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Tale of the Vikings

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 9
This is a 9 Scenario Campaign from Beginning to end on the Vikings. Most of the Scenarios are quite historically accurate.
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Clifford Titus This was a pretty good scenario EXCEPT for one thing: Details. you failed to put deailed insturctions on some of the scenarios like the one where you have three ships and you have to run away from a fleet or something. I COULDNT figure it out! I cheated, I went to the west instead of the east, nothing would work. Either use details or fix bugs...
Zanzard Lothar This camapign excels in creativity and map design, but it is simply terrible in balance and instrunctions. Scenario 1 would be simply awesome if it weren't so terribly easy. Scenario 4 was just impossible to be accomplished. Scenario 7 could be awesome too, but the objectives are unclear at the beggining and the scenario gets boring, since there are huge but unchallenging tasks to be done in the scenario. Overall, all scenario are far too easy and not challenging. The objectives in most scenarios are very unclear and the player does not know what to do. Overall, i would reccomend this camapign only o see the good ideas of the author, like for example the idea of using longboats as transports.
YD Tale of the Vikings:
It's a good campaign. At the first level it looks like a generated crater lake map but later it gets more creative such as Longboats as transports. The main hero is Erik The Red and you do different stuff such as attack the Byzantine Empire's resource place or attack the Britons. The final level I think should of been better because it looked like it was made under 10 minutes! But it's a very good campaign.

OVERALL: 6.5/10.0
Fairly good campaign about the Vikings and you should download it and play it!
The Warrior Well, this is a very good campaign! It´s easy and fun (all the campaigns must be like it...I HATE DIFFICULT CAMPAIGNS!). Of course the instructions could be better!
Overall 7/10
Hail Odin!
Chris Brown This at first seems a good scenario, it is a vey good idea. However on the whole this scenario is ATTROCIOUS, and i suggest it is removed at once. The only good scenario is the assult on the Netherlands, which is a little hard. Some of the games have terrible instructions, which means you have no idea how to win. It also includes a test scenario!? This is a great idea but it has not beem play tested and has quite obviously been rushed. Send it back to the author and get him to do it again!
One_for_None A nice BEGINNER's campaign, the first few scenarios are a little harder than the first few of William Wallace, yet the later on scenarios do not get any harder at all and actually 3 or 4 of the 9 scenarios are pretty much the same... Although the spelling and grammatical errors are pretty minimal and the historical accuracy is impressing, the AI on some scenarios are pitiful and the game is messed up. The end is hardly worth the 9 scenario campaign, yet some newbies might like this campaign because of the similarity to William Wallace.
hcaz I believe that this is a ok campain but there are a few things i think could be changed.

scn. 1: There isn't enough to do.
2: The map is a little big.
3: Imposible to beat! no way to do it.
4: Took me a While to figure out what to do.
5-6: Too easy! no fighting.
7: The best scn. in here. really great to play but alittle too hard.
8: Pretty much a repeat of 5 and 6.
9: Great map but its over right away.
Hope i can play it again and see it improve. Sorry if any sound too harsh.
Fanica98 It's nice , but you must to specify in the first scenario how many food , gold , wood and stone must to sell .
CarthaMod hi, can anyone tell me where i need to copy the file to and what is the name of the directory or whatever its called
Official Reviewer
Programme\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Campaign
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