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Modpack Sound Resource List

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This spreadsheet document was created by me to help scenario designers looking for sounds. All of the in-game sounds, as well as some extras, can be found in the AoK data files. Using AOK Modpack Studio, you can extract any sound you need for use in your scenario.

This utility lists every sound that AOK uses, as well as explaining where to find them. Of course, you must have AOK Modpack Studio to be able to use this.
Version 1.1 (April 6, 2006)- Added several sounds that I missed, for some reason. Also converted to .csv format at the request of DiGiT.
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Shadow667's great! However...I need a .doc version (Microsoft Word) version of it. Can you do that for me? Thx!
DiGiT Think you could save this as a CSV (comma-separated value)? Some of us don't have MS Office, like me right now.
File Author
Okay, I've finally updated this thing. The list was pretty bad before, although now it's slightly more complete. I still think I'm missing some stuff, so I might update this again later, and hopefully I won't wait another 2 years to do that.

And I saved it as .csv format for you, DiGiT. :)
Master Revan .

[Edited on 03/01/19 @ 12:49 AM]

OtmShankIiI Mind if I give you some help, zyx?

I have recognized some of the sounds you didn't. I hope these help you a bit...

Res. #5284: It's Gaia speak. Ever tried to issue orders to a Gaia villager via the "natural wonders" cheat?
Res. #5297-98: Those sounds are unused btw.
Res. #5299: Gaia speak too.
Res. #5300: Death sound for Trade Cart/War Wagon units. Basically an addon. Fairly more noticeable with New World carts.
Res. #5306: Sword hacking as well. In fact, all those sword hacking sounds are made by vills. This one is particularly hard to listen, hence maybe the fact you weren't able to recognize it.
Res. #5315: Even more Gaia speak.
Res. #5319-21: Villagers farming.
Res. #5327-31: Some units (such as Man-at-Arms) make those sounds at random to simulate struggle. These is a separate set of these for archers.
Res. #5338: Gaia speak. I can remember some AoE infantry saying this word quite often.
Res. #5347-48: Yes, it's a Mill. Unused, maybe?
Res. #5350-52: Ehem, vills mining.
Res. #5374: Hunter/Shepherd gathering. See #6161.
Res. #5418: Beta sound, from AoE.
Res. #5457: Gaia speak.
Res. #5460-62: Your guessing was correct, definately more "struggle sounds", these ones for archers.
Res. #5476-77: See, the dying horseman sounds are rather sequences of different sounds, something like a patchwork. Probably made this way to save hard disk space (consider the 90's)
Res. #5484: No, it's not a wolf dying. In fact, Res. #5483-85 are ambience sounds played when there are wolves visible in the screen.
Res. #5490: Ever listened how did a Deer fall to the ground when dying?
Res. #5492-93: Unused sounds, probably meant for the Cav Archer. (Growling horses, how funny)
Res. #5501-14: Japanese male vill speak, try being more specific.
Res. #5526: Gaia villager speak.
Res. #5527-30: Fire Ship attacking.
Res. #5531-34: War Galleys firing.
Res. #5535-54: Japanese Monk. I think I'll leave out the rest...
Res. #5555-62: Galleon firing. Curiously no longer used in TC, at least for my version...
Res. #5563-64: Camels dying.
Res. #5571-73: Gaia speak.
Res. #5649: No, this is not used by ships being destroyed - they use another, slightly more intense sound. This is just splash.
Res. #5995: You forgot to mention it :D
Res. #6000: In my opinion, it must be an unused sound of some kind. Vills gathering the resources they carry to the Town Center, maybe? Too resource-intensive to them Pentium III PC's of that time :/
Res. #6002: Yes, it's the wild boar.
Res. #6038 and #6041: No, it's just sheep ambience, just like #6039 and #6040.
Res. #6043: Did you ever select a Fishing Trap?
Res. #6045: The sound it just comes before the Ram-line hits. #6045, then #6046-48...
Res. #6151: It's a mule - ambience sound from the Dark Age Mill.
Res. #6161: Shepherd/Hunter gathering. See #5374.
Res. #6183: Vills growing (building) Farms. If you put your speaker along your ear, you will notice it. #6182 is unused.
Res. #6190-91: Vills foraging.
Res. #6192: From the Scout Cav. #6194-95 are clearly from it too.
Res. #6193: Vills fishing. I don't know how did this come be placed here, between the Scout Cav acknowledgements...
Res. #6318-6414: They're not vills, but Kings. This may be important to tell, rather to leave out.
Res. #6415: Tusk swing from the War Elephant attack.
Res. #6416: Used along with #6417 to make the elephant death.
Res. #6457: Yes, the jaguar is growling, indeed hard to listen.
Res. #6458: From the Macaw.
Res. #50309: This sounds when the wonder is finished, not selected.
Res. #50324: Just a beta sound.
Res. #50338: Highlighting a button.
Res. #50359: Screenshot captured. Plays correctly at AoK, but not quite at TC.
Res. #50360: Sell at market.
Res. #50361: Buy at market. Possibly for tributes too.

I hope I have been of help.

[Edited on 04/12/09 @ 10:59 PM]

Tocaraca There's a lot of incorrect stuff here.
5555-5562 are noises that Galleons used to make from the original Age of Kings, not 'Mill Background Noises'. And 5527-5530 are Fire Ship attack sounds, not "Unknown- Mill Background Sounds?". And 5531-5534 is a War Galley fire sound, not Scorpion ones.
Who made this spreadsheet? Do they even play this game?

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