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A Crusader's Destiny v1

Author File Description
jefflam (Woad Creations)
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
Long, long before any siege weapons were invented, there was 2 gods. One good, with a pure heart, and the other evil...
The Human race had exist in Earth for at least a century now. The evil god, Hell, was locked away by Heaven, the kind-hearted god. Suddenly, Hell was freed!
The human race is now threatened to be extinct. An entire human race lies in the hands of a Crusader...will he make it?

Features :
Level up using exp. points.
Kill enemies and earn gold and exp.
Rest in inns.
Finding weapons.
Buying weapons.

Most bugs fixed.
Increase more stats when you level up.
Lesser enemies respawned.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The campaign consists of two scenarios, a cut-scene and a playable one, it is a RPG. The story is fiction, you play Kenshin, a Samurai and orphan, whose birth released Hell, the Curse of Death.

PLAYABILITY: A Crusader's Destiny v1 is a "could be good" campaign, from the idea, the story, the basic game play, to balance, map and a superb creativity. There is a hitch in the execution, which made this a frustrating experience. You get gold and stone for kills, the stone is used to level up and you need an increasing amount of stone for each level starting 50 to end 1000. It was fun to play until the camp of the Thieve Guild, great game play and pace. After that you had to kill a certain Shota, Kenshin was on level six and lost, well you can defeat him by luring him to the siege weapons which is the wrong diplomacy setting and does not work for the story. You got two fields with random generated units and going back to find out that you need level twelve to kill Shota was time consuming, frustrating and boring as you kill the same units over and over again. When you finally kill him the game crashes, probably due to a view change trigger. Except for Odin's defeat the triggers are missing for that sequence, you need to change diplomacy to get the Ultimate weapon, which wasn't too bad as the author proposed to reach level fifteen to beat him. At the gates of hell, after you click a champion, you rest, the intro text appears again and Heaven is killed. That's it, you're blocked. If you do not click the champion and destroy the gate via a diplomacy change, your path to the right is blocked by cliffs. 2

BALANCE: This was actually good, you had to change tactics, avoid enemies, change paths according to your strength, and use elevations whenever possible to advance fast through the levels. Once you are around level seven there was no more challenge and to upgrade higher to meet Shota is pure routine. 4

CREATIVITY: This was a strong side of the campaign. Explosions; inns to heal; upgrades by kills; hidden objects; the food system; creative, well planned map and some nice trigger effects with a poor execution towards the end. 4

MAP DESIGN: The map was detailed, had elevations, terrain mix, convincing city/town design as well as the landscape with forest, desert and open areas. Alas there were also palm trees mixed with jungle and oak and the predominant design tools were forage bushes and deer. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Interesting, in game developing story connecting well the two scenarios; clear objectives; helpful hints and walkthrough; well themed bmp and some spelling errors. 4+

OVERALL: A buggy, potential best of AoK campaign.

SUGGESTIONS:The second weapon upgrade "trance lethal" is indicated with +13, but you get +1, change the text. Do a spell check. For a better playability the player should be able to reach the final level faster, have less stone required per level in the second field and deactivate the RGUs in the first field at level 4 or 5 for balance. To fix the view change, try more than one trigger. Set the triggers for the boss fight with Odin. The trigger "rest 2" has to activate trigger "rest finish" instead of "intro". Make the cliff to the right after the gate passable, check the path to hell as it is also blocked for the player. Try less forage bushes and deer and delete palm and jungle trees in the oak forest.

IN CLOSING: I do not recommend the campaign before an edit.

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Map Design4.0
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