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Three Merry Kings v1.2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is an updated version of Three Merry Kings. Bugs have been fixed, map design changed for the better, extra locations to visit, and much more.


3 paths to victory
B&D, FF, and bribery!
Train units, don't create them!
Easter Eggs
Different music for each way to complete it!

Oh, and make sure you download the Shadowmind episode 3 music. It is required for the full playing experience.


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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
I somewhat enjoyed “The three Merry Kings” since it was a decent game. I feel that this campaign had the potential to be a pretty good campaign if it had been fined tuned.

The playability in this campaign was really average. The goal of this campaign is to defeat two kings, so that the hero can eventually claim the throne for himself. The idea of this campaign was all right, but the way it was delivered could have been better. At the start, the player must choose one of the four advisors and the game will continue from there. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to complete the game through all the advisors since some of the trigger conditions didn’t work. The only way to complete this game was to select the light cavalry advisor. Playing through this game, I found that travelling the long distance to be a bit annoying since nothing especially exciting occurred besides the usual ambush.

The balance in this campaign was off. The player gains control to a nice mix army, but sadly all the units can heal. As a result, the game is easy and this prevents the player from using intense tactic maneuvers to win. I think Mechstra should have used regular units and perhaps add a monk or he could have made the enemies harder.

In terms of creativity Mechstra did use some interesting triggers like the ability to gain gold when killing enemy units. The player can also buy some additional equipment and goodies with the gold, so it was a good idea to throw it in the game. The opening was also pretty creative since the player will have to make an important decision, which has an extremely significant on the game. In addition, this game features the ability to train villagers to military units just like the old classic “William Warrior of the Sun”. However, when I tried to train units, I could only make archers since the triggers for other units didn’t seem to work.

The map design was all right in some areas but lacking in others. As an illustration, certain areas of the map have way too much grass and not enough variety. I think the map could have been far more realistic and prettier if Mechstra had used more eye candies, elevations, and more Gaia units. Overall, the map is by no means horrible to look at, but I think Mechstra could have done a far superior job.

The story line was lacking, as there are no twist in the plot. I think a few surprises thrown in would have made a world of difference. Equally important, the instructions were not specific enough in some of the different adventure, which made playing through this game a little frustrating.

In short, this campaign did feature some good ideas but overall this campaign is just average and could have been far more enjoyable.
Map Design3.0
"Three Merry Kings" by Mechstra was one of those scenarios which, if paid more attention to, would have it's honorable place in AoKH's Best of AoK section. It was a pretty fun scenario..Not an RPG, Not a B&D either, But somewhat Mixed. I've never enjoyed Mixed Campaign's as well as I enjoy a reasonably well-made RPG, but in this case I had to make an exception.

The playability of this scenario was a little above average. It's basic goal is to defeat two kings and there are 3 ways to do it. Buy them out, Build your own army, Or choose an army already existing. When the scenario starts, I found myself in a street in front of three advisors who wanted to help me win. I was interested. I clicked on the villager and immediately found myself in the midst of this village and this wonderful music in my ears! There are different music you can hear while battling and all of them are fantastic! The only reason I gave playability a 4 is because travelling long distances and defeating melee soldiers is pretty boring. Hence, A solid 4.

The balance in this campaign was average..if not less. The player controls a mixed army and during my first battle with the Rebels, I found out that the army was made out of robin hood's, sherriff of nottingham's and Roland's, all with changed names. This made the scenario tremendously easy to finish as heroes can heal themselves! The enemy too was not a challenge, The barbarian army of my ally easily defeated the first castle, And I finished the other two with the trebuchet's (god's own sling) I was given. It was VERY easy.

Creativity in this scenario was pretty decent. Interesting triggers like gaining gold while killing enemy soldiers and villagers were an additional bonus with which I could buy mercenaries and siege weapons. You also had the ability to train your own military units...While this trick is old, Mechstra did a variation to it by making it available for only "male" villies to use a sword while female villies could only be archers. Pretty interesting ;-).

I was dissapointed when I saw the whole map of this scenario..The roads were way to wide, There were not a lot of eye-candy/gaia units. It was not better than a random map. This scenario deserves it's 3 in Map Design. Mechstra could have done a far better job of using variety in this scenario..

The story line was neither boring nor extraordinary. There were no twists in the plot..It's a basic "build-an-army-and-defeat-the-enemy" story. Not much to say about it.

In Conclusion - This was an Average scenario. Creative thoughts could be seen but the Author could have done a far superior job. Good luck in the future Mechstra!


P.S. I was really looking forward to seeing Easter Eggs! :-)

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Map Design3.0
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