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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Jule, the land once known for its peaceful way of life,
has been forced into slavery and depression by the
strong, dominant hands of the British. All but few were
sold off to other countries or given as gifts to Kings
and Lords. Those who revolted, were imprisoned in the
largest and most deadliest fortress in Northern Britain,
Long Kesh. Among those imprisoned, were a few nobilty
among the people of Jule, and the survivors of the British
Invasion were to have any hope of re-establishing the political
structure of Jule, these nobilties must be released!
It is not as if peaceful and political reasonings did
not take place beforehand, but the British would have
none of the people of Jule. They could them "Rats"
right to their faces. When the British King was
approached about releasing the prisoners, he replied:
"The only thing better then a dead rat, is a rat in a
After this, a small band of fearless soldiers and settlers
risked everything to free the prisoners and re-establish
the great country of Jule. They set up camps on the mainland,
seperated by sea from the Island Prison of Long Kesh.
Now the day of reckoning is here, the British slavers at
Long Kesh must be destroyed, and the people of Jule must
be returned to Jule!

Included in this package:
-2 AIs (not created by me)
-1 campaign (1 cutscene map, 1 B&D map)
-1 song (played during both scenarios)
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
"Long Kesh - A Fight for Freedom" is definately one of the better campaigns I've played recently. The innovative plot and gameplay, as well as the amazing attention put into the map, and the excellent cut-scene prolog, along with many other things that make this scenario great, testify for the author's talent and diligence.

The prolog of "Long Kesh" describes a violent invasion into the kingdom of Jule, north of England, by the British, and the capture of the Julian nobleman. Although I think that the British = bad guys equation is starting to be a little cliche, I must remark that the prolog was very well-crafted (at least the part that was visible - see below).

The second scenario of "Long Kesh" is the one that is actually played. In this scenario, the setting is the tranquil surroundings of the Long Kesh prison in England, (which is kind of a British version of Alcatraz). The objective is to invade the island and kill the many guards that keep it, in order to free the slaves and bring them ashore. It is an intensified B&D scenario; A number of town centers are given to the player with a few pre-made military buildings. Unfortunately, a dock is not given, and a strong navy is key to winning this scenario.

Admittedly, the prolog has a standard introduction and no bitmap. However, the prolog itself and the instruction screen of the second scenario compensate for that; Not only does the prolog wonderfully dramatize the invasion, the second scenario has a very stylish bitmap and a well-written story. Definately above average in the Instructions field.

At first glance, one would say that the map design of Long Kesh may be unsatisfactory, because of the low percentages of the map that are seen if you don't go exploring. The trick is that one absolutely must explore this map, if not for the well-done landscape, it's because of the relics and bonuses that are scattered around.

Long Kesh's creativity is immense, and I don't think that I have to go into details to describe why. A thought-out plot combined with edge-of-your-seat gameplay with ideas I haven't seen before (I'm not spilling the beans on them), obviously show that Tartarus, the author, has put in a lot of thought and effort.

There were a couple of Playability and Balance problems in this campaign. First off - I tried to run the prolog twice, and twice the prolog crashed in the middle, in the middle of a scene in the docks. A "i r winner" cheat is required in order to advance to the next scenario.
Another major playability problem was that the prison guards and ships were all idle, so it is possible to send a galley into the midst of the ships and to the other side of the island, and all the ships will follow the ship there, and once it is destroyed, they'll just stay put, making the game much easier for the player. The game is darn hard - don't get me wrong - but I think that the ships should patrol around and not be so idle. In real life ships away from shore don't stay idle like that.
Other than these two problems, I really can't say anything against the playability or balance of Long Kesh. It's a well-crafted scenario, which provides a challenge, but with plenty of means to overcome it, whether you're a good player or not.

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Map Design4.0
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