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Hundred Years' War ver. 2.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
100 Years' War - From Agincourt to Orleans
English Campaign (1415-1429)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Campaign file goes into the AOK\campaign folder, sound files go into the AOK\sound\scenario folder. All files start by string '100-'; so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them. Old files (in case you have installed first version) with the same name should be replaced! You do not need to place AI files in the AI folder. AI files are included just for the players (or designers) who wants to study trigger tricks inside the scenario.


-Complete redesign of the first version (100 Years War posted 7/20/2001)
-Very detailed map (a lot of eye candies)
-Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
-More than 600 triggers in a single scenario !!!!
-More than 150 different sounds
-5 soundtracks (cca.1 minute long)
-3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
-Lots of action (great battles, sieges, defences, plunderings, treasons, diplomacy changing, executions?)
-Mainly fixed force
-Food comsumption (reduction) system ( comsumption of food depends on largeness of your army!!!)
-Many different heroes based on true historical persons
-Surprising ending & final cut-scene

The scenario is based on many historical facts, although most events are not 100% historically accutare. Of course, you are in position to change the history. You can kill Joan of Arc during the siege of Orleans and you have a chance to take the Orleans! On the other hand, you can lose the battle of Agincourt (King Henry may fall in battle many years before he really died by dysentery in 1422).

Warning: Your mission is not humanitarian one. You are not a 'good guy'. There are a many violent and brutal scenes during the game. Finally, 100 Years War was a not a heroic or even romatic saga. It was brutal dynasty conflict which included perfidy, corruption, assasinations, plundering, killing civilian and prisoners, treasons, black plague and many other not very heroic happenings.

Startegic Objectives:


1. Defeat French army near Agincourt.
2. Capture the Dauphine Charles alive.
3. Escort the Dauphin into the Burgundian Castle in Paris.
4. Destroy the Castle of Tours and take the Orléans.
5. Break the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, return to Paris and execute the Dauphin.

(See attached file:
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ElfTheHunter This campaign/scenario has been nominated for a Orion Award for Best Campaign. If you wish to learn about Orion Awards go to Scenario Design Discussion...
Shogun 144 Hello out there this Shogun 144. I need help with this scen. After the Agincourt battle my troops get wiped out by the Yellow paladins. Please help me out I barely get out of Agincourt with at least some great units and then the yellow paladins out of no where mow them down. Post hints please.

Shogun 144
Elendil_King The battle of agincourt is awesome. If you use those pikemen well and the kings body guards you can smash even the cavalry wave. That battle was too cool. Hey, I was wondering, could you make campaigns from the Byzantine emperor's, Justinian, Victories over the Visigoths?
Elendil_King The Battle of Agincourt is awesome. I think the difficulty set by the numbers of each army is perfect. They add to the suspence and help in making the sceneraio very interesting. One more thing: I was wondering, could you make a campaign about the victories of the Byzantine emperor, Justinina, over the Visigoths?
Demolition Ship Captain this scenario is NOT impossible, i played it on hard and i got through it. I give it a 4.4 because of a few problems (which will be stated in the review i am going to post in a few minutes)

I'll tell you a few things i did to end the battle of agincourt with a good 30 longbows (upgraded by the henry bonus) Just put ALL your units on the hill by henry, longbows in the dead center, and have the other units slightly on the outside to guard the longbows, do that for the first 270 kills, then the last 30, send a longbow down the instant you see the 270 kill message and lure a few of the paladins onto the hill to kill them first, then the rest of em won't kill as many longbows.

As for the gates not opening, USE KING HENRY! the hints/instructions say that he is not a coward and some things will work with ONLY HIM!

