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Call of Ktulu

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

You, Mohakee, was born to poor family line of farmers. Your parents, going against their parents wishes went off and got married at an early age. Right after your birth your mother died, her body not strong enough to handle the pain of labor. After a year your father placed a family necklace around your neck. It was passed down a long your family from generation to generation, no one knowing where it came from. It was his last parting gift as he gave you away to an orphange. Soon after he hung himself, unable to deal with the death of his wife any longer. Years passed as you remained in the crummy orphange waiting for someone, anyone to adopt you. Unable to get rid of you the orphange finally sold you away into slavery at the age of fifteen. Ten years have passed since that and you are still a slave. Bound by invisible changes to your master. This is where our story begins...

If you want to download the 2MB file which I suggest you do click here:


- Click-talk chat with allied units.
- Go inside buildings.
- Trade an assortment of items.
- Find different weapons and items.
- Custom soundtrack.

Created by dirtriderexp.
Thank you to all the people who tested my campaign.
Look for scenario 2 coming soon.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Spartan Jason
Map Design5.0
Alright, i'll try this again.......

An Excellent campaign. The relative playability was high, and i always like to play it again. The creativity of this game was very well done, and used a lot of tips fron SCNPunk articles. The balance was it's weak point, sometimes i felt like the odds were 97% against me.

The Map design, in my opinion, was its greatest aspect. If the odds were overwhelming, i just stopped for awhile and looked at the scenery(it was beautiful). The other strong aspect was the story/instructions. The plot was great. You had many questions to ask yourself(why does Mohakee's necklace have that insignia on it?).

In conclusion, I believe that this deserves this rating.
Map Design4.0
All in all a very fun scenario to play, and at the end I was angry because i will have to wait for the sequel. Great way to end it, even though i tend to like a little more closure in my games.

Playability: Very fun to play. I don't know that i would play it again, because it was a very straightforward plot, although there are some things that i just didn't get (the whole item trading thing seemed nonexistent, and i covered about 85% of the map). It would be worth another run through to see if i could find the things that i missed out on the first time through.

Balance: All in all, i found it rather easy. There were no challenging fights, unless you just bull through the scenario and rely on the save points for health. If you are willing to take the time you can heal up to full when you need to.

Creativity: One of the reasons i downloaded this scenario was to see how badly the Cthulu name was ripped off. (Cthulu is an ancient god in the Lovecraftian Mythos, and that name is used by many people looking to cash in on the legend). Pleasantly, I found that it was not a cheap hack job, but rather a similar name that had nothing to do with reinventing the myth. The ideas in it were pretty fresh and well done. I especially liked the talking Ktulu head. Very fun conversation.

Map Design: Too much walking! There is a huge loop that apparently could have been avoided, i felt that too much of my time was spent in getting from one encounter to the next, and when i had little idea of where to proceed it was a daunting task. The map itself was very pretty, good eye candy and fun to wander through when i wasn't feeling pressure to catch up.

Story/Instructions: Here was the beginning of a potentially very good story. I was pleased (and irked) that it wasn't wrapped up in a simple one two three, but rather leaves you hanging and hoping for the next chapter to come out. I felt that there could be more fleshing out of the characters, though, and also i found only one villagers comment to be of any sort of use. The drive was also lacking in some parts, especially when you are supposed to find the second chosen one. Wandering around with no clue, then everything happened so fast when i found him i didn't really understand what was going on.

A fun scenario to play, and i am sure that the next chapter will be even more engaging to play. I would make the following comments in summary:

Have more storyline with side characters, and be clearer about what it is you are supposed to be doing. Give hints through the villagers so that blind searching isn't the order of the day.

Make the map a little less wander intensive. Set a goal, give the eye candy road leading to it, but don't force minutes of walking time when a shorter path would do.

Make it a little tougher, fighting wise. Or eliminate the 'cheat' mode of healing (if you don't know it, i'm not gonna tell :P ) so that more thought is required when fighting the scattered opponents.
Map Design3.0
I thought it was about time this got a accurate reveiw.

Playablility-2:Just average but hard at some points.It was ok to play more than one time

Balance-2:The map's worst feature,too hard but still beatable.

Creativity-4:Best feature,the story was creative along with the dream.

Map design-3:Mostly flowers,mountains cliff and jaguars.Kind of dull if you ask me.

Story/Instructions-3:Ok story,but things like "I must go to (cant remember name)Mountain and it gives no reason at all.

Overall-A pretty average campaign needs more work in balance playability and map design
The Kestrel
Map Design3.0
This was nothing extraordinary, it was merely an average-below average RPG.

This was very confusing to play, as I had to walk long distances with no idea on where I was going. Even though it uses the “Read as fast or slow as you want trick”, The text is still on a timer.

This was very difficult to play, especially because I had no idea where to go or what to do, I was just walking around on a very large map killing guys and losing health.

As Spartan Jason said, this used the SCN Punk tricks a lot. Unfortunately, those were the only tricks it used at all, there was nothing new in this campaign. It also took the enterable building form The Swallowed Realm, but I’ll explain that more later. The only thing that remotely stood out was Kutlu talking in a very cool way, but I won’t spoil it as this is the only amazing part.

This was little better than an RM but there are other reasons I marked it down:
1.) It was way to large for an RPG like this one
2.) There were many places with forest on one side of the road and jungle on the other
3.) There was NO elevation
4.) It was mostly grass 1 and if you took the gaia units away, there would be nothing left.

As an RPG, this needed a good story. However, all I did was wander aimlessly trying to find where I was going, and there was very little story. I frequently asked myself the following questions while playing this: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? The items also had weird names. “Knights Lance” for an Eagle Warrior just doesn’t work. There was also one part where it tells me to save a king, yet avoiding the info of what he is king of or how I may get to him. I had to play the whole thing with ‘marco’ and ‘polo’ on. It also told me in the hints about what to do in the beginning but left out the enterable buildings detail.

This was not at all what I expected as I downloaded it. I hope episode 2 will be better. You can download this if you want, but don’t expect anything more than an attempted remake of The Swallowed Realm. It looks like this guy read the SCN Punk tricks and thought that was everything. Unfortunately, he was wrong.


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Map Design3.8
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