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Heroes of the Three Kingdoms - Episode I v 1.02

Author File Description
Tsunami Studios
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6



Episode I: Rise of the Heroes

By: Tsunami Studios Team -

Head of Project: The Conquistador
Head Researcher: The Conquistador
Sounds Technician: The Conquistador (90%), General_Zhaoyun (10%)

Scenario Designers: The Conquistador (97%), Mythie (3%)
Modpack Designers: Ballista_Turtle (92%), Cian McGuire (4%), The Conquistador (4%)
Intro Bitmaps: The Conquistador
Playtesters: Christopher, Inquizative, The_Conqueror, General_Zhaoyun, Emperor_Vishruth, TNK, Phenix Sunflame, Shiva, The Vampire Slayer, Ballista_Turtle, IrishStag, The Ztolk, Brave Sir Robin

Intro to Story: Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The story begins at the Battle of Ke Zhou in 187 AD, where Liu Bei, the main character of the story, leads a small army of militiamen to aid in the attempt to destroy the Yellow Scarves, a group of rebells that have been plaguing China for almost one decade. Cao Cao, the commander of the reinforcing cavalry, comes in soon and together they defeated the Yellow Scarves. Then, Liu Bei went to Gong Sun Zhan, one of the great nobles of the north, and Cao Cao took a position at Luo Yang.

However, the destiny of the two men was to meet each other again. Soon, in 189 AD. Gong Sun Zhan and Liu Bei both joined the Eight Duke Alliance, which Cao Cao organized. Together they shall challenge Dong Zhuo, the most powerful man in China. This is where the story of Three Kingdoms began.


Liu Bei (Xuan De) - The descendant of the Prince of Jing Shan and the founder of the Shu Han Empire. Although of noble birth, he was actually very poor for most of his youth. He made his fame when he defeated the Yellow Scarf army in 189 AD. He is the adopted brother of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

Guan Yu (Yun Chang) - The adopted brother of Liu Bei and a symbol of honor and loyalty in Chinese history. In fact, a miniature statute of him is often found in Police stations in Hong Kong. He was the head of the Five Tiger Generals of the Shu Han.

Zhang Fei (Yi De) - The adopted brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu. When Guan Yu was serving in Cao Cao's army, he said: "My brother Yi De is a much better fighter than me. He can take the head of a general in a battle like he can take a coin out of his wallet.". Zhang Fei's ferocity is very menacing. He was the third of the Five Tiger Generals.

Zhao Yun (Zi Long) - One of Liu Bei's most trusted generals and would later become one of the Five Tiger generals of the Shu Han. He is both cunning and brave.

Cao Cao (Meng De) - The founder of the Wei army and was dubbed the "Hero of Chaos". What he did was nothing short of amazing. He was the son of a middle class merchant and volunteered himself to destroying the Yellow Scarves. After attempting to assassinate Dong Zhuo, he organized the Alliance of Eight Dukes that almost succeeded in destroying Dong Zhuo. After that, he built his army and eventually conquered all of Northern China.

Xiahou Dun (Yuan Rang) - Cao Cao's cousin and most loyal follower. He is dubbed "blind Xiahou" because he is blinded on one eye. He lost his eye during a conflict with Lui Bu's army in 197 AD. Xiahou Dun is one of the fiercest generals in the Wei army and was given the title commander-in-chief after Cao Pi came to the throne.

Lui Bu (Feng Xian) - "In warriors, there is Lui Bu. In horses, there is Chi Tu". Lui Bu was perhaps the greatest warrior in the entire Three Kingdoms period. A master of the bow and horse riding, the great warrior is just as great and fierce as his steed, Chi Tu. However, Lui Bu had a poor sense of honor and loyalty. He served three masters before founding his own army. He was eventually defeated by an alliance formed by Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

Yuan Shao (Ben Chu) - Lord of Northern China. His family has been amongst the ranks of the "Three Ancestors" (three highest positions in the Han court) for four generations. Yuan Shao himself was a proud and arrogant man. He left Luo Yang in 187 AD because he did not recognize Dong Zhuo as the chancellor nor the new emperor, and went to northern China to build an army of his own. In 189 AD, Yuan Shao responded to Cao Cao invitation to forge an alliance against Dong Zhuo, and was named the commanding general.

