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The Journey Begins II (demo)

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Version: The Conquerors
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the sequel to The Journey Begins. The Map Design has been improved from the original. However, this is a demo, the final version will be better than TJB.
Features so far include:

-Eye candy, eye candy, EYE CANDY!!!: I'm talking about a better map then The Journey Begins (TJB), or any other scenario I have ever made. It's got all of the trees available to make up forests instead of one basic type. It's got lots of flowers, rocks, and mountains too! Plus, don't forget the infamous mud.

-Difficulty changes paths availabe: You have to set the difficulty to either standard, moderate, or hard. This demo only includes one major difference. If you set the difficulty to either standard or moderate, you take one path and the other is blocked (by trees, so you won't notice that much) If you set it to hard, the trees are removed and the other way is blocked! Plus, objective that say that "This person must survive," don't always mean that they have to, but if they don't, you get an entirely different challenge.

-Changes from the original: I scrapped the slave training, food consumption, need to pay for things, and time. I realized that I didn't need it, but I did add things (see above). There will be harder units to kill. There will be harder crime bosses, as well as a pestering Harald Hardraade that tries to avenge his family's death. Not everyone talks to you, though, because you have a bad reputation in this part of the empire.

-Dialogue is in different colors, reflecting on who says it: Need I say more for this? (signs still appear white)

That's all for now. If you want this demo, give me your e-mail, or wait for it's posting in the blacksmith. Tell me what you think!

NOTE: This still has to be playtested for errors, please realize that you won't get this demo right away.

There isn't any info for the pre-scenario screen yet, but that will be available in the final version, and it will be about the length of the original's.

The story starts in The Journey Begins
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Ragnarok2301 About your 'tree eye-candy' thing. Pines and palms don't mix! Snow and palms don't mix! And when I wanted to see what happened if the wife did die, I went to the man to tell the bad news and then Henry got converted and nothing occured after the cavalry archer said 'I doubt it.' Then I had to restart. *rude* Never to play this campaign again.
File Author
I am sorry that you are disappointed with The Journey Begins II (Demo). In response to your complaint, the solution to your problem with the death of the husband's wife and you come back, Henry is no longer playable, and the cavalry archer says, "I doubt it," is this:

When the cavalry archer says, "I doubt it," does he then kill the villager? He does everytime, but the problem is you not waiting 20-30 seconds for Henry to be reestablished to your control. This amount of time will be notably reduced. Thank you for pointing that out.

In response to your complaint about the mixing of the trees. I do this only because I have gotten numerous complaints about how my forests "lack variety and are not visually appealing." I have mixed all of the available types of trees into one gathering to show the variety of the forest and to spicen up the map: a major improvement compared to The Journey Begins. Unfortunately, when I make the forests look more beautiful or "visually appealing" by doing this, the realistic approach to the look of the forest is considerably reduced, even to the point of diminishment. However, this is not historically based on anything, so therefore, the geography shouldn't have to either. Notice how "the empire" that you are in hasn't in any way been referred to as being in a specific region of the area (some of the cities may, however, be actual cities).

Please, are the forests really so bad as to make you suggest that others not download a scenario that took time to create? Is the fact that you may have to wait a couple of seconds before you can control Sir Henry any reason to not include any good aspects to my demo?

My final statement is this. There is always one good thing about anything, whether it has been rated 1.0 or .01 (if possible). The problem is that people overlook or do not realize these aspects of the game, however small. So I say this: Include one good thing about this demo before you start pointing the bad ones out, remember that others will read what you say.
Ragnarok2301 The rest of the campaign was OK though. Sorry about my comment about how bad it was. BTW, about Theodoric. It says he must survive. Why must he survive? Before we got to his camp I knew that the skeleton in the road meant that he was bad.
Fox_Mulder_ Hi,

Imperialist, you mentioned about someone commented that TJB1 had trees with little "variety". By "variety" I don't think they meant mixing "all the trees" together -- they meant mixing different types of oak trees. In the gaia menu, there are different gaia aok trees from A-L. Mix those with the regular oaks. Generally speaking, don't put trees in large clumps...they look unrealistic (and not beautiful). Space them out, but do them properly. While making a forest, one way to know if it looks realistic yet or not is by asking yourself this question: "does this look like some place in real life?"

Well, that's my 2 cents :)


LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA This was real disappointing level. after playing the first chapter I thought this would improve. But it just got worser and worser. This cpx is far to easy to complete. Whenever you start out a scenario with the strength and attributes of a William Wallace, you know that the scenario will be too easy. Each tarkan or enemy you come across does only 3 to 10 damage! Even Theodoric is simple as pie to complete. Whether you play hard, moderate or standerd you will face a boring simplistic challenge. The idea to change thing by difficulty, like paths you can go through, is very creative but it was the only good trick I saw on the scenario. You have plenty of freedom and there are no trigger bugs. The only thing is if you lose the wife of the villager, and go back to tell the bad news, Henry gets convert to the yellow cities and NEVER converts back. So, your challenge which you have to face after losing the wife, is to find the transport ship and remove the pikeman from it, lol. I waited 10 minutes, but all that happened were the calv archer and villager were staring at each other doin nothing. It looked crappy to see and the maker imperialist obviously has not been to scn punk site to see that: PINES & PALM DON'T MIX! SNOWPINE & JUNGLE DON'T MIX! BAMBO & OAK DON'T MIX! So there you have it. The villages didn't have anything special in either. Also the big clumps of trees looked bad. Not told about the story. At the start, a man at arms tells you about 'you harmed all those innocent villagers'. Well, we should at least be told about the story what happened before you start the scenario. The instructions were kinda lacking.
This could have used MORE TRIGGERS!!! I see that in The Journey Begins 1, there were little less than 600 triggers. In 2, there are only 100 triggers.

I hope the full version is alot better then this.

[Edited on 04/07/09 @ 09:45 PM]

aok_death2 i sujest you put an anti cheat in the final version and get rid of the total imobalization ai it makes it way too easy otherwise the demo is awsome
Official Reviewer
This is a good Demo and bug free on moderate and hard difficulty. If you fail to save the lady, you receive control of Sir Henry of Ratherford 30 seconds after her husband dies and the game continues. A Cavalry Archer kills the husband (villager) but military units do not attack villagers on standard therefore the game discontinues on that difficulty level. LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA complains about a too easy scenario playing standard.

[Edited on 04/08/09 @ 06:57 PM]

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