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Migration Regicide

Author File Description
Angel Washizu
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
This game is fairly uneventful until about the hour mark when ChubbyHubby makes a daring attack on my starting island where my king sleeps peacefully in his castle with little or no defenses. Can he kill my king? The ending is intense! I highly recomend you download this one.
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DSC WHOA!!! intense...

2 main reasons why chubby lost:

1. He had a lousy partner, his team mate didn't migrate!
2. He accidentily brought his king to the island along with his troops! then the king got killed because of that!

hey washy, you sure got lucky in this game! =)
Dogs_29 or Warriors_Rogue Washizu and I had a very close game, the green japanese guy was really close
adolfito34 i cant view the game, theres an error

can anyone help?¨?
Official Reviewer
There is no error, the recorded game plays with Age of Kings.
Official Reviewer
Migration Regicide is a 2v2, AoKH_Washizu (Blue Turks) and Dogs_29 (Yellow Vikings) against _ChubbyHubby (Green Japanese) and Corum_VonBek (Red Teutons). It is a Regicide Game starting in the Dark Age on an unrevealed Migration Map. The map size is medium (4 players), the resources standard, wood and food 500, gold 0 and stone 150, the population limit 75, playable with original Age of Kings version 2.0.

A Recorded Game needs a specific and defined purpose for the upload:
The author states the purpose of the submission in the description, to show a daring attack of the Green on Blue's starting island where he left his king with no defense, promising an intense ending. The game shows the intended goals, the end scenes are intense, surprising, but I would call the attack rather desperate than daring. Green simply had no other choice than to quickly kill Blue's king making it a 1v1 with a chance to win as Yellow was an inferior player to him. Being without a base on the main island running out of resources at his starting position it was Green's last chance to change the tide. The timing was good Blue was about to defeat Red. 4

A viewer should gain knowledge or entertainment value from a recorded game:
I will base my rating for this category primarily on the entertainment value, we cannot gain much knowledge from the game, mainly learn from faults committed by all players. As the author mentions, the game is uneventful until about the hour mark and thus the entertaining value limits to the last 15 minutes, exception to watch the yellow player sending two Battering Rams against a War Galley and successfully destroying it. ;) The late entertaining part is rather witnessing a chain of events happening due to wrong decisions than watching some great game winning tactics. First, Blue's fault to leave his king unprotected, then Green commits the fatal error to take his king to Blue's starting island eliminating the surprise of his attack. Blue uses spies repeatedly and Green despite the in game text that spies infiltrated his civilization continues his journey with the king, showing Blue his moving position. Without this warning Blue would have had no chance to survive, not have the transport waiting in which his king had a narrow escape. I enjoyed watching, it was a good game and my rating for this part is a 3.5+. Nevertheless, we still gain knowledge, can learn from the game, which boosts the rating. Team 1, Blue/Yellow, demonstrates the importance of an early migration in an impressive way deciding the outcome in the first minutes. Blue lands after 9:25, Yellow at 13:32 into the game, taking a foothold on the main island early, which is vital on a migration map. All relics are on the main island and you find more resources than on the starting island, it's "The economy, stupid". When Green lands after 28:32 it is not only too late but the choice of his base position rather unfortunate, Blue needs little effort to end Green's presence on the main island at 47:30. 4+

Additional Comments: The balance of the teams, their skills do not affect the rating; you will seldom find good balanced teams, players of equal skills in a recorded game anyways. Still some remarks about the committed errors. It played more like a 1v2 from the beginning; Red was inactive throughout the game, did not migrate and concentrated on economy only, where he was the weakest player too. Facing the defeat, he did not even tribute his resources to his ally. Only Blue picked up two relics out of five. Green is a good player but misunderstood the nature of this game style, played the map like a random island map, scouting, attacking with War Galleys instead of building a transport first. The base on the main island is more important than roaming the shores scouting, attacking cavalries, a town centre, a harbor, villagers and the like and if we scout, the choice of a good position on the main island is the key to survival, especially if we are late. By the time the game entered the end phase, Green's defeat on the main island, Red started training his first archer. When Blue lands, his Trebuchet, two villagers and seven Elite Janissaries face six archers and few Two-Handed Swordsmen. Trade is important which both teams neglected, relics are important (red, green and yellow), to migrate (red), build up a defense structure (red) and always protect your king (blue and green) in a regicide game.

OVERALL: The game has a surprising, entertaining end.

IN CLOSING: I recommend downloading Migration Regicide.

[Edited on 09/03/07 @ 05:06 PM]

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