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Downloads Home » Projects » Land of Rolenia Part1 - Cival War (DEMO)

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Land of Rolenia Part1 - Cival War (DEMO)

Author File Description
Mini Knight
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 1
This campaign is the story of the Cival War within the Rolenians (I'm not copying off of the Romans, my last name is Rolen so I used that). You will take command of General Cody Allen on his quest to eliminate his evil brother. This is only a demo, so you will only get the first scenario.
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Map Design4.0
Some people may wonder why I reviewed a demo, normally people would not, but the author requested it.

Playability: This scenario is a mostly FF with some RPG elements. Some parts were quite boring as you walked and fought small battles, but things get funner as you progress. Therefore a 3 is given.

Balance: Early on, as you travel to find the blue camp, all the fighting you do is too easy. However, after going to the camp, you must fight some fairly large battles that are possible to lose. Another 3.

Creativity: This is a basic FF and RPG. It is done too make it look interesting, and the story is quite creative, but nothing new is grand enough to give it more then a 3.

Map Design: The map itself is quite flat, but the forests are well done and there is some good eye candy. However there are a couple of dull spots in the map, and more eye candy could have been used, so a 4 is given.

Story/Instructions: The instructions are well done and easily understood, and the story, (which is located under history) is well done and orginal. One thing I liked about the story is instead of the old, "I must kill my evil brother before he ruins our land" you are simply trying to show you brother that he ruining the land which he rules.

good points
very good story
fairly good map

bad points
a little boring and easy for the first part

Overall, this demo is quite well done, I reccomend downloading it, and I am really looking forward to the final version.
Map Design5.0
I think Land of Rolenia was a pretty good campaign, though it should be improved a bit. Some more variation during the battles could have made this scenario better.

Playability -- 3
Playability was in fact just average. I first wanted to give 4, but some minor bugs made me deduct a point. For exemple, you get a scout who shows you the route, and there's a trigger making a soldier say "We lost our Scout and we will have to find the camp ourselves" when the Scout dies (I don't know the right text, that's about what it says). I lost my Scout much later in the game but the soldier still said it - though I
had already passed the camp. Or, when you're inside the camp, there's an attack and the Berserks in the camp go fighting. Unfortunately, when the attack was over, the Berserks stood still and blocked the entrance, so I couldn't get out anymore.

Balance -- 3
I played the scenario once and I won it. So I think it wasn't really difficult. Also, your hero is really strong and heals himself, so there was little chance he would die.

Creativity -- 4
Though I didn't see anything new, I think the creativity deserves a 4, cause the author used the triggers well, and some of the ideas in the scenario were good, for exemple the Scout showing you the camp. Also all villagers in the camp say something when you select them. This prooves the author has put some effort in it.

Map Design -- 5
The main problem is the author didn't use half of the map (probably cause it's just a demo). But since the part you do not see may not be rated, a 5 is given, cause the part you see is really good.

Story/Instructions -- 4
Since the story is very good, I wanted to give a 5, but again I deducted a point, cause of some illogical facts. For exemple you get a Trebuchet to destroy the Castle, and you only have some soldiers to protect the Trebuchet (it surely is possible, that's not the problem) but the guy who gives you the Trebuchet has got an army of Berserks. They could protect the Trebuchet as well... I did not see why YOU had to destroy that Castle.

After all, this was a decent campaign. I'm waiting for the full version to come out cause I'll surely download it.

If I made spelling and grammar mistakes (I probably did): sorry -- English is my third language.
Map Design4.0
I really like mini knight's campaign.

It was not too hard, but it was not easy. That makes it be very much in the middle and I thought that that is rare for a campaign. Also there were no bugs. Therefore PLAYABILITY-5

This scenario is very balanced, because as I have said there is not much hard obsticles, but it is still not easy. BALANCE-5

Of course the old idea of brother versus brother has been used a little TOO MUCH, but of course I really like Mini Knight's way of making it more interesting. CREATIVITY-4

The half of the map that he did make was Fabolos (don't ask)
but he did not use all of the map. MAP DESIGN-4

The story was very nice. I hope that Mini Knight keeps working on this campaign, and makes a prologue. STORY-5

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Map Design4.3
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