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Downloads Home » Projects » The Realm of Questworld - #1

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The Realm of Questworld - #1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6
Thanks for even taking the time to read this. It will explain the campaign.

Technical: Extract the campaign file to your Age of Kings/Campaign folder and play it like any other one you might.

Storyline: You are a person of great strength and warrior skill. In this one (There will be a long line of sequels to follow) you go to a place called Questworld and embark on something different from everyday Age of Empires. I tried to make it a little more like fantasy with spells and adventures and brave knights and stuff like that. I must say it worked out pretty well. This is kind of a Beta - Finished version as I've never had to much luck with the triggers. I know it works though. Try it and e-mail me about it. I'm putting out the next part of it soon.

- MammothIce250
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Map Design3.0
I will go over each of the five elements, and then do an overview.

Playability: The scenarios are fun at first, but after a while they get boring and repitive. It is basically B@D/FF, with a tiny bit of RPG in it.

Balance: The whole campaign is much too easy. None of the enemys managed to get much of an army fielded, and you almost always started with bigger citys then your foes.

Creativity: It's basic B@D. Not a whole lot new here.

Map Design: The maps have very small amounts of eye candy, but other then that, the map is just like a basic random map, sometimes worse. I would give it a 2.5 if possible, but I can't, so I will round up.

Story/Instructions: There is a story, but not a very good one as it does not make much sense. However the intsructions are clear and to the point, and I always knew what I had too do. If the author made the story more interesting, a five would be given here.

Good Points:
Clear instructions, with an aquate story.

Bad Points:
Too easy
Not interesting enough.

My suggestion to the author: Work on the story a little bit, but some more eye candy on the map, make it harder and more involoving. With a little bit more effort, this could be a great scenario.
Angel Park
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This campaign could use a lot of work. It isn't very terrible for the author, since this is his first campaign.

*- NOTE *-
I found 2 scenarios that have a bug that makes it impossible to finish the scenario. If you're still seeing this than the author probably didn't update/fix it.

You're basically through most of the campaign a hero trying to travel through a portal and than keeping the new world safe. Each scenario shouldn't take too long besides those where you need to collect many resources.


To keep it simple, it wasn't fun to play. All the maps were very large making you have to drag your units from one side to another especially sometimes with a monk. All enemies were too easily destroyed, and the player could use more starting resources or villagers in certain scenarios. Tip to the author: An entertaining story line, keeping missions not too long and making them diverse can keep the player entertained.


All scenarios were too easy. The author needs to either download some AI scripts or learn how to create one to make more challenging enemies. I found myself using only the hero unit and 2 backup units to complete the destroying parts of the scenario when the author clearly meant for me to create a larger army. Many times it was just removing the towers/gates and killing the villagers.

Some unit of eyecandy was interesting. The story was a little out there. But this didn't seem to include anything more than basic stuff.

Map Design
I found many items in the scenarios played right next to each other. This is something map designers should avoid doing especially things such as putting 10 houses side by side. Try to keep everything spaced out and no so large. Every map I played seemed like a large. This made moving very boring. Also a few scenarios included eye candy that was missplaced or not helpful such as Roman Ruins inside your town or many signs that aren't on a road or path.

The story was short many times. Each scenario didn't seem to fit with the next one except with the use of the same hero. Sometimes objectives that were supposed to be told later in the game were pretty much told in the hints (Scenario 4). Also in Scenario 2, the player is suppose to make sure at least two champions that are given to him are kept alive or else the player cannot end the scenario. The objectives didn't tell say this until after all the fighting ended. Which by than I had lost all the champions given to me.

As I said before, this isn't a terrible campaign for a new designer, but not something I'ld recommend to people. Some basic key things for the author: Don't start the player in the feudal age almost every scenario, learn to make your enemies more challening, keep the map size small, and don't use the "Conquest" Global Victory setting when the enemy has villagers on a large map.

Good luck to the author on improving.

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Map Design3.0
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