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Funky Triggers

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

No Description Available
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LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA How funky. Ancient triggers made by tons of people before. About 1/2 of them are a guy turning into a sheep/wolf (ALREADY DONE IN LASSA-DEMO CAMPAIGN) or something getting run over by a war wagon/ram (and I did this BEFORE you, when I was emailing a test cpn to Demon_709!!!) So try making your own triggers? Hah! Oh yeah, and the "falling off cliff" triggers were done before... in Gyda's Challenge campaign. The unit regeneration and pallisade wall removal have also been done before (in "blood" games, and parts where walls get knocked down)
Official Reviewer
Rating 3

The utility shows 24 scenes, some are quite amusing, all you have to do is clicking on units and watch what happens.

USEFULNESS/NOVELTY: The map consists of many scenes, some are funny, others interesting but many are not so good. There are some new and useful tricks, others are old and superfluous, and many were repetitive. Most triggers consist of create object, task object or kill object effects. I have doubts about the usefulness of many of these triggers for a utility, even more for a scenario; still they could be useful for beginners to scenario design. Superfluous to show an elephant following a villager to a set location, Charles Martel fighting Harald Hardraade surrounded by bamboo, Hand Cannoneer shooting Battering Rams surrounded by palisade walls, Janissaries fighting Chu Ko Nu on an ice floe, fenced Cavaliers fighting Iron Boars or to create heavy demolition ships in a small pond, the noise annoys throughout the scenario. Repetitive to show an Elite Wagon drive over a man, over a horse, into a tree, a ram over a champion and of course two Elite Wagons driving into each other and there was an Elite Wagon renamed ‘Zoo cart’ crashing for no apparent reason out of which a monkey escapes. Old, a Light Cavalry falls down cliffs during a race, a man pushes another down the cliffs or a Hussar jumps over a fence. Others add some fun, amusing, a monkey falls out of a tree, a monk transforms a cavalier into a wolf, another a Chu Ko Nu into a sheep. The motive of the download is more to entertain than to deliver a trigger tutorial. A man promises a woman one 1000’000 of gold for delivering a trade cart, a man enters and falls out of a tree house seeing a ghost, a knight buys a sheep for one gold, which is cursed, another man feels for dogs and the man who mounts a horse and falls. My favourite, a villager pushing a wall piece, it is simple, looks convincing and is useful. We could ‘push’ anything in scenario design, units a whole building, a ram another, a horse a mounted knight, a woman her husband. To my knowledge, that trick and few others are new, the utility shows creativity, why not convert a unit into a werewolf or have a villager move a wall piece. 3.5+

QUALITY/INSTRUCTIONS: The overall quality was okay with some small exceptions. I did not encounter a single bug and a lot of effort and testing went into the 59 triggers and many effects for 24 scenes, especially for the timing of the ‘drive over’ scenes. On the other hand, the pushing/falling down cliffs, the jumping over a fence was not convincing. For knights fighting pigs, you have to delete part of the fence; I am still puzzled why they are inactive with a closed palisade wall. I clicked the wrong man first in the tree house and ghost scene, which brings me to instructions where we rate the user friendliness and this was poor. After I downloaded I could not find the scenario in the drop down menu, honestly who looks for a “As you like it” .scx when the title is ‘funky triggers’. The only objective reads, “Just click on any unit and see what it does”. The player receives no information of how the triggers work. Utilities are a tool for designers, here the learning experience reduced to click and watch. Some doubts raise if the utility has any intended purpose, the word ‘funky’ makes no sense in connection with ‘triggers’, the description page not helpful but blank. 2.5-

OVERALL: Utility 4.0, Novelty 3.0+, Quality 4.0- and Instructions 1.0, the utility receives a 3.0.

SUGGESTIONS: Quality over quantity, less tricks would suit this utility better and a utility needs some explanations about the triggers, how to do them as well as a description.

IN CLOSING: Creative and funny, I recommend downloading. If you want to learn triggering your scenarios, open the editor and look how they function.

[Edited on 05/15/06 @ 01:00 PM]

crasher so, these are a nice compiliation of triggers for people who don't yet know how to do them. Just because it's been in a scenario before, dosen't mean people automatically know how to do it. Now, if there would be a description...
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA look, if it's a utility, help people! The scen doesn't tell you how to use the triggers, it just shows triggers and says the old... Poor (name of unit), leaving every newbie going How do you use these? This is no utility!

[Edited on 05/15/06 @ 01:12 PM]

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