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New Forest Fire!

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Magnum Pi
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This new forest fire method I developed uses the erase buildings bug to make a forest fire where trees really appear to catch fire and spread. Here is a basic overview:

1. Usisng the erase bug, place two farms and a tree completely on the same tile. (Or map-copy the ones I have provided for you in the scenario.)

2. As long as the farms are in player 1's line-of-site, one of the farms will become invisible when the other is removed (not killed; use a "Remove object--Player x [one of the players who has the farms] set area, foret fire area.") In order to remove only one farm, and not both of them, you need to have one of them belong to a different player than the other. (I.e. one belongs to player 2, and the other belongs the player 3.) Samples are included in the scenario that you can map-copy.

3. When one of the farms is removed, you will then have an invisible farm with a tree at its centre. Damaging the remaining farm by the amounts that the template will instruct you to set fire to the tree.(use "Damage object--Player y [the player who owns the farms that you did not remove] set area, forest fire area, set quantity--*will vary*)

4. The tree will appear like it is burning, when you want the forest fire to end, kill the tree (it will fall over) and soon after, kill the already-damaged farms. The tree will be removed making your forest passable, and it will create the dead farm terrain, you could then say is scorched ground.

Note: To make the fire "spread," damage the farms in different sections (i.e. first the front, then the middle, then the back). Creating small fires at first, then re-damaging to create larger fires is more realistic creating huge fires to start. As you damage your farms in "sections," the more sections you use, the more realistic looking, but that also means more triggers and harder to master. Making the trees "fall" in sections is also more realistic.

I hope you find that this is useful to your scenarios/campaigns. Go ahead and post a review or player comment if you can.

If you use this idea in your works, please briefly mention me in your ending project's credits!


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Magnum Pi's "New Forest Fire" utility template shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to create realistic, cool-looking forest fires in AoK.

This utility is extremely useful, helfpul, and it was flawlessly created. His method of teaching involved clicking relics in order to activate the next instruction, which means I wasn't being rushed through the directions. This makes it very easy for Scenario Designing newcomers to learn this technique.

As for the utlity itself, Magnum Pi did a very good job, and the fires look very realistic--almost [i]too[/i] realistic! After the step by step tutorial on creating fires, he even adds a tutorial on how to create trees on invisible farms, and then shows a cutscene with a forest fire in real-time. There is even one humorous bit in the utility.

Overall, a very useful, helpful utility that is a must download for any seroius scenario designer. I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate this into my Lord of the Rings campaign--perhaps I could incorporate forest fires into Isengard. This utility easily earns a 5.0.
kevingamer prime
Overview: Magnum Pi's little gem shows users how to make real forest fires using special farms.

The best tutorial I have seen. Ever. The trick, elegantly discovered, is an amazing phenomina in non-c patch AoK that Magnum used to make forest fires. It looks irresitably real and is rather complex to create. However, Magnum's way of teaching is so simple and useful it is amazing! Using a system of lined up relics for every single individual step and fulling explaining how to do the trick and set the triggers. The designer is in no way rushed to comprehend the instruction. Every aspect of the trick is explained; how to create fire, how to create farms, and a lesson about the C patch. There is even a fully set timed forest fire Magnum created as a spectacle! The effort put into this is mind-numbing, so many triggers, and 2 forest fires. 7 steps, and 3 things to learn perfectly exceuted and the timing just right. There are 2 kinds of farms for a user to use, player1 over player2 farms and player2 over player3 farms. Most if explained in the instructions and/or marked with ice, in the map itsself, right next to 60 digits of pi. A must download for all veteran and above scenario designers with a knack for triggers. (heck, a brain-dead person could get this)

Magnum Pi is a noobie less than 6 months young, but look at this great piece of work! I hope to see great things
from this aspiring designer!

5.0+ no doubt.
I am proud that this work of art is the reciver of the first 5.0 I have given since Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction.
Cesar Bernardi Faaaantastic!

It sure helped me a lot... now I don't have to use brifges hidden underneath flowers (hehe)...
mikester ummm hi people i just got a quick question where do i put things like this it a .dat .cpn .scn....what i'm not used to doing all this stuff so if ya could help me out some thx
Official Reviewer
It is a .scx file, extract to your scenario folder and play it with AoEII: TCE.
SwedeKnight A very good utility, with a good description. It was interesting, and I look forward to more things like this! (BTW, I'm putting up a sound pack for download soon, with music tracks and various sounds to be used in RPG's.) Well, it's getting cold here in Sweden. I'm not looking forward to those cold days, with -18 degrees below 0 (Celsius). It's times like these that I miss the summer.

Greetings from C-cold Gothenburg, Sweden
mindyber i still havnt mastered it yet but its great.

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