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PTC01 - Gaiku Airashii

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other

New Page 1

Gaiku Airashii created
by Inquizative

Gaiku Airashii isn't exactly a campaign in the normal sense of the word. Gaiku Airashii is a "Pretty Town" contest entry. 

There are informative instructions and conversations through out this scenario. If you'd like to
use the map and city for RPG's or whatever suits you, feel free to remove the
triggers and play around a bit with the civilizations.  If you do use the
Gaiku Airashii base map and city design, I only ask that you mention it in the
credits of your readme file. :)


  • 8 realistic regions

  • Learn more about the city by "talking" to certain residents 

  • Guided tour in an actual "tour wagon" 

  • 3 Traditional Koi Ponds 

  • Sounds pulled directly off your copy of the AoK:TC Cd 

  • Street Signs that guide you in the correct
    directions when you are traveling by foot

  • Money System for "buying" items or
    gaining entry to key areas

*note* Due to the fact that the contest
required minimal files, there is not a bitmap attached.


The campaign is in an executable file.  All you have to do is accept the
default directory (for a standard c:\ installation) and the campaign will
install.  There are 3 sounds needed for this campaign:




Please copy these files from your AoK CD to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

Inquizative - Founder of Tsunami Studios

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Conquistador
Map Design4.0
In general, this is a very well rounded scenario (better in my opinion, then a scenario with one 1 and four 5's). It's got some good stuff in it, and some minor nicks that you just love to have removed.

The playability is good, very good at that. As a lazy guy, I am not the type that likes super hard scenarios that take an hour and a half minimum to finish. This was mostly a cutscene, so I liked it. However, there is a bug that forces you to use the cheat "Robin Hood". When you are asked to pay for entrance into the zoo, you need to pay 100 gold and you only have 100 gold. The problem? You get 30 gold chopped off for tribute. So you can't enter unless you cheat. Aside from that, I see no glaring errors.

Since this is a cutscene with no enemy, the balance score shall be the exact same as the playability score.

The creativity was excellent, unfortunately most of it came from the rules of the "Pretty Town" contest, of which this was supposed to be an entry of (only us old timers even remember the embarassinf "Pretty Town" contest ;-)). So, I will give a 4 for it.

The map design was good, but could use some more eyecandy. Also, there were some unrealistic elements like a military camp next to a zoo and in the middle of the city, and the university being accessible by people who are going to the zoo. So, a 4 shall do.

The story and instructions is undoubtly the best aspect of this campaign/scenario. There was a story as to why you are going around looking at different things, and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. There is one little problem that only Chinese people really should have with the story, but it's more of a pride thing rather than a historical thing. So I will leave it at that.

+ Points

- Not really... mostly well rounded

- Points

- Same as above mentioned

Final Thoughts: A good example of fine Asian scenario designing demonstrated by my pal/boss/collegue Inquizative. Download this if you are interested in Asian culture or more specifically, want to have a good time ;-).
Jeffery Jair
Map Design4.0
Playability - Wonderful! The more I play, the more I give it a "5". It's very challenging and really thought out scenario. Really if any of you guys play this scenario, you will feel that the creator really put in some time making the scenario really challenging.

Balance - Not that great, but good. There isn't fighting or defeating any opponents. That was a deep shame for me. For me, I love killing enemies soldiers or units. But for this type of scenario. It's good.

Creativity - The creator really put some thought into the scenario of doing triggers that fit the needs for the scenario. It's really hard to make scenario like this, and it's the first time playing a non-fighting scenario. It's a well thought out scenario.

Map design - Maybe more eye candy may help, but the map design its just original. The map isn't that addictive. It's really easy to make terrain like that.

Story/Instruction - This is by far the best story writing and instruction telling scenario I've seen. No grammars, no errors, no spelling errors. Just perfecto! The story is not draggy, but it's a really nice plot where Asian people must find there needs around the world. You'll understand what I'm talking about when you planning on playing this scenario.

Overall - Really nice thought out scenario. Good job!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The scenario is meant as a teaser for an upcoming campaign “The Deadening: Soil of the Scorned”, where you will be a hired investigator. Old Gaiko Airashii had to be abandoned and the facilities in ruins were rebuilt. You get an invitation from the emperor to visit the city, an occasion you do not want to miss.