And to beat the castle of tours, you need to bring over at least 20 longbows, you gotta make 2 QUICK trips with the transport ship, if your well organized you can make 2 trips with the transport before it sinks :)

ok, i'm gonna post this now and post the review in like a minute
Demolition Ship Captain
Map Design5.0
Playability - There were a few problems and things overlooked in this scenario. Some of the things that changed ownership were a bit slow in changing ownership, and because of the fact that they were the enemy's (the battering ram and the transport ship), they could be killed accidentily by the player's units. If that happens then the game has to be restarted at the last save. My suggestion for this: make the units that have to be given to the player be owned by an ally of the player, who is also an ally of the enemy, such as purple. Now there's a few problems in the game, first of all, the 2 trebs that are shown to the player are not possible to get. I dont see any way that the bridge can be fixed or a transport ship can be obtained. Wether the player is meant to get the trebs, i dont know, but if their shown to the player then they should be able to get them. Another problem is that the player can use attack ground with the normal bombard cannon and kill all of burgundy before changing alliances. My suggestion for that is to have the cannon removed once orleans is defeated, OR replace the bombard cannon with a Jean Bureau (the one with 11 range) and have it's name changed to bombard cannon. There were also some lag when fighting burgundy and some of the sounds get annoying after a while. Suggestion for sounds: dont loop the sounds so much, the "he who sheds my blood" sound should only be played once during the first battle. Overall the scenario was fun to play, but there were a few bugs / other things that hurt the playability.

Balance - This game was balanced perfectly, it was very difficult for me to play, and i had to restart many times to get past certain areas, but i was playing on hard, so it would've been easier had i played on normal or standard. The only thing i didn't like was that if you messed up the first battle you cannot continue.

Creativity - This was done well, and the goals of the scenario wern't always the same "kill this, and kill that" But there wasn't really much new in this campaign, the food system and pillaging has already been used many times, and i've seen the objectives being used elsewere too. But overall this was pretty creative and had some nice things to it. (such as the sudden plot twist at the end)

Map Design - Map was well utilized and was nice to look at.

Story/Instructions - The storyline is good, along with an interesting plot twist at the end, and the instructions were always clear on what had to be done.

Overall this was a good game to play, it was balanced along with some strategy involved, it's only bad points are that there were a few bugs that could mess up the game, and the repetitive sounds get annoying after a while.
magna_gb This scenario is challenging and not impossible. But since many players are having a hard time beating it, This is a walkthrough. If people think this is spoiler, then please ask mods to delete this...

Walkthrough for this campaign:

Review: This campaign is THE BEST CAMPAIGN I've ever played. The best part about this campaign is its music. 100-fantasy.mp3 remained my favorite music ever since I first played this campaign(not to mention it's only 125kb).

Battle of Agincourt:

At first, group your units. Assign all your archers(including the authur) to one, assign Walter and the cavalry to another, all the pikemen to another, all the swordsmen to another, and spread the monks around so they can heal.

A good idea to pass this place is using pause. Their first wave would be the flood of peasant team. They're very weak units and simply just send your archer and your swordsmen to the south-west, where Henry first came from. And make sure AlWAYS STAY INSIDE THE PALISADES. Put the Swordsmen on defensive mode and put the archers on stand ground. You'll win the first round with ease. Next, it'll be a wave of enemy swordsmen/archer, their first rank. Before the 2nd wave, pause your game and spread the archer into a line right behind the palisades. and put your swordsmen right in front of palisades. And using this time, put your pikemen to your top-right, and put them on defensive stance. Your cavalry team should always stay to protect King Henry.

2nd wave would be very easy if you did the above. Almost immediately after you finish off the 2nd wave, keep your attention to the pikemen. While sending the cavalry to where your pikemen were. Because the enemy will suprise you with a light cavalry flood after a while. As soon as you saw the very first light cavalry, put the pikemen on aggressive. And watch the magic. light cavalry will die off.

4th wave will be tarkans, before the 4th wave, pause the game and spread the pikemen and the swordsmen in front of the palisades just like you did before with your longbows. put them on defensive. After a while the 4th wave of elite tarkans will charge at you. watch the magic and your swordsmen/pikemen/longbowmen will take care of them.

After the 4th wave of tarkans, your palisades will be demolished, but don't worry. Now another team just like the 2nd wave will charge at you. Use the same strategy to defeat the 5th wave.

