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Hundred Years' War ver. 2.0

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
100 Years' War - From Agincourt to Orleans
English Campaign (1415-1429)

This campaign consists of one scenario. It includes one .cpx campaign file and many sound files in .mp3 format. Campaign file goes into the AOK\campaign folder, sound files go into the AOK\sound\scenario folder. All files start by string '100-'; so it is not hard to remove files, if you wish to get rid of them. Old files (in case you have installed first version) with the same name should be replaced! You do not need to place AI files in the AI folder. AI files are included just for the players (or designers) who wants to study trigger tricks inside the scenario.


-Complete redesign of the first version (100 Years War posted 7/20/2001)
-Very detailed map (a lot of eye candies)
-Comprehensive scenario instructions, hints and objectives
-More than 600 triggers in a single scenario !!!!
-More than 150 different sounds
-5 soundtracks (cca.1 minute long)
-3 different levels of playing (NORMAL, MODERATE, HARD)
-Lots of action (great battles, sieges, defences, plunderings, treasons, diplomacy changing, executions?)
-Mainly fixed force
-Food comsumption (reduction) system ( comsumption of food depends on largeness of your army!!!)
-Many different heroes based on true historical persons
-Surprising ending & final cut-scene

The scenario is based on many historical facts, although most events are not 100% historically accutare. Of course, you are in position to change the history. You can kill Joan of Arc during the siege of Orleans and you have a chance to take the Orleans! On the other hand, you can lose the battle of Agincourt (King Henry may fall in battle many years before he really died by dysentery in 1422).

Warning: Your mission is not humanitarian one. You are not a 'good guy'. There are a many violent and brutal scenes during the game. Finally, 100 Years War was a not a heroic or even romatic saga. It was brutal dynasty conflict which included perfidy, corruption, assasinations, plundering, killing civilian and prisoners, treasons, black plague and many other not very heroic happenings.

Startegic Objectives:


1. Defeat French army near Agincourt.
2. Capture the Dauphine Charles alive.
3. Escort the Dauphin into the Burgundian Castle in Paris.
4. Destroy the Castle of Tours and take the Orléans.
5. Break the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, return to Paris and execute the Dauphin.

(See attached file:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Demolition Ship Captain
Map Design5.0
Playability - There were a few problems and things overlooked in this scenario. Some of the things that changed ownership were a bit slow in changing ownership, and because of the fact that they were the enemy's (the battering ram and the transport ship), they could be killed accidentily by the player's units. If that happens then the game has to be restarted at the last save. My suggestion for this: make the units that have to be given to the player be owned by an ally of the player, who is also an ally of the enemy, such as purple. Now there's a few problems in the game, first of all, the 2 trebs that are shown to the player are not possible to get. I dont see any way that the bridge can be fixed or a transport ship can be obtained. Wether the player is meant to get the trebs, i dont know, but if their shown to the player then they should be able to get them. Another problem is that the player can use attack ground with the normal bombard cannon and kill all of burgundy before changing alliances. My suggestion for that is to have the cannon removed once orleans is defeated, OR replace the bombard cannon with a Jean Bureau (the one with 11 range) and have it's name changed to bombard cannon. There were also some lag when fighting burgundy and some of the sounds get annoying after a while. Suggestion for sounds: dont loop the sounds so much, the "he who sheds my blood" sound should only be played once during the first battle. Overall the scenario was fun to play, but there were a few bugs / other things that hurt the playability.

Balance - This game was balanced perfectly, it was very difficult for me to play, and i had to restart many times to get past certain areas, but i was playing on hard, so it would've been easier had i played on normal or standard. The only thing i didn't like was that if you messed up the first battle you cannot continue.

Creativity - This was done well, and the goals of the scenario wern't always the same "kill this, and kill that" But there wasn't really much new in this campaign, the food system and pillaging has already been used many times, and i've seen the objectives being used elsewere too. But overall this was pretty creative and had some nice things to it. (such as the sudden plot twist at the end)

Map Design - Map was well utilized and was nice to look at.

