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The Story of The Templar

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
This scenario will mix the historical facts and the fantasy in the existence of the Order of the Knights Templar.

The Knight Templar were founded by Hugues de Payen and eight knights more that arrived in 1118 to Jerusalem in order to establish a base to protect the pilgrims in their way to Jerusalem.
After nine years, they travelled back to Europe to recruit more knights to their cause.
How is possible that a nine knights order became the most powerful organisation of their times? This campaign will give a historical-fictional point of view of this fact.

- Multiple option system: So you can play several stories in one scenario. Every choice you make will change the story of the game. Every time you play it, the story will be different.
- The first part is Fixed Force, the second part RPG.
- Choose what you want to say to a character, different options of dialogue.
- Multiple side-quests.

Hope you enjoy.
Send your comments, criticisms or doubts to

Xavill (Woad Creations)

The story of the Knights Templar continues in The Revenge of the Templar

To continue in Spanish, click Here
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ENOTH A very fine scenario. A new and unusual turn of the well-known story. Nice and well-motivated dialogues. The Templars were actually suspected of finding something valuable under the ruins of Solomon’s temple and then of hiding it somewhere else. There is even a theory that all post-Crusade European architecture takes its roots from some old Hebrew documents they discovered in Solomon’s (or Herod’s) treasury.
Noticeable bugs:
The cart you get from a merchant on condition that you protect it on the way to SE tends to return back to SE farmstead even after it becomes your property. It is still, however, possible to make it go to Solomon’s temple. Strange, that during the nine years in the Holy Land these Templars have accumulated no gold at all, and that Jerusalem merchants are so ready to part with their property (carts) for small services, charging no money. Historical Templars, as we no, took financial matters seriously. Please, give them some gold next time, then they will look more 'Templish'.
It is possible to run away from the robbers in the SW corner of Jerusalem - the gates supposed to bar your way from that evil place lock only after these bad guys reveal their intentions in a dialogue with the soldier who brought you there. Or was it done on purpose?
The map is far from perfect. It is absolutely flat, no elevations at all. Quite unlike what we actually see around Jerusalem, with all its hills and deep valleys. It can be easily improved, of course.
The history of the Templars can be a good source for scenarios. Please, go on.

File Author
Thanks Enoth for your nice comments.
Actually, the second part of the future campaign will talk about the construction of the Chatedrals in France. (influenced, as you well said, by the knowledgment they found )
The bugs : The chart tends to go back even when it´s yours? This didn´t happen to me. Maybe the area of the trigger that desactivates the first one is far from the farm.
And sure you scaped from the thieves the second time you played, isn´t it?
The terrain : Yeah, you are true.
Antichrist I must agree with ENOTH that the terrain is far from the best, was this a version 1 of 5? (No offence)

Otherwise, GO Xavill...
brobbins Hey, great idea for a campaign. I enjoyed it. I agree with the previous comments about the map. It also seems out of scale. The Mediterranean is not half a kilometer from Jerusalem. I don't know whether that can be fixed. Also, I'd probably use an English-language spell/grammar-checker on your next scenario. Great job.

Griffin I agree with what everyone else has said so far. This was a great scenario. I just wanted to give you an idea. I read a book on old templar legends\myths, and in most of the stories it talked about the templars finding the head of John the babtist instead of the arc. The Head was crupted by an eveil mage and it controled the templars. Just an idea. The scenario is fine as it is.
Official Reviewer
ENOTH is right. The cart wouldn't follow me either, even though it was mine.
It happened only once, after I played the templers (help and don't...), the monks (help and don't...), I thought in the fifth game (I love this campaign) "let's get all carts". One was with the other heroes, one followed me and being the third, that last one wouldn't follow, unless you constantly click.
Templarius Well done! I really liked your work and I hope you keep it up. Long live the Templars!!!
laz123 Nothing happened after killing all at the temple to rescue the farmer's daughter.

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