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The Journey Begins

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
The story is set in a vast empire that has fallen victim of mass crime and terrorism. The generals (kind of like the "Senate" of Rome, except they've got weapons) feel that there is a main power behind the recent outbreaks.

You are Sir Henry, Knight of Ratherford (Sir Henry of Ratherford). You have left the army after 20 years of service and is the empire's prime fighter, but you're 43 years old (according to experience, most soldiers don't live that long). Guess what, you've been picked by the generals (each one has a name)to stop the crime wave.

The story unravels as you go along the campaign, training slaves into troops, talking with everyone, and killing some highwaymen for cash ($$$).

Features include:
-Working hour transition: every five minutes, the hour changes. This is a key part as you can only get into Carpathia (THE royal city and empire's capital) from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. Plus, there's one guy who tells you what the hour is (only one).

-Food Consumption: you will consume food during this game. The amount you eat depends on how many people you have in your army...the punishment for being too powerful.

-The purchase of HP and attack bonuses: they usually range from about 250-300 gold, but there's only 2 places to get them. Each boosts ANY UNIT by 1 HP or attack.

-Training units: as the game progresses, the strength of the units you get to train well as the price. You will need slave, which are found only in two places.Units can also be upgraded (militia to men-at-arms, for example, for a cheaper price).

-Talking units: almost every unit talks in this game (the exception is highwaymen and units that were not originally placed on the map, or Carpathia's army). Key people require Sir Henry to be standing next to them...and that usually means dialogue...lots of it.

-Progressive Exploration: as with any RPG, you must always complete a task before you are able to reach another part of the map.

-590 triggers: I didn't experience any major slowdown, but these triggers include tasking, the time, objectives, coversations (dialogue), and name changes.

This will be for The Conquerors. E-mail me with any comments, or post stuff on the forum. I'm going to make the sequel which will have multiple endings, and with ones where you can lose!

The sequel is The Journey Begins II (demo)
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Black_Panther At the Barracks in Ratherford, how do you upgrade your Slaves into Militia? They ran all around the Palisade and I clicked on everything. Nothing happened >:(.When the Barracks guy speaks he should tell you what to do, or put it in the Hints. And no, they were not "Lumberjacks", "Miners", "Farmers", or anyting like that. They were Villagers. Email me at and tell me how to train the slaves. Please.
Map Design3.0
Well, I downloaded this cpn and played it. I'm a BIG fan of RPG type cpns. Also, this is my second time reviewing, but I'm a little confident this review will be alright. First off :

Playability : 2. This section is the worst of all! Why? Well, some parts make you confused, and you have to walk long distance!!! And I mean long! I didn't feel like continuing the game as it progresses. This section was pulled down by the other sections too. If the other sections were ok, this area will recieve a 3 or even a 4.

Balance : The balance was average. Yes, the hero was strong, but its either too strong or too weak. Its strong when fighting bosses and such, and its weak when just fighting normal enemies! The enemies respawn very quickly, like maybe every 1 to 5 minutes or so. So its like you kill this guy, and another guy come chasing after you. It gets boring after a while too.

Creativity : 4. Nice tricks here, like food eating, buying and training slaves, buying weapon, buying some kind of leaves(that give your hero 1 hp each!!! Does not really help though)and a few others. I think if you put in level gaining, this area will definetely get a 5.

Map Design : 3. Some places have nice surroundings while some were just like trees and such. You can add more eye candy here and there, and put different terrains near the roads. Also, its not nice to make straight roads. Add a little dirt here and there, and you got it!

Story/Instructions : 3. The story was GREAT. But the instructions pulled this area down (along with playabilty). The instructions were VERY poor. For example, when I want to train a slave, I click on the barrack owner, waiting for instructions on how to train a slave, but all I recieve is how much it is to train a slave. In the end, I got fustrated and open up the cpn to look at the triggers. THEN I knew how to train a slave. You have to go near the barracks area. Also, at the bridge, they say you have to fight the 2 bosses. It didn't state where. So I cheated and then went to them both and killed them both. Afterward, I went back to the broken bridge, it said if I killed them both it would be fixed. But it didnt! Then I realized you have to go around the bridge, which means the bosses were optional! Well, this lack lots of instructions.

Overall : The author have a great potential. Play more RPG type of games to have a feel how good RPGs are made. A nice RPG game is Nyctophobia (Sp?). Well, to download or not to download, its quite hard to say. But is doesn't hurts to download though!
Lord Anatoly I have experienced the same problem too. E-mail me at
File Author
I'm sorry for not mentioning in the hints on how to train units. I guess I assumed too much.

At that paticular place, you go to the very corner of the barracks and the house. The militia will be created in the palisade area, so move any guys out of there.

Whenever there is a place to create a unit, the trigger is usually near the building that acts as the training center. Just make sure you check every inch if you haven't found it.

Towards the end, the place to move your unit is usually represented by an area where only one unit can be at a time (small palisade area with two sides palisade, one side is the training building, and the last side is open).

I hope this helped.
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA And another thing Imperialist: You stole and copied the name of this off another campaign's scenario, the frist playable level of "The Armor Of Mars II"!
File Author

I'm sorry that you have a negative attitude towards my second campaign submission that I had started in November, 2000. It had not been until around July, 2001 that I had submitted this beginner piece of work. I planned on making a sequel, but obviously I shouldn't based on your comments.

Also, I wanted to see who submitted the campaign "The Armor Of Mars II" So that I could compare when this was sent to the BS, but I was unable to find the campaign. The Jouney Begins is not an original name, just like "John Smith" is not, either. Please: I thought of the campaign's name AFTER I had thought of the scenario, because I felt that the name would go "hand-in-hand" with what the character was about to start.

I'd take some campaigns out of the BS, because I'm sick of your BS. Please, don't accuse people of things you haven't even researched or looked into. I don't see all of the need for an attitude, or why you make such false accusations.
File Author
Oh, yes, I'd failed to realize that I submitted this on Early August, not late July.
File Author
This work was created from scratch, and without any help (though I had played some other scenarios beforehand). Therefore, the trigger system is rather unorthodox. Near the building that the unit is standing (the person who is selling the slaves, or training soldiers), there is a trigger that activates the training of slaves. He should tell you what to click on to train the slaves, as well as how much they are worth. Then you can send those slaves near to the soldier trainers to get militiamen or champions, or whater they are training.

I hope that helps.

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Map Design3.0
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