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Dragons Lair v1.1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Dragons Lair v1.1

This utility is designed to show the player how they can add Dragon hordes and caves and even dragons in a form into their own scenarios. Feel free to use this as a template and adapt it to your own, individual needs.

I've added a story to the .cpx file just to show how it can be implemented in a story for example, and the .scx file shows the trigger work behind it. Hope this may be of use to you.

STORYLINE: - Cohen the Barbarian climbed through the mountains, past the oldest talking tree's on the Discworld. A man jumped out in front of him, or rather a Dwarf with a particuarly suspicious accent.

'Stand and Deliver!'
Cohen replied enraged.
'I'm Cohen the Barbarian! Ruler of XXXXX, since my ursurption of the throne. Surely I can't be mugged by a Dwarf?'

The Dwarf looked embarrassed.
'Sorry, wrong person.'

The next moment passed and the dwarf had scarpered for the nearest rock face to wait for someone else.

Cohen travelled further along, where two men wearing what can only be described as an offense to witches jumped out and knocked Cohen out.
'Wasn't too hard... Seeeeee? Thats how you knock a man down!'

The other man didn't look impressed, this was obvious to anyone watching, apart from the other robber.
'Er good job booss.' The other man replied in an aprentice type way.
'Good. Go sling him in the nearest cave, once you've done him over!'
'Donnne him over booss?'
'You know, I've told you a thousand times. Go take his wallet and his horse.'
'Righto Booss.'

Cohen, despite being unconscious, he could feel dignified that he had been mugged by a man who at least had the knack of sneaking up behind people, that was real class in a robber.


I tried to add a little humour in there as well, since I couldn't bear to have no laughter while playing this. Since I went about this project without the use of modpack and thus no actual clickable Dragon I had to compensate as best I could with what I could use, and to a great extent the sounds helped greatly.


for the sound pack, which I used in this Utility.

Zanzard Lothar,
For his 'Immobile Units Ai GOLD' which was used to keep units stationary in this Utility.

Whats in Dragons Lair v1.1?

This Utility comprises,

5 Sounds, Some new such as the Rats squeak if you choose to exit the Utility before it ends.
1 Cpx file (An example of a story being used)
1 Scx file (For use of template, trigger work and map design)
2 Ai Files (Immobile Units AI GOLD)

BUGS? Experiencing problems?

Feel free to email me at: if you experience any problems or have any questions, and/or leave a comment here.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
CheeZy_monkey0 Cohen the barbarian and his adventures are some of the most interesting things i've ever seen.
Yes, very entertaining :)

Ever think of implimenting them to EE or the Upcoming AOM?

You can make a great 'lil movie with ingame cinematics :)

- CheeZy
gav1190 This is a really good little movie. its quite entertaining and funny. Download it now!
Official Reviewer
The utility shows an interactive cut-scene, how to add a Dragon’s lair, hordes and in a way even a dragon to your scenario. The zip includes a .cpx, a .scx, five mp3 sound files and a read me. The utility is of interest for the designer as well as the player, it comes with a story based on Terry Pratchett’s Disc world books, and you play Cohen the Barbarian, who has a close, ‘deadly’ encounter with a dragon.

UTILITY/NOVELTY: A very creative idea, it appeals to our imagination and fantasy. The utility shows a fire-spitting effect, supported with sound, story and good design. This is useful if you want to avoid a dragon mod, but also to add fire to an existing mod pack. The use is restricted, because the utility fails to show a realistic fire spitting effect, you cannot copy the triggers as set. Dragon’s Lair is the second attempt to add a dragon to scenario design with a utility, it is unique and it is better and different. 4.75

QUALITY/INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions are very good, on the comment page, the introduction screen, in game and in the read me. Nevertheless, a hint to play the cut-scene with slow speed, to avoid overlapping sounds would be necessary. The idea is good, but the utility’s quality is average, the execution failed. I played all speeds, the timed explosions come in pauses, you can count every single one and the effect of fire spitting failed even on fast. In addition, after the fifths flame, a longer pause, and then Cohen dies by a kill object trigger and rubble, his ashes, appear two tiles away from where the game engine creates his dead body. In the fog, you see the dead body until the end, which spoils the intended effect of the burned corpse. One sound, the Dragon’s Lair 3 crow 2 does not play; the effect is not set. 4

OVERALL: Utility 4.5, Novelty 5, Quality 3.5, Instructions 4.5, Dragon’s Lair receives an overall rating of 4.375, a 4.5-.

OBSERVATIONS: The fact that the fire-spitting image failed does not mean that the utility as such is a failure. A utility is a tool for scenario design and/or gives new ideas for it; the execution, how to implement a utility into a scenario is up to the designer.

SUGGESTIONS: I am sure that there are many and better ways to edit the utility than I did. I used the following for my private collection of the best of the best of AoK. For a fire-spitting effect, change conditions, timers for triggers “flame 2” to “flame 5” from 2 to 1. For a sudden death, change condition, timer for trigger “Kill and create rubble” from three to one. For a ‘body to ashes’ effect, same trigger change effect 1, effect list from ‘kill object’ to ‘remove object’. The sound Dragon’s Lair 3 crow 2 suits well after the ‘death’ scene, add new effect 4 to trigger “Kill and remove rubble”, play sound, source player 1, another possibility would be the opening scene, add new effect 2 to trigger “Intro text, Cohen waking up” and new effect 2 to trigger “Map Revealers by starting place”.

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