After the 5th wave, place the swordsmen and pikemen together, divide into 2 teams, each team with a number of swordsmen and pikemen. Place one to the left where you faught the peasant soldiers(first wave), and one on the extreme right. After a moment, the enemy patriots(cavalry) will charge at you. send your cavalry up to protect your longbows. and just wait and your units will take care of cavalry.

The battle is almost over. After the 5th wave, another wave of soldiers will charge at you the same way the 2nd and the 5th wave will charge at you. This team will be 2 handers, longswordsmen, and throwing axers. just defeat them the same way with wave 2 and 5.

After the battle. round up your troops. if you still have a handful. you're good. If you have less than 30 troops left, reset the game and start over.

The very last wave will be CAVALIERS, PALADINS, AND FRANKISH PALADINS. They're the toughest one yet. Now, keep your attention to the king. And let everyone in a strategic stance. Let the archers and monks stay in the middle. Then long swordsmen, and pikemen/cavalry on the extreme outside. Eventually you'll win but there's no promise.

Capture the Dauphine

This part is kinda hard. Mainly because of the paladin wave. But it's not that hard.

The first thing to do, round up all your longbowmen. Sent Marko up front(if marko is dead sent a elite, if you don't have any elite sent a longbow). And kill off all the enemy's arbalest/bombard cannons by doging their cannonballs or outranging them. After all their troops inside palisade squares are demolished. Save your game and round up Sir Walter and King Henry, Charge at the enemy paladin flank. Lure them out. Keep on running. It'll be the same speed so it won't be hard. keep on luring them across the rest of your troops(mainly longbows). And keep making circles around them. The enemy paladins will keep following King Henry and rarely ever reach in for your other units. Keep on doing this until all of them is dead. Now. Send in your longbows to eliminate some threats. Send them in, and attack from outside the palisade. Mainly attack the monks. Then the arbalests, and finally the teutonics. After you defeat all enemy guarding the Dauphine, he will escape to his tower. Rush in with your longbows and kill the regiment guarding the tower. And here's the sweet part. send in King Henry and Sir Walter Hungerford to attack the tower. the tower was origionally a tower of the flies, it does not receive benefit from murder holes. So Henry and Walter will receive NO damage when attacking the tower. After the tower is destroyed, dauphine is yours.

Raid the Joan the Maid Town

Next, raid the Joan the Maid town. This is EXTREMELY easy. just keep in mind that your archers can outrange some towers, and you can always use henry to rush in, attack tower, when near death run, heal, and repeat. And don't forget the town center can garison and attack causing a pretty big of a threat. But even with the town center to their full garrison, it'll never be able to hurt your longbows if you try to outrange them. And did I mention that you'll receive reinforcements when you defeat the paladin team at the beginning of Capture the Dauphine?

Careful not to kill Joan the Maid, otherwise you'll lose. She will appear shortly after you destroy the town center and start slaughtering the peasant. And another part you need to watch out for, is the champion's army.

When you reach the Southern corner of the map, A team of champions(I'd say about 60) will appear and attack you. to defeat them. Retreat out of the town(very hazardous since it's hard to see), out of the forest, and when reaching dauphine's camp. Kill one, run, kill another few, run, and eventually you'll win by separating them.

The hint tells you a easy way to pass Lord Josselyn's castle, so bring King Henry and the Dauphine to the gate. before this have a monk nearby(monks are slow and Josselyn will give you a timer). Josselyn will tell you to bring Dauphine to the Castle for a free pass. But instead of bringing the Dauphine, Garison a monk inside the castle. And the castle will become yours. The units will rush onto the castle trying to bring it down. Be careful now because your castle don't have murder holes. Concentrate your attack on Lord Josselyn. because after Lord Josselyn dies, then the rest of the soldier will join your side.

Burgandy Commander and the City with a cathedral.

