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Ly Thuong Kiet: Hero of the Age

Author File Description
Ngoc Huynh
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
This Campaign tell the legend of a Vietnamese Hero that lead the country against the Chinese invasion. Mix styles (rpg, ff, b&d)
Since there is not a Vietnamese civs, I use a closest civ to Vietnames, that is Chinese, but Please don't mitstake that Vietnamese is chinese.

P.s: Give me some feedback
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Alexandergreat3 Hello,

Your campaign was very good. I'll give you some feedbacks, as you ask :)

map design -

- Good -
· towns are evenly spaced out from each other
· some nice eye-candies (especially in scenario 4)

- Bad -
· trees are in too large clumps and lack variety
· some mixing of trees/terrains don’t seem right (i.e. pines don’t go with bamboos)
· some roads (especially in scenario 2) are too small for a build-and-destroy mission
- Suggestion -
· space the trees out, and add variety to them (use the ‘rotate’ option in the units menu to do this) – a good example would be The King’s Best Men campaign, by Ingo Van Thiel
· enhance map design by adding more gaia units (wherever necessary) such as: sea-rocks, gaia trees A-L, etc. (The campaign called The Quest makes perfect use this idea. You should play this campaign if you haven’t already)
· add more elevations to roads, make them more curvy and hilly, and mix them with the right dirt terrains to give the roads a more natural look (I really recommend that you play the 1st scenario in The Last Viking Prince, Book 1, by Gordon Farrell, for a good example of nice roads with nice terrains & elevation)
· keep asking yourself whether any particular map looks “real” or not. When I said “real”, I mean does such a place, town, or forest can actually exist in real life. If you think it doesn’t, ask why not and go back and change it

Game Play

- Good -
· players can buy troops/mercenaries so they have a sense of decision makings
· some click-talk dialogues were funny
· special rewards by meeting with different characters and acquiring special units (I really like the part where I met with the elephant trainer, and he assisted me with his elephants)
· simple, straight forward missions

- Bad -
· lacking some instructions such as telling the player where to take the gift wagons -- it's not very fun to explore the entire map for one objective
· sometimes there seems to be lacking of “action” (i.e. troops walk through forest/roads and there is too few enemy troops attacking)
· should not let player loose at that part when the player talks to the prostitute, or at least you must give some prior warnings
· - needs to remind the player to "Save" the game often

- Suggestion -
· test play more and pretend you are someone who is playing the game for the 1st time and you don’t know anything about it – try to put yourself in that perspective to help make necessary improvements
· don’t assume that a mission or anything is obvious – ask yourself if the scenario was made by someone else, would you be confused or not. If ‘yes’, then make changes.
· try to not loose the players’ attention – don’t let a player move through a town/forest too long without something ‘happening’ – make small ambushes here and there, place mercenaries/reinforcements along the road where it’s easiest for a player to spot (if you hide them in mountains or tiny corners, chances are they will not be discovered by the players)
· keep players interested in the game by giving them mini missions that ‘rewards’ them – like meeting with the elephant trainer, for example. I can’t speak for most of the players out there, however, what keep me interested in any campaign is the little mini missions that give me a sense of instant rewards that encourage me to keep on playing the campaign, knowing that there are more good rewards coming. (Destroying a town is not a reward. Acquiring cool new units, weapons and weapon upgrades, and reinforcements to destroy a town is rewarding!)

What I like most about the playability of your campaign is the part where I buy units, talk and meet with people to get helps (the elephant trainer). These are the strong of points of your campaign, in my opinion. Expand them! Focus more on these ideas! What I like least about the playability of your campaign is the build-and-destroy part: they’re like regular random map games and the towns I started in are too small and hard to build because of erratic bamboo bushes and elevations. I think you should tone down with the build-destroy aspect of your campaign.

Good luck!
Ngoc Huynh
File Author
Thanks alot Alexander, I really appreciate your comment. I would be reading it over and over again to improve my map making since those comments really bring up my weaknesses.
I would try my best in my next campaign. thanks again
CoffeeBreath Well, uh, you wanted feedback, you got your feed back! I give it a 5!
twotrees Very well done. A good adventure with enough changes and action.
Map Design5.0
I played this 2 part campaign on hard,and really got into the game.It left me wishing i had a few more parts to play.I didn't encounter any bugs,but did experience a little lag.All in all, the lag was so minor that it did not take away from my gaming experience.

