me to decimate the ememy easy.

The first level was a good cut scene to get you into the story.
Sadly the map design was where all the creativity was.
The objectives was really standard.

Map Design:
Now this is where The Roman Conquest of Germania truly excelled.This was one of the best designed maps i have ever seen.Eye candy everywhere,good use of elevation,the forests were awsome,you could actually manuver through them.The map design is a work of art.

The Roman Conquest of Germania had a good storyline.The instructions were easy to follow.There were numerous hints.

In closing i would recommend downloading and playing of this campaign just to see this beautiful map design.
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Map Design5.0
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