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Siegfried's Adventures part 1

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 3
Follow Siegfried as he begins his journey in England, where he must stop the evil Black Prince and his dark army. You will find plenty of people to talk to on your way. Then, continue on as he arrives in the Middle East to stop a fanatical man and his minions. Finally, our hero arrives in France, where he discovers that the true evil he has tried to rid the planet of is in only one man...
This is only part one of the campaign. If you want me to continue this epic, please E-mail me with your comments so that I can feel confident about part 2, which still needs to be developed ( Thank You, and don't forget to read the important notice that comes with the zip!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
PLAYABILITY: The campaign, specially the second scenario, is enjoyable. The bad part is, that the best scenario
has a BUG. Your monk, when being shot at, makes you loose the game. I could avoid the early end by constantly clicking, while retreating. Save after that and change diplomacy, because the next unit has similar problems. The first and third scenario are partly boring, as you travel long distances on flat, mostly straight, unappealing roads, to learn that there is nothing in Canterbury or Reynalds mansion in the first or in other places in the third scenario. Searching for upgrades leads you over large grass areas with no challenge at all. The playability is also influenced by the city design. Long rows of houses, like walls, hindering you to explore the town, what you have to, as you should find your next objective. Why run around long rows of houses, to be asked if our monasteries look as good as mosques? Or to hear “(Yawn) I’m still tired”. After winning the end scene of the second, one has to travel around the map again, only to board a boat. 3-
-You should playtest your campaign over and over again before posting it to this site.
BALANCE: The first scenario is too easy, never in danger to reload. The second scenario has a better balance, except for first character change, which is also on the easy side. The author makes it up with the elephant, which gave some reloads. The third character was, because of the bug, too hard. Finally the third scenario gave challenge with five restarts, but the end is disappointing. 2+
-Also the balance of a campaign can only be improved with play testing.
CREATIVITY: The creativity is the strongest part of the campaign. I liked the idea to be given different characters, the storm sound, the monk and the elephant, and the mazes. 3
-Your’re creativity is good, but you could have done better with the ideas you have, if you would have put more effort into this campaign.
MAP DESIGN: The first town is composed of nothing but houses. The people live from farming, the other towns have no economy, and none has any resources nearby. The overall map design is average with flaws and is decreasing in the third scenario, where you find large grass blanks with new roads. That map is to big in general, as south of the river you travel long to find the locations and west of the river the landscape was full of “confusing” roads. 3-
-Make a layout on paper of your map before starting, it would have told you that a smaller map size would have been sufficient. Your map has a refreshing lack of eye-candy, but a little bit of appealing gaia would be fine. But never overload and be as much realistic as you can.
STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: There is not really a story and the objective is most of the time “Siegfried cannot die” or “Mordred cannot die”. In Jerusalem you search, not knowing what to look for. After you are asked for a favour, nothing happens. You should go inside the castle. In the next town the author tells you, just when you don’t need it anymore. In the third scenario you do not know where to go, or what to do, except that there is a certain Wallace. 2
-You could have given more in game instructions like “go to Jerusalem and see the guard at the castle” and then “go inside the castle”. In B&D it is enough to have a story and to give the instructions only in the beginning. In RPS you have to develop the game with clear instructions and directions.

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Map Design3.0
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