This was a classic mixture of a great role playing game with a small acquired fixed force,and build and destroy.I loved every minute of game play.The heros and the opposition was perfectly balanced,which made for a interesting campaign.

There was so much on every level,I guess i'll start at the beginning.The story was original and full of rich content.It had good objectives,some of which were very original.There was plenty of good dialogue.Excellent use of triggers.A good cut-scene.There was a good mixture of game play.The creativity is the heart of this campaign.A perfect score of 5 does not do the combination of creativity justice.

Map Design:
There were 2 original maps,with good use of elevation,terrain and loaded with eye candy.All the cities were laid out good.The forrests could be traveled through.

This campaign had a good original story.The instructions and hints were clear and easy to follow.There was plenty of good dialogue,and even a little humor.

In closing,I would highly recommend downloading this campaign.This is the kind of campaign that reminds you why you like Age of Empires.It really was loaded with everything.

serikofwaters ___ I like this campaign. It is good.
Especially I liked that trick with swines (i.e. boars)
The author put a grid of cracks on the ground. When a boar goes back and forth, every time it crosses the crack, it looks like the boar dives into the mud. Very realistic.
__ Would be great if the author comes up with more scenarios and campaings of his style.
louie4life excelent campagne. i like the way you design it
FEPh3reak123 It was really good. But the english is bad and the Song capital at the time was Kaifeng, not Beijing, Beijing was founded by Mongols, by Kublai Khan, during the Yuan Dynasty(the Mongol Empire). Get your Chinese/Vietnamese history straight. History Score: 3.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

This is a well balanced 4 mission campaign, featuring a mix of challenges. The core was smash and bash build and destroy, with the first mission having a role playing element especially at the beginning and end. The prostitute in the first level is classic. I'd recommend you remind yourself this isn't GTA when you make your decision on that one.

The second and final missions are build and destroy with a touch of defend. They are quite long, especially the last one. Personally I would have made the second mission a little shorter, since one long B&D style mission is enough.

In the third mission you play a very similar style to the Mongols campaign opening mission where you do a sort of role playing fixed force by going around to each village and completing tasks.

The last mission combines both naval and land fighting, and it's fairly intense to start off with. In this mission my allies turned on me, and I had to destroy their town centre, but after they changed their minds I simply continued to destroy them, a merciless revenge for their betrayal.

I found no bugs at all in the missions, which shows excellent testing.

Balance: 4

The first mission is a role playing fixed force mission. The role playing part is good, and very funny. The beginning has a little walking but you can talk to people as you go and they will change response later on. The fixed force part was a bit weaker in this mission, lacking a little in creativity and balance. The enjoyment of the role playing and humour made up for it though.

The remaining missions were well balanced generally, although two long B&D missions can be a little frustrating. Often it took an hour or so after the enemy was overpowered to complete the mission. Overall it was just a little too easy and lacking balance in a few other areas, but still challenging for most players

Creativity: 4

The campaign hardly lacked in creativity. Many historical campaigns are on well known subjects presented from a dull point of view. In this case I got to learn about the history of Vietnam, a small country south west of China, which was often engaged in war with its powerful neighbour. Not only that, you also get to play as General Ly Thuong Kiet, instead of seeing the battles from a meaningless third person perspective.

The role playing was the most creative, with a buy an army style at the beginning. You are given a small amount of gold, and with it walk around the city and buy troops to join you. There was a lot of dialogue, and funny moments, including the halarious "horny woman".

The build and destroy and FF missions/elements weren't quite as creative, but still much more variation than most campaigns. The third mission was a little borrowed, but it had its own unique mini-missions which were well thought up.

Map Design: 5

The map design isn't perfect, but with the AoKH rating system I can only give it a 4 or 5, so a 5 is more appropriate here. The maps are quite large and yet very well decorated, without using too much eye candy or demanding too much of the machine. The cities are impressive, although the main form of eye candy seemed to be trees and terrain, a little more use of Gaia would have made it stronger.

The towns are lacking a little in features, mainly containing just the buildings with no additions like graveyards, reservoirs, gardens etc. A little better choice of trees would also help. The worst thing visually are cliffs on elevation, this has been an issue since AoE.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story is detailed and well balanced, also with bitmaps and a long history section, although this wasn't updated with each new mission. The instructions are clear and dialogue is a frequent part in the mission. The story is told well by a non english speaker, and was very funny at times. The only thing I would improve on is a little more historical information/accuracy.
ThUnDeR77 Ripoff of Tamerlane...
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Map Design4.4
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