Continue forward, you'll find a Burgandy town(your ally). It will be attacked by some French Knights. Help Burgandian Commander to defeat them and you'll get their reinforcements. Now be careful. Your next mission would be take the city to the north(no this is not paris). And find a transport around here. It'll be easy. First you need to tackle the gate. Send Henry, Walter, and Burgandian Commander continuously over to the gate, one at a time. Let them attack the gate until they're about to die, then gallop back and have a monk to heal you. You can do this continuously until the gate is down. Next, rush in with your archers and kill all the military units. And then it's Kill Kill Kill! Make sure the cathedral must remain standing. After a while of searching around the town, you'll find a transport. Keep in mind that the transport will get damaged little by little whenever people get onto the ship. So be careful at all costs. select some of the most important units. Mainly Henry, Walter, Dauphine, Burgandian Commander, All your pikemen and archer that is left. And if enough room, get a monk or two.

After boarded, Quickly sail the the other side. remember that you cannot unload onto a bridge. Find a shoreline and unload. But be careful, since after you unload there will be an Assasin, sent by John d'Orleans trying to assasinate you. His attack power is about 70!!!. Get some of your longbows and shoot him down. After you get Dauphine to the Burgandian gate, A group of Cavaliers will race down the Castle of Tours on the Other side. And Dauphine will once again turn against you and try to run back the the castle. It's almost impossible if you didn't do the following: First, place dauphine on the bridge in front of the Paris Gate(burgandy gate), but don't let him get close enough so he'll turn yellow. Next, Block the bridge with the rest of your units so the Dauphine will get stuck and will never run back to the castle. Then let the Dauphine turn yellow. And Place everone on Stand Ground. Encounter the Cavaliers, and the Dauphine will once again be at your side.

The Castle of Tours

Enter Paris, Garrison the Dauphine inside Paris Castle, and you'll see the Castle of Tours are getting ready for offense. Now, Search around the city with Henry for reinforcements. Buy all of the merceneries(namely Jean Bureau). get all pikemens. And acquire a monk if you deliver a relic into his monestary. After you do this, save your game, You're half way through. Feel free to have some fun in Paris.

After a while of fun, Get back to work. What the Castle of Tours do is they keep on sending neverending Pikemen and Cavaliers. The Whole castle is heavily guarded with Gunpowders. The best thing to do is Keep your swordsmen/pikemen at the front, Archers at the back, and ALWAYS block the path. Save often. Move forward little by little, blocking the path. Put your monks at the back, When you get into a comfortable position in which you can encounter as many pikemen/cavalier as you want and never lose a single unit, send in Jean Bureau, killing all the Bombards defending the castle. And when their defenses are weak. Send in EVERYTHING YOU"VE GOT!(make sure to destroy the gate first though), and aim for the castle!!! After the castle comes down, what's left will turn ally with you and you made it.

The Siege of Orleans.

You've made it this far. March into the Leftover Siege city with les Torelles. King Henry will encourage everyone, and the city will become yours. Quickly lock the gate, round up the archers and place them behind the gate. Now this is a REAL challenge, even on standard difficulty. Put all your other units in front of Les Torelles. And round up your archers. After a while the enemy will start comming, trying to tackle your gate. Now, Get all your archers, Always kill the front row first, whenever you see a ram, attack it at all cost. When killed attack other troops. If your gate is destroyed, reset and reload. When it tells you that the opponent are running out of supplies and your gate's HP still 1/3 full, you're in good hands. Just keep killing them until the raid ends.

Whew. But don't rest now. Another attack is comming. Quickly round up all your archers to the broken walls to the right. At the shallows. You'll see a nice epic about Joan of Arc marching into Orleans with her troops. They will charge at you after a while. When they're attacking. Aim all your attacks on Joan of Arc. When she is killed, the rest of the troops will run.

And As soon as she is killed, you'll get reinforcements from Sir John Fastolf. He will march into the city with a handful of longbowmen. round them up and set them near the shallows in a comfortable position. Now just stay. They will send in a small amount of soldiers(one cavalier, one throwing axemen, one arbalest, and one long sword) every now and then. You will get a REALLY good listen to 100-fantasy.mp3 this time. Just stay there and worry about other things.