Yuan Shu (Gong Lu) - A lord at southern China and half brother of Yuan Shao. Yuan Shao was a buffoon and had always been a midget in ability compared to his brother. He tagged along his brother and joined the Eight Duke Alliance, only to be a mere food transport manager. Yuan Shu became sour because of this, and contributed to the eventual failure of the Eight Duke Alliance.

Dong Zhuo - The chancellor of China and ruled China with an iron fist. Because his reign was so cruel, all the nobles in China rallied together to fight him. Defeated by the Eight Duke Alliance, Dong Zhuo burnt Luo Yang and fled to Chang An.


This campaign requires 2 speed settings. For the first scenario the cutscene, you need to play on normal (unless of course you don't download the music files) or the music will overlap. For the rest of the scenarios, it is recommended to play on the fast setting because the gap between each repition of the music will be rather big if played on normal or slower.

Unzip the campaign file into the campaign folder in your Age of Empires II directory. If you have music files (each music file is available for individual download), you must unzip them into the scenario folder under the sound folder in your AOE2 directory. The only exception the the music files is the "Intro Music", which you must put into the "stream folder" under the "sound" folder in your AOE2 directory.


- very accurate to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel

- RPS gameplay

- Interesting bitmaps

- The new "upgrade" units system, where you click on towers and pay gold to receive massive unit upgrades

- New upgrade heroes system

- Special weapon bonuses

- Gain an aura by gathering relics

- Unique music files from the game "Legend of Cao Cao" by Koei

- Custom modpack that changes the portraits of heroes and the initial viewing screen (extracted from "Fate of the Dragon")


This campaign is made by Tsunami Studios. We are an Asian civ based team that specializes in making Asian campaigns. We would like to prefer that you ask us before posting our campaign at your site. You can contact me, The Conquistador, the head of the project, at Thank you for your cooperation.

Music Files:

Edit: 08/11/08 The .zip includes Music File 1 to 9 and Intro Music.

Custom modpack:

Please download it from the link below and extract all files to your AOE2 directory.

Heroes of the Three Kingdoms modpack

Edit: The above link does not work anymore. If you have the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Mod Pack please contact the Blacksmith Administrator.


Q: What is the upgrade system?

A: The upgrade system consists of 6 "upgrade towers" and money. Each time you click an upgrade tower (separated into 6 categories: infantry, cavalry, archers, buildings, towers, and siege weapons), that specific category gets upgraded. With the exception of archers, each click will cost you 1000 gold and will improve your units substantially.

Q: What are "Auras"?

A: Auras are hero generated magical effects. Only two heroes generate auras in Heroes of the Three Kingdoms - Episode I: Rise of the Heroes. These two are Cao Cao and Liu Bei. Liu Bei generates the Aura of Deprivation, which drains all resources from all enemy players every 5 seconds. Cao Cao generates the Aura of Famine, which drains food from all of HIS enemy players every 5 seconds. Auras require relics to activate and upgrade. In other words, the aura is activated when you obtain one relic and will upgrade to level 2 when you have 2 relics. You will be notified when it is activated or upgraded.

Q: In "Taking Xu Zhou as an Obligation", I die when I am savin the purple town! What gives?

A: You must rush to the ORANGE town (revealed on mini-map) and save its castle. There are some villagers you will get outside the city, use them to repair the orange castle.

Q: In "The Eight Duke Alliance", the game crashes when it change view to the fat guy!

A: Turn off the music by removing the music files from your sound/scenario folder.

Q: I can't download any of your stuff... I get a 403

A: Right click the link, and then select "save target as".


The Conquistador, Tsunami Group Emperor

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Heroes of the Three Kingdoms is based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The story begins at the Battle of Ke Zhou in 187 AD, where Liu Bei, the main character of the story, leads a small army of militiamen to aid in the attempt to destroy the Yellow Scarves, a group of rebells that have been plaguing China for almost one decade. Cao Cao, the commander of the reinforcing cavalry, comes in soon and together they defeated the Yellow Scarves. Then, Liu Bei went to Gong Sun Zhan, one of the great nobles of the north, and Cao Cao took a position at Luo Yang. The campaign has got 6 huge scenarios (the first is a cut-scene), really exciting and funny. I think this is one of the best historical campaigns I have ever played, and it must be in "The Best of AoK". But for
the moment, it hasn´t got a 5.0...

The playability is great. All the scenarios were a challenge and exciting. There´re no bugs, and the IA is wonderful. Perhaps the main problem is the lag. It was terrible, and the second scenario crashed 5 times. But as I´ve got a slow PC, and almost all the scenarios with my computer have lag, I don´t think this detail should take off marks for this.

