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Peace of 4 Hours

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
A four-hour game of PEACE.

Players : FOURMIS(Me - Blue), My friend GABRIEL(Red), COMPUTERS(Yellow, Green, Cyan, Purple).

We set the computers' difficulties to easiest, and turned off 'allied victory' just to enjoy this 'simcity' game.

In dark age/feudal age, we just concentrate on advancing fast, since computers are 'easiest'.

In castle age, I create 2 monks to get relics, and converted computer's militias and spearmen when they came (during castle age, each computer sent me one militia at the same time, attacked my monastery, and converted by my monks. I called them 'three-colored-army' ;), while collecting resources to advance to imperial age.

In imperial age, the fun starts. watching us 'fight' to gain gold and stone will be fun; we surrounded the gold/stone mines with palisades, go into each other's base and 'steal' each other's gold and stone, penentrate computer's base and mine their gold and stone too. We sometimes used onagers to destroy each other's palisades or even villagers. Computers have been sending some troops to me, but they were all killed by my castle without doing any harm. 2 computers surrenders, I think it's because we invaded their territory and bothered them very much, to get gold and stone. I already had 80 fully upgraded Paladins, which were garrisoned in my stables (but I never used them to the end of the game). My population: 110 villagers, 80 paladins, 5 monks, and 5 onagers. After a while I bulit a couple of mining camps and some towers in a great gold mine near the last-standing enemy's base, the computer surrenders. We enjoy complete peace.

Post-Imperial. We build more trade carts, and Gabriel built almost 60 of them (while I built only 25. Gabriel always build lots and lots of trade carts, while my army cover them :( or he flushes with spearmen and advances to castle at about 30 minutes or so). I built very thick defense between us, just for fun, and Gabriel builds 50 or more barracks in responce. Even though he couldn't build any army because he had 199 villagers/trade carts and 1 monk, I palisaded the barracks so he couldn't build any infantry, just for an 'insurance'. He builds tens of wonders and castles then, but the victory condition was 'conquest' (He knew that too). I build a wonder too, just for a decoration. We also made great farms (I had 86 farmers, while my villager population was 110), and they looked good.

4:10:00, We think we've done this too long. I save the game, take a full-map screenshot, and told Gabriel I'll send my paladins. He choose to surrender (He couldn't make any units to defend his abandoned (all of his villagers have moved out) town, and his castles (31 of them!) will do nothing good if I send trebuchets). Game's over.

It was very funny when I saw the achievements. Such as:
FOURMIS - Gained 254830 food, 115637 wood, 7193 stone, 125606 gold. 14439 relic gold from 5 relics. killed 95, lost 5 (I sent 5 converted militias (originally from 'the three-colored army' in imperial age, to get more room in total population)
GABRIEL - 220907f, 130537w, 11921s, 249923g. trade profit was 185444 (while mine was 72740). Villager high: 199, 17 wonders, 31 castles (I had 1/14. I didn't want to build more wonders since it will look my wonder worse than when I have only one. I surrounded the wonder with 6 castles and walls.)

Total score : FOURMIS 78354, GABRIEL 64790.
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Merc_Warrior One word.... WHY???
Theseus_OEP You must have a lot of friends for I see no other reason why any aoc player would want to torture him/herself with a 4-hour nightmare of aoc-abuse. Thank you for your detailed description of the record so that people who are not interested of "simcity" don't waste their time.
File Author
It's 4 hour in the game time... Anyway, you're welcome.
BeserK I dont feel your criticising comments are fair, he described the game accurately and if you dont like the game he played I dont think it should be up to you to make such harsh comments.

Theseus_OEP Just an opinion, like yours Beserk.
BeserK "4-hour nightmare of aoc-abuse"

lol.. I wouldn't describe it like this ^^
Theseus_OEP Well, I haven't watched the record, like I said waste of time :) So the description "4-hour nightmare..." was based on the decription by Fourmis, based on that I thought that the record is very boring, maybe even an inside joke. My negative statement was based on these features of the record:
1. 4h is a very long time to watch a record (dunno if Fourmis saved chapters) and the watcher is bound to get bored.
2. Computer players were included, this is a major malus in every record that has them, AI is no fun to watch no matter what skill level.
3. No fighting was done, the game shows no military tactics etc. Killing AI-players is not fighting. 4 hours of economy, boring I say.
4. Cimcity in aoc, can't help it I see RED!!!!!!!!!
So maybe I should have just said "boring", but you have to agree Beserk "4-hour nightmare of aoc-abuse" sounds a lot funnier than just "boring" and certainly raises more opinions :)
BeserK Haha ok, glad we've come to a nice agreement here no flaming :)

p.s. I wouldnt watch this game either haha

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