You will get 2 trebuchets. You gotta escort them back. Just in case you didn't get the 2 rams yet, check back at Agincourt battleground and search for 2 pikemen and 2 ram. Kill the 2 pikemen and the rams are yours.

Take the siege weapons, make your way to the north until you see a place with 2 transport. You'll have to fight 4 long swordsmen to get it. Get the transport, load it and send it over to Les Torelles. After you get the 2 transport you might want to transport your old soldiers who got left behind at the city with a cathedral. Next, aim your attack at Orleans.

Start by destroying their towers. going along the upper-left edge of the map, kill all tower that offends you. And all people that offends you. The God's own sling might give you some trouble. Just send in a suicide mission with all your knights and kill the god's own sling. Continue inside, Kill the Castle, and kill Chateau d'Orleans. And then, round up all archers and Long Distance Bombard Cannons and get outta Orleans.

The Siege of Paris

You'll receive a message on your VERY LAST objective - Burgandy turned on you, they wanted to sell the Dauphine to the French for money. You'll now have to siege Burgandy(paris) and destroy their commander. The Authur did a little cheat on this part. At first, the road will be blocked by Burgandy palisades. And to get through you'll have to kill the palisades. To Kill the palisades you'll have to change diplomacy. And when you change diplomacy, the enemy will change diplomacy, making Burgandy a hard town to kill. But you could take Burgandy down even with Burgandy's diplomacy with you as enemy. Simply use the same tactic you did on the Castle of Tours. But however the cheat is:

Kill the palisades with attack ground on your trebuchet or your bombard cannons. And you can get through with Burgandy with you allies. After that kill all Blue towers(which you MUST kill), you just go in and attack ground the commander, believe me, he won't even run. After the commander is killed, either way, Burgandy will ally with you again. Now take Henry and meet Archbishop near the Cathedral. meet the Dauphine. And you win the game. Enjoy the ending...
Woad Creator Just like every one had said... the game is too hard, even on standard. But overall you did a very good job. Well done.
Map Design5.0
That was one of THE best campaign I've ever played, and this is why:

When you start the scenario, it plays the cord tune, and it fit the scenario VERY WELL

At the beginning, the battle of agincourt was challenging to the extreme, even if you play the battle EXACTLY right, you'll still end up with a few units to take over the royals, which is your next goal.

Also, the battle of agincourt was very devastating, as well as it just let you go "WOW!!!" what I'm trying to say is, the French's army keep on charging you with their armies, and every time they go down, the sound really played well, escepecially the raining theme, it brings the sympathy right out of you.

When capturing the Dauphine, there's some tactics you need to know, if you don't know then you're hopeless...

The village theme was very realistic, when the civilian running around and screaming, that was sad!! and you have no choice but to eliminate them all, and then, out of nowhere, a team of champions came out and try to kill you...

Guy Josselyn part was actually pretty normal.

When taking the town with the cathedral, it makes it extreme hard to get in, since you lack siege equipment that can outrange theirs, I had to let my 3 heros simutaneously attack the gate, when they're about to die, they come back for the monk. before the holy incantation helps you, it was hard...

The Castle of Tours was also very challenging, the pikemans and the cavaliers never stops comming!

The Siege of Orleans was not that hard, consider that Joan of Arc was within your arrow range when she attacks, also afterward they only send in 4 units at a time. but it was kinda puzzle to get the trebuchets in though

And finally, Burgandian was just as challenging as Tours, it is hard to advance.

During the whole game, the best part is the music and sound effects, excepecially the 100-fantasy.mp3 music, it really plays the theme of that war!

To all players, if you don't try this campaign, then I really feel sorry for you, this campaign is the best out there!!! and this campaign also might teach you something or two...
CoerdeLion Not easy but very enjoyable and engrossing, the battle of Agincourt is excellent. Remember to save a lot and never forget the power of massed longbows standing ground backed up by monks. One little hint I would offer is don't forget that trebuchets can knock down trees, very handy for getting to docks etc.
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