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make any unit Invincible

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
HI, this is an utility that explains how to make any unit or building invincible. Read the text file that comes with the scenario to know how it works.
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File Author
Hi,I post this comment in case that you dont know how to put negative numbers in triggers, to put a negative number in the quantity box you have to use the copy-paste function, copy a negative number or a minus sign somewhere and then paste it in the Quantity Box in the editor with the right mouse button.I think i forgot to put this on the explanation file, sorry.
Please feel free to post any comment here.
Rating: 5

This is an excelent utility, as the name says, it's for making any unit or building invincible, I think it's well explained and easy to do, you can make a castle or a tower indestructable, or any unit like a monk or a villager unkillable, It's a really good utility, I recommend for downloading.
This Utility explains how to make any unit so that it is invincible. Recently there was another Utility that explained how to do the same thing, and this Utility suffers from the same problem that the other one did: This trick is already widely known, and I have my doubts that a Utility was needed for this trick.

The Utility lives up to everything it says it does; using the author's method allows you to make any unit invincible. It appears that the author's first language isn't English, so I'll be lenient there, but no explanation is given as to uses of the trick, and overall there really was no presentation. On a side note, I appreciate the author giving me a multitude of targets to practice my invincible units on, but the 3-4000 towers on the map lags up my system.

Overall: 2
This Utility was disappointing. Sure, it explains a great trick, but one that was already known, and an unappealing map and no explanation for uses for the trick were given. I cannot recommend this Utility.
File Author
HA!, I cant believe the last review, you said that there was another utility like mine recently?,well I have checked all the blacksmith and i havent seen any utility like mine
that allows to make any unit or building invincible,just a monk or a villager or a trebuchet, and also I dont think the "trick" was already know in the way that I have explained it, And I have included a text file that explains(I think its understandable if you read it a couple of times and if your IQ is more than 85!) how the all thing works, so if you have some experience with the editor, you dont even need to enter to AOK and execute the scenario, And the map I think its allright, what do you want, a map with flowers and
butterflies?. Well i think the utility do everything that its says, makes ""any"" unit invincible , and I promise that you will manage to do that , "If it was Hard to learn, will be Hard to forget", Ok i believe your Rating its Totally unfair, And for the one's who need to "make any unit invincible" I truly recommend this utility for download, because there isnt another utility that makes that.

[Edited on 03/13/05 @ 09:05 AM]

Lord_Fadawah AncientSovereign, I believe zyxomma100 is referring to by dkx_acid50150's utility, which is eleven files down on our main utility page. :S There are a number of utilities which tell you how to do the exact same thing, and they explain it more clearly. Zyx's rating is completely valid.

[Edited on 03/14/05 @ 06:16 PM]

File Author
Mmm, you have right in one thing Lord_Fadawah I have checked the forums and found, unfortunatly for me, that the "trick" was already know
a time ago, but dkx_acid50150's utility is not the same as mine because he's utility only make invincible a villager or a monk and in a lot of steps(not the same technique), as i've said before this Trick wasnt in the utility section, that's because I put it here.
zyxomma100 AncientSoverein, I understand your concerns... if you really wish to, you can e-mail Tanneur99 about this, although I doubt my review will be removed, and in all reality you are more likely to bring attention to the other less-than-stellar reviews and get them removed instead.

My reasoning is all explained above, that it was a well-known trick... This Utility could well have received a 5.0, but any such Utility on such a trick would have to offer much more than you offered: a graphically appealing map, suggestions for uses/tricks that could be done, but you did not. Also, the map has way too many units, and for lower-end machines, the Utility would be unplayable... That didn't help your score either. In addition to being well-known, the trick is ridiculously simple... It would take me 2 sentences to explain the whole thing, which also brings into question whether a new Utility was needed to explain the trick alone.

While the previous Utility was not as good a technique as yours, the author at least made an attempt to go above and beyond simply explaining the trick, and went on to include a little mini-intro, etc., which is why the two got identical scores.

I would have sent this via e-mail, but Fadawah was in a bit on this, too.
File Author
hey zyxomma100 no problem, I dont really care about the review, you have the right to post your opinion, but I just thought than this trick was new, and you were reffering to my utility to be exactly the same as dkx_acid50150's utility(and that "I cannot recommend this Utility."has really bottered me that time) , and I will not send any email to none one, maybe your rating is all right, I wont really worry about that, I just know that, for some emails that I have received from other users, this utility has been useful for someone's, that's all I care, everything's all right, cya.

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