Story/Instructions - The storyline is good, along with an interesting plot twist at the end, and the instructions were always clear on what had to be done.

Overall this was a good game to play, it was balanced along with some strategy involved, it's only bad points are that there were a few bugs that could mess up the game, and the repetitive sounds get annoying after a while.
Map Design5.0
That was one of THE best campaign I've ever played, and this is why:

When you start the scenario, it plays the cord tune, and it fit the scenario VERY WELL

At the beginning, the battle of agincourt was challenging to the extreme, even if you play the battle EXACTLY right, you'll still end up with a few units to take over the royals, which is your next goal.

Also, the battle of agincourt was very devastating, as well as it just let you go "WOW!!!" what I'm trying to say is, the French's army keep on charging you with their armies, and every time they go down, the sound really played well, escepecially the raining theme, it brings the sympathy right out of you.

When capturing the Dauphine, there's some tactics you need to know, if you don't know then you're hopeless...

The village theme was very realistic, when the civilian running around and screaming, that was sad!! and you have no choice but to eliminate them all, and then, out of nowhere, a team of champions came out and try to kill you...

Guy Josselyn part was actually pretty normal.

When taking the town with the cathedral, it makes it extreme hard to get in, since you lack siege equipment that can outrange theirs, I had to let my 3 heros simutaneously attack the gate, when they're about to die, they come back for the monk. before the holy incantation helps you, it was hard...

The Castle of Tours was also very challenging, the pikemans and the cavaliers never stops comming!

The Siege of Orleans was not that hard, consider that Joan of Arc was within your arrow range when she attacks, also afterward they only send in 4 units at a time. but it was kinda puzzle to get the trebuchets in though

And finally, Burgandian was just as challenging as Tours, it is hard to advance.

During the whole game, the best part is the music and sound effects, excepecially the 100-fantasy.mp3 music, it really plays the theme of that war!

To all players, if you don't try this campaign, then I really feel sorry for you, this campaign is the best out there!!! and this campaign also might teach you something or two...
Map Design5.0
Wow!!!I really enjoyed playing this campaign.The only problem i had with this campaign was it was only a single level campaign.Upon finishing i wish i could have about 6 more levels of this intensity.

Playability:I played this game on moderate and was frequently challenged.There were parts that were tricky and i did have to restart several times due to judgement mistakes,but this added to the flavor of the game.I would recommed on this as with all campaigns that you frequently save the game after pivotal moments.

Balance:The campaign had a good balance.Although there were some tough areas.They could be accomplished with skill and strategy.

Creativity:I felt the creativity was excellent.By using food as a timer it added a real life feel to the saying "A army fights on its stomach".There was a great balance with there not being too much food and also a challenge to finding new food.The number of triggers in this game truly makes it a game worthy of playing.

Map design:Outstanding,You can tell a great deal of time was spent designing this campaign.It has plenty of eye candy.

Story line:The story line was interesting and easy to follow.

In closing,i would love to see a future campaign with the intensity of this campaign,but i want 6 or 7 levels.Keep up the good work guys.
Ingo van Thiel
Map Design5.0
The 100 Years War by Mcrnigoj belongs to the most remarkable campaigns I have seen in a long time. If you like epic battles, this is your game. In fact, the Battle of Agincourt is probably the most fascinating battle I have played in three years of Age of Kings gaming. The noise and war cries of the attacking French army, the shouted orders of your commanders (“draw... arrows!!... loose... arrows!!”), and the music really drew me into the game. You can almost feel the dust fly into your face when another wave of attackers crashes against your palisades, and runs into the deadly arrow showers of your longbow men.

Map Design: The map is top-notch all the way round, with lovingly crafted cities, forests and plains. Paris is remarkable, and the Burgundian town exceeds it even more. You are in a city bustling with life, and with little details such as a blacksmith hammering away on a blade (excellent use of a ‘rubble’ detail I have not seen before.)

