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The Shadowed Realm 1.6 Final

Author File Description
The Kestrel
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
In this RPS, you will have to stop a kingdom from being covered by a shadow known as "The Darkening". Play as Algarad, a master of the sword, and Bethemen, a cross bowmen who's skills will greatly improve over the quest. Pick up items nessesary to your survival, fight Shadow Warriors, test your stategy against bosses, and follow your destiny all the way into the heart of the shadow, where it will take all the weapons you can find to defeat your greatest opponant, whose name I shall not disclose here. This scenario includes custom music, lots of dialoge, cool eye-candies, an items bag, enterable buildings, and lots of power ups to make your heros great.

Thanks to CerberusXXL for the help on what I should fix, and Chris B for playtesting!

Changes from GOLD to Final:

-Game no longer crahes at the end
-Text intro added
-Story added in the history section
-More objectives for clarity
-Subtle map changes
-Tereshian Champion +some HP...
-Bethemen +20 HP at start
-More enemies for more fun and chalange
-All carts work
-Eberian blacksmith trigger now works right
-Dialouge makes more sense
-When fighting the final boss, Furious has been replaced by something else possible to kill...
-Algarad no longer may fight the Troll (damn I hate cheaters!).


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“The Shadowed Realm” has gone through many make over and I must say that with each new version this campaign has improved significantly.

The playability of this campaign has vastly improved now that the bugs have been fixed, so we can finally finish this campaign and enjoy the ending. However, the playability still isn’t perfect. In “The Shadowed Realm” the players have to walk long distance, which isn’t very fun. In addition, advancing through this campaign is sometimes too difficult because the players will end up doing a lot of searching through every corner of the map. As an illustration, finding the flame torch, which is vital to advance, was rather hard. All in all, the playability is good but it could have been better.

The balance is very good and challenging. The enemies are fair for the most part, and the Bosses are pretty fun and challenging. I did actually died a few times against the Bosses but with a bit of tactic they are manageable. Moreover, in this version the Archer Bethemen is still the principal target by the enemy AI but thanks to additional HP for Bethemen it isn’t as frustrating as in the previous version.

In the creativity area I noticed that almost his tricks had been used in other campaigns. However, I also noticed that Kestrel made an effort on building on older concepts and even trying to make them better. For instance, the Boss battle concept was well used in this campaign. I think Kestrel has good trigger mastery and that he is on the right track.

In addition, the map design was very good and it was pleasant to wonder around not knowing what to expect next. The cities and towns were well designed also, but I feel they could have used some extras. Overall, Kestrel has a lot of potentials in becoming a great mapmaker.

The story line has been made a little easier to understand thanks to a nice introduction. I still think that the story line could have used more, but I’m very pleased with the extras in this version. The instructions were decent and helpful but sometimes-vital informations were displayed too fast.

In the end, “The Shadowed Realm” is an excellent campaign and it’s definitely a RPS worth checking out. I will also congratulate the author, Kestrel for taking the time to improve and fine tune this campaign as it was well worth it.
Official Reviewer
“The Shadowed Realm” is a very good and challenging campaign.
A very wise download for RPG/RPS fans.
Chris B GamerX87-
It would be unfair for me to review this campaign, as the Kestrel is my brother, but I really think you should be more patient. The map is good and the playability is too. You find the gold by clicking on a Barracks in the northern part of a town (If you remember the scenario hints it said some items were found in buildings). In addition, The Kestrel has written a nice walkthrough I'm sure he'd be happy to e-mail you.
The Kestrel
File Author
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the walkthru didn't I? I fyou wan't it you can get it in .txt (notepad) or .doc (MS Word). Just e-Mail me if you want a copy.

Ellinger That was easily the best Campaign I have downloaded from this site. Excellent Job, except the ending when the dark lord says I just find it amusing... that was gay. but other than that it was great! 10's all around (even the story line) :-) but make another on bro.
Map Design4.0
I tried this out before Kestrel fixed it, but i couldn't finish it because of the bug. Now that it is fixed...

I think overall the scenario is very well designed. There is a strong grasp of triggers, and a good framework in place for a fantastic story. Although parts of it are boring (the journey through the swamps), some parts are very fun (trying to get past the camels without being seen).

One of my only complaints is a rather big one, and that is the lack of the storyline. As i said, the framework is there, but there is a significant lack of storyline in place. You are forced to guess what to do (why bother sending the heroes to the king if he has no idea what is going on, then not giving them any hint on what to do next?) which kills a lot of my inspiration. I mean, going from place to place solving quests is fine if i understand the goal i am shooting for, but random wandering and killing just doesn't do it for me.

The quests themselves were fun. The balance of toughness was much improved over the first version. And although the motivation for going lacks, there is nothing better than throwing away and army to accomplish a goal that you don't care if your men live or die. Kind of frees you up from the moral considerations :)

The map was well designed, for the biggest problem i find is trying to get a good mixture of terrain and areas with nothing but a big square to work with. There was good variation and fairly decent use of the map, although i would say the forest leading into swamp was a waste of space and time.

So in conclusion, work on the storyline most. Give some good clues, some personality to the characters, give some motivation and concrete purpose.

[Edited on 02/18/07 @ 05:59 PM]

The Kestrel
File Author
Please review this! I feel the last one was unfair, this guy even offered help with the story. I e-mailed him... no reply. Then, he just all of the sudden pulls this crap. To say the least I'M ANGRY!
Lord_Anatoly Good campain, good creativity. But I'm stuck on the Troll part HOW DA HELL DO YOU GET IN!!! Or kill him. Also one other coment. Whats this world comming to when you cant even cheat properly??? Na, just kidding I only use the Marco Polo cheat for campaings and scenarios only.
Lord_Anatoly Ahhhhhh ok I got the torch. The rest went well. And the campain is good. Only mithologicly the Trolls were big, ugly, dumb, and stupid. I think that Trolls hammer was unrealistic. Also the smith does not give me any of the Imperial Age updates.
romelegion too bad!

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Map Design4.0
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