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Slowing Units Down

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This cutscene Utility explains how to slow any unit down to nearly any speed you want. Using the Patrol feature, and some siege weapons, I was able to create some nice effects that you can use in a cutscene.

Unfortunately, you can only slow units down in cutscenes, but this is still IMO a nice little trick, and I think it's a rather nice little cutscene. Enjoy!


June 12, 2006- No updates to the Utility itself, but I do want to add a thanks to Ingo Van Thiel for letting me steal the quartet for a few minutes. Although I knew he wouldn't mind (and he didn't, as it was all in good fun), I do want to say now that I did it without asking him first, and I'll offer a small apology for that. I don't want to spoil the surprise too much, but I will say that those who have played his two excellent scenarios The Quest and The King's Best Men will get more enjoyment out of this Utility than those who haven't.
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Official Reviewer
The utility shows how to slow units down in cut-scenes with siege weapons like the mangonel, the scorpion and rams with different amounts of units garrisoned inside using the patrol feature. The utility is of interest for the designer as well as the player. The main actors in this homage to Ingo van Thiel, this entertaining cut-scene, are Joan, Gina, Charles and Siegfried. An invisible villager, Berserker Jerker, holds the gate for them and you meet Dark_Aro and Zyxomma100 in the west, Zyxomma100 being the stronger unit. ;)

USEFULNESS/NOVELTY: The utility does for what it is intended to be, you witness three different speeds of a Korean War Wagon and an exciting horse race due to different numbers of champions in rams. This is very useful for the design of cut-scenes. Apart from races, a slower unit, trade-cart, wagon can show to carry a heavy load, a dead body or being wounded, damaged. The fact that monks, siege weapons or Teutonic knights slow down your army is known to scenario design, still this is the first utility of its kind, new is also this application to cut-scenes and done in a very creative way. 5

QUALITY/INSTRUCTIONS: Slowing Units Down is a quality cut-scene with a good use of triggers and I encountered no bug. The utilities title is spot on, the designer informed on the comment page of the use and an exemplary hint section with the 'how to do it'.

OVERALL: Utility 5, Novelty 5, Quality 5, Instructions 5, Slowing Units Down receives an overall rating of 5.

OBSERVATIONS: A simple idea of great use, well explained, wrapped in a nice cut-scene to demonstrate the use.

SUGGESTIONS: ..., no suggestions, perfect. :)

IN CLOSING: This is a download for everybody.
Rating: 5.0
This is a very useful utility. It explains how to speed up/slow down units using units garrisoned inside of a ram. This trick can be used to determine if one unit will catch another in a cut scene. It can be used, as the utility shows it, for a race, whether a horse race or a foot race. I don't need this right now, but I'm sure I will use it sometime in my scenario-designing career.
Additional Comments: I would recommend this download to anyone, whether you are a brand new "n00b" designer or a 5.0 mastermind designer.

[Edited on 04/01/05 @ 01:36 PM]


[Edited on 10/20/05 @ 07:55 AM]

GavRaiL Really usefull. Great idea. Why don't you try garrisoning the Siege weapons inside themselves to make them invisible? Thumbs up.
olliehigher What?? How did this get a 5?

Did you guys even try it?
The scenario does not explain how to select more than one object at a time with the patrol effect...

You usually can't select more than one object.. you can't name more than one object at a time. You explained the easy part about slowing down units with rams, but that can only be done in triggers if you can select more than one object.

Using the area selection doesn't work.. it only (intrinsically) selects each unit individually and does not affect speed.

Obviously moving two units with different speeds together will slow one down. You don't need to explain that...That was the easy part.

If you guys thought this was simple, that was because the creator of this utility eluded the hard part: selecting more than one object with patrol...

I would agree on a 4 for good innovation but slightly poor instruction, but the comments you guys gave are weird.. This utility is pretty innovative.. manually selecting more than one object with triggers...

Seriously, what is with these ratings without even trying it out?

[Edited on 03/13/10 @ 06:02 AM]

Official Reviewer
To select more than one unit to patrol you have to either select the respective player through "Players" or "Diplomacy".
olliehigher Oh, ok. Sorry, it works fine now, but I still think that part was trickier than the change ownership/ speed thing.

So selecting player and dragging box (no shift clicking) selects two units, huh?

Didn't know you had to do both to do that..

File Author
I know I'm replying to an old post, but I am aware that Patrolling units together to slow them down isn't exactly a revolutionary idea. This little tutorial was made in response to an old thread in the SD forums in which several people discussed slowing down units and the consensus being reached that it couldn't be done. I simply wanted to make a fun little cutscene that would show the nuances of trapping the slow unit while creating a convincing an entertaining cutscene.

There is a short discussion about this Utility here:,34548,,all

Sorry if you didn't understand how to select multiple units in the editor. I strove to give as detailed instructions as I could give, and given the character limits on the text fields in game, I believe I succeeded. I'm sure at the time I believed that anyone who would bother to put an effect like this in a cutscene would already know how to select multiple units.

Finally, the tutorial goes beyond the simple slowing down utility, explaining a method to incrementally give a unit up to 7-8 different possible speeds, with the designer having complete control. While, again, it's not exactly revolutionary, it is an effect that I have never heard discussed anywhere else. I think it's reasonable to say that while several people came up with the idea to patrol units together to slow one down, very few would think to use a... ram speed control system, for lack of a better term.

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