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New Aspects New Object Templates

Author File Description
Tsunami Studios
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
New Aspects and Object Templates - Tsunami Studios
New Object and New Aspect (template)
New Aspects - Landfish Rain (update with new trigger trick)
Bloodstone - Designers Cut (extra)
New Aspects: Landfish/Rain (update)

New Aspects: Rasher\'s Landfish on many terrains (not available before).

Includes Landfish in Shallows.

Practicle use: Rain Scene

Technical design: \'Elevation Grid\' to help with Map Copy.

Rotate the trees terrain to obtain a desired and more realistic look.

Play or Test in editor to view and play sample design.

Extra: New Trigger Trick

Landfish/Rain Instructions:

Landfish/Rain must be copied to the exact spot it will be used.

The Object does not move or place inside the editor.

Use the elevation grid to select one at desired elevation.

To Map Copy Aspect select the area directly around one Landfish on desired terrain (test before using).

Landfish/Rain Design Notes:
I got these fish on land the hard way, after being inspired by a discussion with Crasher to do it. The last time I achieved the Shorefish that way, my comrade Kelar found an easier way to achieve it. For all intents and purposes it made the \'Shorefish in Shoreless Water\' map copy feature obsolete. So, taking a page from Kelar I decided to give just Map-Copy a go.

I was able to achieve placing Rasher\'s Landfish just by using the Map-Copy feature. It takes some practice, but my technique was just to enter a desired terrain underneath the Landfish as much as possible without deleting the object. Then by placing a huge square of the desired terrain, I began to copy while using the \'Turn Right,\' \'Flip Up and Down,\' etc. features of the Map Copy. It would take longer to describe than it would for most to figure out. Still, I think this template will suit most folks who desire Landfish/Rain. Creating your own requires a lot of space on a map, so I don\'t recommend creating your own on the fly.
New Aspects - Landfish/Rain: By Anastasia -Tsunami Studios

Special Thanks:
Rasher, EO, and Raymond Tukker for inventing the wheel.
Marko for the fantastic 100-Rain sound file.
AzN PaRaDoX for Shoreless Water Template
My old mate Zanzard Lothar for Advanced Immobile Units AI.
My comrade Kelar for teaching me an easier way.
My comrades Crasher, Beserker Jerker, and Tsunami Studios mate Sukkit for inspiration.
My mate Svede at Tsunami Studios for without his technical support this would not have been possible.

New Object and New Aspect (template)
Fire Ball Instructions:

The Fire Ball is Map Copy only.

The Fire Ball must be copied to the exact spot it will be used.

The Object does not move or place inside the editor.

In the east portion of the map template is a technical design: \'Elevation Grid\' to help with Map Copy.

Use the elevation grid to select one at desired elevation.

There is a little spot of dirt at each elevation on the grid, this is the true location of the Fire Ball.

To Map Copy Object use a larger selection of area than the small square selector.

One possible use is the \'camp fire\' created in the designed portion of the template.

Note: Provided \'Pile of Stone\' for easy creation of the \'camp fire.\'

Fire Ball has altitude and Units and Objects can be placed beneath it.

The terrain under the object can be changed with a little practice (sometimes object is deleted).

Shorefish in Shoreless Water Instructions:

SFISW must be copied to the exact spot it will be used.

The Object does not move or place inside the editor.

Use the elevation grid to select one at desired elevation.

To Map Copy Aspect select the area directly on the Shorefish using the small square selector.

Note: Shorefish can be moved to normal waters.
Map Copy Help:

There are ten buttons at the top of the editor ( two rows of five).

Select the Terrain button (first row and second over).

Next: At the bottom left of the Editor screen are five Brush Type buttons.

Select Map Copy button (fourth one down).

To the right in Map Copy select the very top button (long slim button).

Once in Copy Mode, drag the cursor and area selector over the object and press the button again.

Press to \'Copy Selected Map Area\' in Copy Mode.

Go to Menu and select Edit or Create Scenario and exit to copy into desired scenario.

Once desired scenario is located and/or created use the map copy feature in Paint Mode to transfer the elements.

Note save desired located scenario in another name in case anything goes wrong (menu/save as).
New Object Fire Ball by Svede -Tsunami Studios
New Aspect Shorefish in Shoreless Water by Anastasia -Tsunami Studios

Special Thanks:
Enrique Orduno for technical support.
Raymond Tukker for writing the list with all the Constant numbers.
AzN PaRaDoX for Shoreless Water Template
Co-Head of Tsunami Studios
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
PaulC2001 I've been checking the editor every day to see wether this was out yet.

Well done!
Official Reviewer
Utility: Anastasia’s New Aspects and Object Templates are great examples of how utilities should be created with the designer, and player’s best interest in mind. Every aspect is something completely new; shore fish on every terrain, an animated fireball, and the shorefish in shoreless water. Not only is every aspect new, but also it is very valuable to a designer and the player for game enhancing effects. From a designer’s standpoint, everything in this utility is invaluable. 5

Concept: As stated above, every aspect presented in these templates is completely new and innovative. These utilities include everything needed to give each object its full effect. Every object is easy obtainable on every elevation and terrain making it amazingly simple to map copy. As well as having each item readily available for map copy, Anastasia included an in game model of each object and a practical use for it. Many utilities that present new objects found in the blacksmith just place the unit on a blank, all grass, and single elevation map. In one template in particular Anastasia even went as far as to create a whole interactive scene with a new trigger trick. Overall, a new concept for utilities that makes it amazingly convenient and useful to the player. 5

Quality: Each aspect is presented in its own .scx (scenario) file making it most fitting for the player to see the inner workings of the file as well as making it very map-copy friendly. Anyone who downloads this utility will notice that the author took the extra time to make this utility stand out from the crowd. Everything is done to perfection in each template - nothing is left out. A few things that stand out are the extra time Anastasia put into the in game examples and making each object available on every terrain and elevation. 5

Instructions: This category can’t get any better. Everything is explained with great detail in game, in the read-me files, and on the description page. Detailed instructions of how to use the map copy feature are also presented making each object easily functional for even the newest designers. Anything the player will need to know to efficiently use each concept is included. 5

Overall: This is a great model of how to effectively create a great utility. I would recommend this to anyone with any experience in the editor, even the best designers. Also don’t forget to check out the extra addition included by the author. 5.0

Download now!

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