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ESHotAC - Charlemagne, Emperor

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

This is my entry for Ensemble Studios' Heroes of the Ages Contest, but I submitted it here too to get comments.


It is the year 470 AD.

Rome has fallen, plunging Europe into a Dark Age. Petty tribes squabble over resources, fighting in the dense and dangerous forests. Death comes from all sides - enemy raiders, fierce wolves, vicious plagues. People lead miserable - and often very short - lives.

There is, however, somebody who can change all this. He is Charlemagne, king of one small Frankish tribes. Charlemagne has a simple plan - to reunite the Franks and destroy all enemies. This way, peace would be restored - and he'd rule over the largest empire since Rome!

He'll have to face many enemies - some among the Franks themselves. Nobody has tried anything of this sort before. And yet Charlemagne dreams of a unified Europe. With strength, strategy and a bit of luck, he might be able to do it...

Can you grow your petty tribe into a mighty Empire? Can you vanquish the Saxons, Visigoths, Moors and Lombards? Can you bring culture back to Europe? Step into the shoes of the great king Charlemagne, and see for yourself!


- Detailed map with realistic terrain and strategic locations
- Multiple enemies; you must choose which to fight
- Multiple ways to win - for example you can try to destroy an enemy using morale and religion
- Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
- Replay value - you can try to do other things the second time you play
- Various optional objectives
- Secrets to uncover
- Different play for different difficulty levels - everyone should be able to win


Just download the zip file and read the Charlemagne readme file within for instructions on how to install


Please leave your comments here. Enjoy the map!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
I will start off by saying, frankly, that this is a good scenario, which any fan of AoK should download. It is clear that the author spent some time on this, and that he certainly knows his way around the editor.

Playability: 4
This 1-scenario campaign is fun to play, and is a mixture of B&D and PG. There are many optional objectives, and they vary widely, from convincing villages to join you to aiding the Pope. Interest hardly ever wavers and the plentiful opponents prolong the scenario. However, it is not a 5, as sometimes the main task (build a base and train an army) gets dull.

Balance: 3
This scenario is pretty well balanced, as you must build up quickly in the beginning to defend from Visigoths, and their constant attacks are fairly hard to fight off. However, the attacks are a little too frequent, so it is very hard if you are playing on anything above moderate. Also, later on it gets too easy, as you can stop the Visigoths and then you arehardly ever bothered.

Creativity: 3
There is average creativity in this scenario. Quite good tricks are used, like the never-ending rubble after a village is destroyed, but there was nothing else much that hasn't been done before, many times over. For example, ES used the 'get villages to your side' objective in the Genghis Khan campaign.

Map Design: 4
The map in this mission is nice to look at and pretty well designed, although the forests around your town are not practical, as by building a castle in your town or around it, you block the paths. A little more thought would have allowed more building space.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions in this scenario were very clear, and you were never confused as to what to do. Also, a very nice bitmap had been provided, along with a comprehensive history section. Nothing was amiss in this category.

Overall, a good campaign which I recommend to all. Good job, Matei!
Map Design4.0
"Charlemagne, Emperor", is a great scenario/campaign.
This time you´ll be Charlemagne, and you´ll have to defeat your enemies after the Visigoths destroyed your town.

The playability is very good. It was really funny and very exciting, so it WOULD have a 5... except because there´s a bug. The objectives says you have to destroy the Moors, the Visigoths, the Lombards, etc to win. And I destroy all the enemies except the Lombards, and I win! In theory I had to defeat them too. So it has a 4.

The balance is great. Depending the difficulty you choose the scenario will be more or less complicated. I liked it because I am tired of see scenarios were the easiest and the hardest level is the same... I played in all the difficulties, and all were greats. There were many times (specially at the beggining) that were very exciting, because the Visigoths attacked you with heavy attacks, but it wasn´t impossible to repel them. The problem is that after destroy the Visigoths nobody attacks you... so it deserves a 4.

The creativity was average. The first objectives are like the objectives of the Genghis Khan first scenario... "If you want us to join you, bring me a relic/destroy the towers/etc" and the final objectives are "Defeat all the kingdoms: the Visigoths, the Lombards, etc etc". But there were many sidequests, some new and old terrain tricks, and in a historic scenario it´s difficult to be creative. So it has another 4.

The map design is fantastic. Realistic and with all kind of details. Perhaps the author should do more open areas to build, because build in the paths of the forest can be terrible... so it´s another 4.

The story/instructions has a solid 5. They aren´t confusing, are clear, the dialogues are great and there are no mistakes (I think!), and all the messages (lose, win, etc) were great too. And the initial bmp is fantastic.

I think this campaign should be in "The best of Age of Kings", but perhaps if the author fix the bug, repair the balance, and do open areas to build it will have a better mark. For the moment it´s a 4.2 (of course it isn´t a bad mark!!) but I recommend to everybody to download it. It is really exciting and fun, and I´m sure you will enjoy it!
Map Design5.0
I really like this scenario. It feel really hard at first. But with effort you get into the swing of thngs and I won it a few days ago. One of the most interesting features I've found is the fact that to get certain tribes to side with you, you have to do something for them, which to my mind creates a certain degree of unpredictability that isn't present in all custom campaigns/scenarios I've played. The map design is truly deserving of praise. You've put loads of detail into this and it all looks the way you'd expect a forested environment to look. Everything feels in exactly the right place. I liked the extra speech samples too. And the storyline seems true enough to history ( except Im not sure if there were any Visigoths in France at this time... did some stay behind after their cousins headed south in the 3-4th centuries?? Or did some cross from Spain after the Islamic invasions??). Anyway, short, but fun. Not the hardest scenario I've ever played - and I played this on the hardest level - but nice map and good playability. never gets boring because of extra objectives coming up. I look forward to further offerings.

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Map Design4.3
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