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Hundred Years' War ver. 2.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
100 Years' War - From Agincourt to Orleans
English Campaign (1415-1429)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Campaign file goes into the AOK\campaign folder, sound files go into the AOK\sound\scenario folder. All files start by string '100-'; so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them. Old files (in case you have installed first version) with the same name should be replaced! You do not need to place AI files in the AI folder. AI files are included just for the players (or designers) who wants to study trigger tricks inside the scenario.


-Complete redesign of the first version (100 Years War posted 7/20/2001)
-Very detailed map (a lot of eye candies)
-Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
-More than 600 triggers in a single scenario !!!!
-More than 150 different sounds
-5 soundtracks (cca.1 minute long)
-3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
-Lots of action (great battles, sieges, defences, plunderings, treasons, diplomacy changing, executions?)
-Mainly fixed force
-Food comsumption (reduction) system ( comsumption of food depends on largeness of your army!!!)
-Many different heroes based on true historical persons
-Surprising ending & final cut-scene

The scenario is based on many historical facts, although most events are not 100% historically accutare. Of course, you are in position to change the history. You can kill Joan of Arc during the siege of Orleans and you have a chance to take the Orleans! On the other hand, you can lose the battle of Agincourt (King Henry may fall in battle many years before he really died by dysentery in 1422).

Warning: Your mission is not humanitarian one. You are not a 'good guy'. There are a many violent and brutal scenes during the game. Finally, 100 Years War was a not a heroic or even romatic saga. It was brutal dynasty conflict which included perfidy, corruption, assasinations, plundering, killing civilian and prisoners, treasons, black plague and many other not very heroic happenings.

Startegic Objectives:


1. Defeat French army near Agincourt.
2. Capture the Dauphine Charles alive.
3. Escort the Dauphin into the Burgundian Castle in Paris.
4. Destroy the Castle of Tours and take the Orléans.
5. Break the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, return to Paris and execute the Dauphin.

(See attached file:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AlexanderTheGreat0886 This map lacks balance. I tried several times to defeat the french even using the hints but there are to many of them. I did it one time but now I have to few soldiers and I can't continue playing. Why don't you check the map again, give the human player more units and then upload this campaign again, will you ? This is spoiling the whole game and fun.
Blaxx IMO this version has actually improved its balance from the last one. You don't have loads of units anymore, the map is less cluttered and if you at least follow the instructions and hints the author gives you then you should do fine in the battle. If you can't hack it, play it on easy.

For the author: I found a bug: Sometimes I will kill all of the french army(blue) and I won't get the message that I won the battle(killed 300 units). So I think you should add maybe a dozen more blue units to make sure the player reaches the 300 kills mark.
God_2001 Well i am stuck on the castle of tours how do are you ment too kill all of those units?
God_2001 I plea with you help me with the castle of tours?
zorpud answer for the Castle of Tours: at this stage you should have a few archers and/or long bows left plus some scorpions; just position them on both sides of the road so that they shoot on arriving knights.
In the middle, place your knights and heroes, with the monks behind evrybody so that they can heal your knights and archers.
Once you're happy with the position (it doesn't make you loose any unit) you can start using Jean Bureau to eliminate the threats on the way to the castle: first shoot the french bombard canons, then the towers.
Then move the whole arragment (archers, knights, etc...) progressively towards the castle and destroy it with dear Jean.
Oh, one more advise: when you cross the river a little earlier with the transport ship, you actually have time to go back and make a second trip.

and now the question: once you've done all this, the next mission is to protect "les Tourelles", but I can't get in there, the doors are locked. As I can't cross the river either because both bridges are broken, I'm kind of stuck.
Please help!
TOKUGAWA This campain is very nice. It is impossible, but nice. I got to tours with only 3 guys. I hired all mercenaries, got all the pikemen, and got 4 heros. That part is impossible!!! The pikemen and cavaliers never stop coming. And another thing for future reference, the towns and cities have too much defence tools. They all have a lot of watch towers!!!! And Tours has bombard cannons that I can't get past!!! I will never beat it, and if I start over again I won't get half as far. Nice job though, don't let my horrible situation discourage you. You did a very nice job! I hope I can see more of your work soon....
aadvlietstra Well, I finally beat the campaign!It was nearly a mission impossible, but I did it. It took me 15 saved games before the executioner killed King Henry.If anybody wants some hints (not every hint in the game works), please send me an E-mail.
Wraith3k How do i hird "Jean Bureau" and all his men? i have put Charo in to the casle and got more than 500gold. where should i place Hery to hire them?
zanidip I would Like to start by saying this is the First campaign I have reviewed but this is definetly the best campaign I have ever played, so I will get started with:

Playability: This gets a five, It was difficult but that made it all the better because unlike most campaigns when you die alot, you give up, but there was something about this one what made you determened to play again and again untill you won.

Balance: All the way through your eyes are glued to the screen, from a huge charge of French Cavalry to destroying a badly defended French town where peasants are running around in panic screaming it is guaranteed to keep you entertained so I gave it a 5.

Creativity: Now this is where the creator of this campaign scored 10 out of 5. The Voice packs make the campaign 10 times better you are guaranteed to be surprised I will not give any away you will have to download it yourself to belive them.

Map Design: 5. If its Eye candy you are after just wait untill you reach Paris. Looking at them makes you belive you really are in Paris. It is also suprising that the author managed to fit all of the towns and armies in the map(Size:Giant)

Story / Instructions: The Story is belivable, suprising and realistic, alot of it is Historically Acurate and the plot is very very easy to understand so this gets a 5.

Overall I advise you to Download this campaign whether you are an expert or a newb you will definetly learn some thing new.
magna_gb I just downloaded it, I didn't play yet, but judging from the sounds and the music, I know this is going to be a awesome campaign...
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