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Downloads Home » Best Files » Hundred Years' War ver. 2.0

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Hundred Years' War ver. 2.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
100 Years' War - From Agincourt to Orleans
English Campaign (1415-1429)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Campaign file goes into the AOK\campaign folder, sound files go into the AOK\sound\scenario folder. All files start by string '100-'; so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them. Old files (in case you have installed first version) with the same name should be replaced! You do not need to place AI files in the AI folder. AI files are included just for the players (or designers) who wants to study trigger tricks inside the scenario.


-Complete redesign of the first version (100 Years War posted 7/20/2001)
-Very detailed map (a lot of eye candies)
-Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
-More than 600 triggers in a single scenario !!!!
-More than 150 different sounds
-5 soundtracks (cca.1 minute long)
-3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
-Lots of action (great battles, sieges, defences, plunderings, treasons, diplomacy changing, executions?)
-Mainly fixed force
-Food comsumption (reduction) system ( comsumption of food depends on largeness of your army!!!)
-Many different heroes based on true historical persons
-Surprising ending & final cut-scene

The scenario is based on many historical facts, although most events are not 100% historically accutare. Of course, you are in position to change the history. You can kill Joan of Arc during the siege of Orleans and you have a chance to take the Orleans! On the other hand, you can lose the battle of Agincourt (King Henry may fall in battle many years before he really died by dysentery in 1422).

Warning: Your mission is not humanitarian one. You are not a 'good guy'. There are a many violent and brutal scenes during the game. Finally, 100 Years War was a not a heroic or even romatic saga. It was brutal dynasty conflict which included perfidy, corruption, assasinations, plundering, killing civilian and prisoners, treasons, black plague and many other not very heroic happenings.

Startegic Objectives:


1. Defeat French army near Agincourt.
2. Capture the Dauphine Charles alive.
3. Escort the Dauphin into the Burgundian Castle in Paris.
4. Destroy the Castle of Tours and take the Orléans.
5. Break the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, return to Paris and execute the Dauphin.

(See attached file:
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
serve at 240 Playability:the game is too hard in every section

Balance:to many enemy units.

Creativity:It's amazing make a scenario that represent the half part of the 100 years war.Good job

Map design:The map is also beautiful like the forest of the patriots or the varous towns.Good

Story:this scenario is a must for people who like history.Is historically accurate.

The gameplay need a correction but let's download this scenario to see how the scenarios are maked.
mr_man_x2yz WOW this is an amazing game and again i can tell u how 2 attak guy josses casle with out losing ANY units.

First place all your longbows to attak the g8 with a monk behind em

Next attak the towers

3 attak the other gate

4 using 1 ellite hit and run the cannon

5 place pikes infront of the arches

6 using archers attak the guy joss himself

7 he will come out and attak your long bows

8 attak him with your pikes


but any way what a game it is flipping amazing and i love it well done BRILL keep up your good work ( i like the hastings game this man has made ) GOOD ON U
SolarBlast2004 Two reasons why I downloaded it!

1.) The title caught my attention ("100" year war)
2.) You made this! (Like Hastings or Hattin)

This is the best you have, make more awesome scenario!!!
pdc90dem This campaign was great, but I couldn't beat the last part.

What do I have to destroy to get the burgundians to stop re-spawning? I can't hold them off while sieging the ciy there's too man of them and no matter what I do they keep comming on.

I later looked at the statistics, and I slaughtered my enemies at a 11-1 kill ratio. If I can't beat the campaign doing that, the campaign has some significant balance issues.
Ksrugi Not balance issues, you just need skill to win.

I would like to porivde a solution to your dillema, but I don't want to give away too much.
MeGaIdIoT Great Job

[Edited on 01/02/06 @ 05:08 PM]

Joyo_Khan I`m stuck in Castle of Tour. I think it`s impossible campaign but I`m really like it..please gimme some hints...(No scorpion transported after in Paris)
Joyo_Khan I beat it!!! It looked like too hard to beat the scenario..but if you`ve`s only an easy one. :D
jeff_specky The best download i've come across on this site. Better than the campaigns included in the game. I love the battle of Agincourt at the start.

[Edited on 07/23/06 @ 10:22 AM]

ChaosDominate Holy crap...this thing is impossible. Mind you, there's a difference between being impossible and being a waste of time. ;)
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