Balance: The balance has been the subject of many discussions, because many people found this campaign hard, or even impossible. Now balance is always subjective; and my subjective impression of the balance is that it is top. It is possible to win this game, but you certainly have to sweat a lot before you get there - and you need to find some tricks to get past some very, very tough challenges. The main difficulty is the food system, because you always have to find a middle way: On one hand, you must keep your losses small if you want to have a chance against vastly superior armies. On the other hand, the more soldiers you spare, the more hungry mouths you have to feed. So sometimes you have to crash through places and accept bigger losses. Victory is possible, but it requires some long-term planning, and maybe a restart from an early saved game. I lost at the gates of Orleans because I ran out of food. One hint for players: go hunting and sheep stealing whenever you can, and have a good look around the Burgundian city with Henry V. Another very tough part was the Dauphin’s attempt to flee. Possible to prevent, too, but only if you have managed to bring two (!) boatloads of soldiers across the river... in a leaking boat that sinks fairly fast. Overall: Once you find the middle way between micromanagement, the right formations and the right stance (Stand Ground worked best for my archers), and sparing and sacrificing enough troops, the balance is great.

Creativity: The campaign provided a completely new experience of gameplay for me. The orchestrated Battle of Agincourt, the attack waves of the soldiers, the plot twists, the variety of challenges, the details of the cities, and the placement and movement of enemy units (Joan d’Arc watching her village get destroyed from a distance, three enemy archers seeking shelter behind a small palisade at Orleans, etc.) all make this a great, creative work.

Story/Instructions: The history section as well as the in-game instructions were clear and well-written, and were supported by detailed and very helpful hints. Full marks here, too. The only suggestion I have is to put another, vague hint about how to bring the trebuchets across the river.

Playability: This is the only part where I decided to deduct one point. On one hand, many parts of this campaign could make the playability score soar sky-high, because it is incredibly good. Take Joan of Arc’s personality even though she is your enemy. She almost sent shivers down my spine when she yelled at her men, in a voice cracking with excitement: “Follow me and I will give you victory!” What a remarkable lady. On the other hand, some bugs prevented this campaign from being a perfect experience: My units could pass through the Burgundian gate before it actually opened. This bug happens if a scenario gets saved often (both in the editor and during the game): The gate posts multiply and overlap, and if there are too many of them, this "ghostly gate bug" will occur. If you delete the superfluous gate posts in the editor, the gate will work fine again. Later on, a change view trigger goes across the whole map to make players see two trebuchets. This crashed the game for me several times (on a PIII 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM). The only way I got past this part was to change my view manually to the right places just before the trigger did so. Splitting the “change view” trigger up into several triggers with smaller view changes would take away the crash risk. In one situation, you can buy some mercenaries by clicking on them. Later on, the mercenaries you didn’t buy fight for your enemies; but the “buy unit” trigger still works for them. This leads to an odd situation if you click those enemy units in battle to see how many hitpoints they have left: They suddenly change ownership to you and get slaughtered by their comrades in the blink of an eye. Not sure if this was intended or a bug, but I feel those triggers should get deactivated. Another playability problem, which wasn’t a bug though: The looped armies. They provided an interesting challenge, but I think I had to face at least five or six enemy armies that were created with looping triggers. After a while, this became a bit repetitive. Before the final challenge, the repetitive effect was still cushioned by the excellent use of sounds. However, when the last battle included another looped army, I would have preferred some more variety there. If there is a looping trigger, it should not be that obvious: For instance, it could create more different units at more irregular and unpredictable intervals (e.g. only when your army enters a certain area.) An alternative might have been tweaking the Ai: The last enemy might do with some more active Ai files and loads of resources - this would have made for some more natural attacks.

Conclusion: This is a revised version of the review I wrote in April 2002. Back then, I thought that getting the trebuchets across the river was impossible. I was wrong: There is a way. Also, while I was replaying the scenario, I saw that I hadn’t mentioned two bugs in my old review (the change view crash, and the mercenary triggers). The scores are the same, and so is my high opinion of this work.