Perhaps the campaign´s too difficult. The second scenario is easy. Your enemies rarealy attack you. And when they do, the attacks are easy to repel.

The third scenario isn´t easy. I had to rush a lot to protect the orange player, and I had to restart the scenario 4 times. I had luck and in the 3rd time I arrive when the castle was 120/12000... The 4th is really difficult. It is the most exciting and funny, but one of the most difficult. It was a headache to enter to Xia Pi.

The 5th is terrible. You have to enter and take Xu Zhou. The enemies are really strong, and you have to gather lots of resources and specially gold, upgrade your units several times and attack. The problem is when you take Xu Zhou, you get the city and lose your initial camp. Cao Cao, who was gathering and creating a huge army, attacks. you. It was simply terrorific. My best score was 19:48!!! but then the enemies destroyed my castle. I couldn´t bear the 20 minutes and I had to use the cheats... The 6th scenario was terrible too. Everybody attacks you from every side. It was a nightmare...I had to restart all the scenario several times (in the easiest level of difficulty!), and I spent hours and hours playing and playing. I am a bad player in economy, and an average in battles (F&F) but I think the difficult should down a little...

The objectives in H3K were the same. Attack and defend. You have to defeat several kingdoms and defend yourself or another kingdom. And the worst, there are no sidequests :(
There´re no terrain trick neither, but in the game there are many tricks, like the Aura of famine (I didn´t understand it!) and the Upgrades towers. The units are stronger. A crossbow can get 250 HP and more than 20 points of damage. If you want to have strong units, you have to collect gold and use the Upgrades towers. On the other hand, this trick is unrealistic. Perhaps the next time the authors should put "Towers of science" or a new player called "Scientist" or whatever and investigate technologies.

Map design 5
Really good. The design was really realistic and wery well done. The bad point is that only a little part of the map is used in some scenarios, but I won´t down points only for this.

Story/Instructions 5
When I played the Demo, there were lots of spell and grammar mistakes. But in the final version they are corrected. The Story is exciting and the dialogues and objectives are clear. The history is wonderful and the bitmaps are good. It has a more-than-deserves 5.

Perhaps the difficulty is too big. If the authors down it and put one or two sidequests, the campaign would have a 5.
Anyway, I enjoyed very much the campaign and was very funny. Good work, Tsunami Studios!

In you want a challenge, you must download H3K. And if you don´t, download too! ;)
Angel Park
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Ok, upon request I decided to try out this campaign. For those that don't want to read the whole review, lets just you have a very good chance of enjoying this campaign.

Start off, this campaign completely has an Asian theme. The story rotates between many different main characters.

This was a pretty hard thing to judge. After playing so many games and campaigns, scenarios tend to get boring. This campaign mostly deals with either building mass units and than attacking/defending or using your highly trained heroes to kill the enemy. Therefore it wasn't too fun or unique but still was greater than most scenarios. The author also included a unit/building upgrade system that spends gold. I found this almost useless. Although the author could of found ways to make this scenario much more funner, I cannot say that it was bad.

This was sort of a touchy part. Some people might disagree with me about this score. When I review a campaign I look overall if there were easy and hard scenarios. In this campaign, the starting scenarios are pretty easy. All you really need to do is create a large army to destroy the enemy's starting large army. Than you just use heroes to waste everyone else. I remember one scenario I used my 2 heroes to kill all the skirmishers that the computer were making and 2 trebs to destroy buildings. Another scenario where you must protect an allied town only requires you to use the 4 heroes they provide. The later scenarios became harder with larger armies and weaker heroes.

Well the asian based campaign was a nice touch. Some of the additional music, mod pack, and name changing was a nice touch although not all really needed. Only thing that really looked great were the Asian Icons for heroes and some music they played.

Map Design:
They weren't any new things in the scenario. But overall the scenary looked great. Perhaps not the best but really up there.


The story sounds like something great for a long book, and this scenario was based on a book/story. Still scenarios in general are very hard to put long stories in. I felt lost many times in the plot and characters and only knowing what my basic objectives were. Perhaps some people will understand the story and have fun but there are still many out there that won't.

Note this campaign also comes with a modpack and music to download. I personally didn't find the music to help very much. The modpack while it was good, it didn't help the fun level of this game.

Pretty much a pretty good scenario. I'ld suggest downloading it and having some fun.

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Map Design5.0
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