This is the submission to the Pretty Town Contest by Inquizative. The other contestents that posted to the blacksmith are AoK Dragon's Minas Dragon and Lighthouse Creation's Avaris.

The contest's rules were made by Fozby, who organized the contest. Warfare was not allowed, no music, no bitmap, no Modpacks. The map could be any size, preferably under giant, small and any size town, which doesn't have to be the whole map. You could have used more than one town, but one had to be pretty. There should be a unit to explore the map, but only for the parts the designer wants to be minded. Instructions like "Follow the paved road" or flags etc. were possible. The towns would have been judged entirely on aesthetics, triggers themselves won't have necessarily added to the score, but what they do would have been. Last not least, no cut-scenes, the scenario would have been rated down for cut-scenes. Everything else was optional. The playable part would be reduced to exploring a map with no enemies, which had as only object the creation of a pretty town. This is a city tour, were unlike as in a cut-scene you can get controll of your unit.

PLAYABILITY: The Playability is good, very good even. The tour is well organized, it is fun visiting the city and whenever I visit a big city again, I hope somebody like Inquizative could organize my tour. A boat fetches you on your home island and brings you to Gaiku Airashii, which means pretty town. You see the main city from a tour wagon, later, whereever you are, a boat is waiting to transport you to the different sections of the city. The reason why the highest rating is not given, is because, the moment your unit enters the tour wagon, which is after only 4:26 minutes, the whole map is revealed, taking a lot of the pleasure away. The pace is excellent in this scenario, as you get transports and signs. Because of the early revealing of the map there is not really a replay value. 4
- You should NEVER reveal the map in a city tour. It was meant to explore the map and not to pause the game and scroll with the mouse.

BALANCE: This category is related to the skill of the player and is somehow subjective, as the reviewer rates, if the scenario was too hard/easy to complete for him or if the scenario was well balanced. You can not loose a city tour, as you have no enemies, but the review system demands a rating here, even though there is no balance. The category is rated by taking the average of the four other categories. If the numerical value has a fraction, the next higher figure will be the rating for balance. 5

CREATIVITY: The money system, good use of sounds, boats are leaving and arriving and two different transport devices. The only time, where the player is offered a choice, to visit the old castle or the old town, does not work. If you choose the old town first, you will not get to the old castle, which does not really matter, as the map is revealed. The three mp3 add well to the game and having different regions was quite creative. 4

MAP DESIGN: Even though I am against the use of too much eye-candy, some more would have helped to make this city beautiful. Very good the presentation of the rice fields, Koi Ponds and the map design is original, but repetitive. A real center is missing and replaced by the palace, the most beautiful area apart from the poor men vacation center. Under features the author is claiming to have created 8 realistic regions. I can not share his view point. The tiny zoo wants me to call the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A fishing village, but not one fishing boat. The people are off for the day, walking and no boats at the docks. The vacation center for the rich is next to a military training camp. You see one of the bungalows near a canon tower. The second center, which is for everyone, is said to be more beautiful, but has the noise of the docks, which I would prefer to military. Even for a socialistic country that is not realistic. You have grave yards for rich and poor, with the difference, that the poor are buried laying on the side. Nobody would have taken the time to put them in line. No, poor people graves were common graves, open for days/weeks and the bodies were thrown, tied up in a sack, one above the other. Against the smell, a white powder, clorinated lime was added again and again on top of the bodies. 4-
- Map copied trade carts in a depression, covered partly by snow, would have been the tool for the poor graveyard. For a zoo, look at the scenario Sims.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The best part of the scenario. The instructions are clear, so that you don't get lost in the large city. You travel in a tour wagon or by boat and being by foot, street signs give you the correct directions. When asked to see the old castle or the old city, choose the castle, so you don't miss anything. You got a history section with information about the founding of the city and a plague, the deadening, which is still striking in the old city, were trees are not growing anymore. The story did not really grap me, but in game information are exemplary, perfect, you can click villagers for conversations and I did not realize spelling errors. Perfect and informative is also the author’s description page. 5
-The lost/quit screen tells you: "If you had only followed direction and not been so curious, all would have been revealed for you." Does this mean, that revealing the map was a trigger problem. If so, edit your scenario and I edit my review and a bitmap was forbidden for the contest, not at the blacksmith.

Overall: Download this well organized tour and have a first look at “The Deadening: Soil of the Scorned”.

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Map Design4.0
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