Overall, I consider the 100 Years War to be a stunning piece of art. Among historical campaigns, it is almost as revolutionary today as Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction was two years ago. In my view, the campaign is so good that it screams out for an official 5.0 – only a few bugs and the looped army repetition prevent me from giving a top score. Yet. If an update gets submitted, I’m ready to review this work again.
Map Design5.0
WOW! thats my first impresion I got from this campaign. it simply ruled
Playabilaty: the playability of this campiagn was simply amazing. everthing was just great i found no bugs. one of the best parts was that the campaign had complete custom music and sound which always fits in perfectly and enhances the gameplay. for gameplay I give a perfect 5.0

Balance: in this campaign the balance was perfect. there was always a challenge but it was always possible to win I died several times during the battle Aginccourt but finnaly devised a tactic and suceded. another grerat aspect was the food system it was very realistic becouse you are far from your homeland and your army needs to eat i never thought about this while playing till I died near the end becouse i ran out of food and had to suport to large of a force which brings to mind another great aspect of this campaign the fact that the larger your army the more food you use up. for ballance I also give a perfect 5.0
creativity: the creativity was great. many of the triggers very creative and the whole campaign was very creative. ance again I give a spotless 5.0
Map Design: the map design was just great. it was simply a plesure to walk around there was so much eye candy. the citys were laded out great I perticulerly. again a perfect 5.0
story/ instructions: these were also great the story was historicle but great abd al the instruction were presice and acurate. once more i give a 5.0 rating
overall: this is one of the best campaigns I've ever played and definitly belongs up there with calssic lik Ulio the Kings Best Men Tamerlane price of destruction ect. I advise all players ro download this campaign.
Marshal Gandalf
Map Design4.0
ok. this is one of classcs, i recommend it to all of you. first time, i have played it, i have attacked french army - i have survived with all monks and bowmen - then i have rann down fromm that hill, just when army of 30 cavaliers etc. hurried out of dark. it lasts 15 secs and my army died...

playability - i have played it 4 hours, 4 hours of fun - but there are some faults. in playability noo - this story wil catch you and hold you forever. there aren't many eyecandies - but one great effect with rain and thunders (ultimate collection of sounds), and the recapturing of dauphin - at porte du paris was good too, siedge of orleans was slightly long, but it have been ended with fantastic outro.

balance - most difficult thing, was to not run out of food. the else was easy - but in some moments, you really have to hurry. i have slowlu conquered josselyn's castle - yos, conquered, but then, i had to hurry with conquering of that great town. after i have boarded on that ship, i have killed all of my lasting army - with 29 men and one king i had to conquer half of a map.

creativity - as had ingo van thiel said, one thing was bad - the armies, or their equipment with which they are attacking you. but there are lots of other things, which are good - siedges, conquering, execution, great armies (i have P 166 mhz - it's fps was something about 1,5). and these boats.... I HAVE PUTTED DOWN CHATEAU OF ORLEANS WITH LONGBOWMEN, UNDER THE FIRE OF TOWERS, THEN I HAVE RECOGNIZED, THAT THERE WERE TRANSPORT SHIPS. i thought, that i'll explode. conquering of building with 4800 hp with only longbows.....

map design - better average - with rain trick, moulin rouge.... but it is all. there wasn't any bugs - or i haven't recognized them, but ic could be better - but no needed.

story/instructions - good. every objective was described, lots of hints, some scouts - great job.

ok. i would give you 5 in all - but there were some bugs, like low - warious army, strange gates (porte du paris and gate at tours, which allows you access to les tourelles), quite low difficulty - yo will use some advanced strategy only at battle at agincourt... and that strange shallows through all that seina - strange.

on the otherside was lots of sounds, big creativity in these objectives and great story. this was great job, continue in this great work, and it'll be great too. i'll wait for another job from you...i hope it'll be soon

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Map Design4.8
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