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Teutons Vs Britons

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Angel Washizu
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
No Description Available
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John Lasocki Elsakar and Baked_Potato VS AOKH_Washizu and AOE_K_Master (or whatever happened to Elsakar?)<p> AOE_K_ Master was quick off the mark scouting and stealing sheep from Elsakar. Washizu was also quick to scout, otherwise all were busy building houses and farming. Baked_Potato located his scout next to his allies TC (why?). Elsakar and Baked_Potato did not scout the enemy territory, a fatal flaw. Elsakar moved ahead and walled off the choke points in his area of the Black Forest map. However, he left gap at one end of a wall i.e. no defense. AOE_K_Master was the first to build a barracks, stables, archery range, a sign of things to come. Washizu walls/gates his checkpoint next to Baked_Potato, Baked_Potato does not match this, another mistake. Elsakar builds a barracks and archery range but does not produce any military units despite having plenty of resources. Washizu and then AOE_K_Master reach Imperial Age.<p> The first action takes place with AOE_K_Master moving in on Elsakar with devastating effect. What has happened to Elsakar? Is he watching TV, gone for a beer? AOE_K_Master systematically destroys Elsakar and the small militia force that Baked_Potato sends over. Why doesn’t Elsakar defend, tribute to Baked_Potato is he having another beer? Baked Potato now on his own, unwalled, untowered against AOE_K_Master who has taken over Elsakar’s resources and has his villagers gathering them and against Washizu who’s economy is booming. Washizu has now started his cart fleet trading with AOE_K_Master. AOE_K_Master waits along time before he starts trading, perhaps its easier gathering Elsakar’s resources.<p> The battle begins, Baked Potato has two scattered castles and a number of Longbowmen. Washizu moves in with some trebuchets and a wave of Teutonic Knights. The British Longbowmen hit hard and the Teutonic wave is no more. AOE_K_Master moves in on Baked_Potato’s castle, his cavalry, etc easily wipe out the skirmishers sent in. Washizu sends in another wave of Tuetonic Knights and a few Trebuchets. Baked_Potato’s eastern castle bites the dust. Baked_Potato could have mounted a counter attack on Washizu at this time as all the cobimned attacking force was destroyed and he had been able to destroy Washizu’s castle by the gate with a trebuchet. Baked_Potato’s Longbowmen may have been able to put Washizu on the back foot for a while. Baked_Potato stands his ground and re-builds his eastern castle, but no walls, he later builds some towers.<p> Washizu then moved in with some Onagers pushing Baked_Potato back. AOE_K_Master is now massing a group of war elephants and crossbowmen just to the north of Baked_Potato. AOE_K_Master now starts his fleet of trade carts. The defense of Baked_Potato’s western castle now begins as the massed troops of AOE_K_Master move south. They are met by the Longbowmen, its hell out there..But then a large group of Teuctonic knights from Washizu wipes out the longbowmen and his trebuchets take out the castle. The Teutonic knights sweep round and systematically destroy Baked_Potato’s market, university and many, many houses. Baked_Potato sends in an enormous wave of longbowmen, the Teutonic Knights are not too keen on this, they form up, four abreast and get the hell out of there closely followed by a small group of longbowmen. <p> Another wave of onagers is sent in by Washizu, the longbowmen are hit hard but repulse the onagers and Teutonic knights, excellent and spirited defense by Baked_Potato. Washizu simply replies by sending in a much larger group of onagers, they do major damage. They are backed up by war elephants, cavalry etc from AOE_K_Master and it’s all over, though Baked_Potato’s villagers try and wrestle with a few elephants to the bitter end.<p> Lessons learnt:<p> Wall off choke points, check those walls for gaps! Weaken you opponents attacking force with ranged units/towers before he breaches your defenses. Always scout out enemy territory. Protect your economic base, especially your market B_P had lots of wood at the end but no food. Go defensive big time if your ally goes for a beer, maybe join him for a beer…you will lose eventually.<p> SitTristram
???? Well, it was a good recorded game, I'll tell you what happened (spoiler that means!). I really looked more at Washizu than the others:

First Washizu searched for sheep. Two villagers built two houses, the other one, collecting meat (from sheep). After the two houses was built, the two villagers joined the one villager. He started to train more villagers as Washizu's food stockpile increased. After all the sheep were gone in Washizu's control, Washizu's villagers spilt up, wood and food.

The rest I don't want to spoil but Elksatar (mispelled, I think) was dead, I mean he didn't resist to first Master's attack. Yeah, the last thing Elksatar did was advance to the Castle (or was it Imperial?) Age and built Stone Walls.

Baked_Potato, I think was the Player of the Game. He resisted to both, Master's and Washizu's attacks. With his mass Elite Longbowmen, he defeated a combination attack of Master's and a large Elite Teutonic Knight attack (which I thought would bake Baked_Potato).

Later in the game, Bake_Potato started to not worry on his villagers (I think only on farms), if he hadn't he could of resist a lot more. The next combination attack of Master's with Washizu's crushed Baked_Potato's defense. Baked_Potato, with determination tried to rebuild his town with all his villagers (a TC, 2-4 barracks and a lot of houses). But the fury of Master and Washizu was too much.

After his town was crushed again, Baked_Potato sent his villagers to fight since they were cornered. Master and Washizu won but two villagers of Elksatar was still there :-D!!! Yet, a lessoned learned by this great battle:

1) Don't leave a game without defense :-)
2) Don't abandon your villagers while you are struggling with defense.
3) Build Walls For Defense (of course we know that but Baked_Potato would of had a better chance if he build walls)

That's all!!
Dan Sage I found this recorded game quite interesting.

In my opinion baked potato should have resinged as soon as he partner left his computer (w/o turning it off, ur why?). He persisted anyway the game contined with teuctonic nights being used to attack longbowmen, even the manual tells u this isnt a good strat. Well baked_potato (cool name) did ok defending considering this dumb offensive strat being used to attack him. Actually after he killed the castle he should have raided the teuton bases. Maybe with longbowmen or my fav horse archers. By killing some peasents he may have bought some time to build up a big army and grab some much needed land. Anyway he didnt he let them attack him, playing the defence. Always remember attack after youre sure youve destroyed the attacking forces army.

The game went on and i got a bit bored of watching and stopped before the inevitable baked potato was burnt by the trebs and onagars bearing down on him.


-Teutonic nights look cool and fight well vrs unranged units not bowmen esp longbowmen.
-If youre partner quits a quick look at the socre table will tell u if u can feasably beat youre opponents still. If they both add up to more than u i would find another game.
-Walls should prefarbly keep things out unless u want them as decoration
-defend againt sheep rustlers (stealing)
-Scouting youre opponents base does nothing if u havnt an army to attack it with but it can help to know where castles are etc and tc's for later attacks
-ATTACK, always attack so long as u arent being attacked. Make sure u have a reasonbly effective army. Ie not with every bowmen u make, mass an army of say 20 and go for it. The old cliche the best form of defence is attack is so true. U must be aggresive but controlled agression ie with a good strategy.

thatsz about it thanks if u read this (i hope someone bothered to, else ppl will keep on playing this poorly)
Terminator I think baked potato did great job on defending against 2 enemies at the same time, what happened to that guy, ally of his, did his cpomputer stuck, but the game still thought he was on???,if only his ally wouldn't have "dissapeared" he woulda probably won the game...

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