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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Revenge of An Exile v1.00

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Revenge of An Exile v1.00

Author File Description
Chris B
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
Revenge of an Exile 1.00
RPS by Chris B (and his better known brother)The Kestrel
-393 Triggers
-Start as a weak guy but later choose your armor, either a THS, Samauri, or Huskarl. Each get different Weapons upgrades.
-Enterable markets where you can buy food, sell food, and upgrade infantry and archery weapons.
-Food consumption- but you can hunt and fish for food, and deer, boars, and iron boars yeild different amounts.
-The Kestrel's own taunt based item use system (Send chats to use items)
-Side quests
-Click talking (a real feat considering you can have 3 bodies)
-funny idle chatter.
-Intro cutscene
-Hysterical stuff happens when you cheat!!!!
-Sound according to area
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Demon_709 Eccelent scn, but you need to make it so that the instructions are a little more clear.
Chris B
File Author
Hate to be a nag, but could someone review this? That last review got removed.
spitfire_23 I would reveiw it but I don't think I could be impartial.

And Chris: Hate to tell you this now, man but there is a MUCH faster way to include click-talk with multiple bodies. Just include a third-person party to recive commands.
Map Design5.0
This scenario is great overall, especially if you like RPG's.

Playablility 5: The game is very fun, provides a challenge, and is very well done. Carrying out side quests and discovering items in chests is a really cool feature. My personal favorite part is where you have to sneak around the Norse-occupied city without being caught. Another feature is that instead of waiting 20 seconds for a conversation to continue, you just click on the character to continue. The only minus here is the advertisement, but that's not big enough to drop the score an entire point.

Balance 5: If you're a newbie and like RPG's, you'll like this. If you're an expert and like RPG's you'll like this. It's challenging for better players and lower-level players as well. If you can't read very fast, you can use the feature described above so you can read what the people are saying and still play the game.

Creativity 5: Chris B did a really good job here. The side quests are a great addition to the map. Also, picking up items is a neat and fun thing to do. The map is very creative, and the little thing in the corner that keeps you alive but you can't see it is another plus. Another cool part is when you're having a meeting and your character dissapears so it's like they're inside a building. Buying upgrades and buying/selling food is a really cool thing to do, because it trains your view on the market place. Another plus is the fact that you can hunt animals and get food.

Story/Instructions 5: The storyline is great, and for those of you (and me) who don't like reading long, long stories or having to play a prequel to find out what it's all about, this a cool scenario because it has a detailed story but is not one of those long, long 50 line storylines. It is pretty clear what you have to do, and being able to talk to a lot of people is another plus. The one downfall here is that the scenario is too short. You just get your boat and then the scenario ends. I could
OVERALL: Download this campaign now!!!! If you like RPG's you'll really like this one.

SEE ALSO:If you liked this one, you may also enjoy:

The Underworld II v1.1
The Underworld

With that being said, I hope you enjoy this map.

LoD_Slider0 done :)
miles_teg Great game can't wait to kick some more Norse arse !!!
I'm stuck though, chat 92 to commander and office, say in line men ! but nothing is happening, any clues would help as can't free prisoners !!
Jeffery Jair
Map Design4.0
I want a sequel to this scenario!!!!

Playability - It's a addictive scenario for me. I played this many times, and still playing this scenario.

Balance - There always a exciting obstacle that I must face along the way. That's really good. It's challenging. What more can I say?

Creativity - Really thought out scenario. Really! It's like Final Fantasy way of RPG! Side quests are fantastic! Name one scenario that have side quests! None. And picking up items is kool. And the new feature that I haven't ever seen in any scenario is that when you go in a building, your character disappears. It's like the character is in the building. That's neat. Buying armor and weapons is handy.

Map desgin - Wonderful, but know that the creator can do better. The terrain is really though out.

Story/Instruction - Wonderful plot! It's not short, but not long either. That's good. I'm really into the story when playing the scenario. The creator really put in some thought into the story. And he/she also did a good job explaining in the instruction.

Overall - It's like Final Fantasy RPG style. Everyone will enjoy it. And they will be dragged by the sotry and the playing of the game.
Talon Karrde nice!

But the taunt-based system thing doesn't work. I went to the shore and pressed 90 (fishing net), nothing happened. I went up to the guard, pressed 91, nothing happened.
Nice map design, but I think that volcanoe could use a little more work.
Chris B
File Author

You don't think you get something if you fish anywhere do you?! It has to be in ceratin places (look at the tiggers if you want to know where).

As for the gaurd taunts- everyone else has made it work... The game is picky so you need to have your guys right next to him (nothin I can do about that, sorry). And I'm sure you figured out you had to get him drunk before you insulted him, right????


I'm glad
Ragnarok2301 Whoever "Jeffrey Jair" is, he sure is a sado. In the creativity part of his review, he says that NO other scenario has sidequests. I HAVE SEEN TONS WITH SIDEQUESTS, AND MY SCENARIO WILL HAVE ABOUT 30!!! Also, he says that a feature non-existent in other scens is when the character disappears near a building, like going inside. Has he not even seen "The Battle Of Evermore II" by Bon?!?!?!?!?!

Obviously, this MUST be Chris B reviewing his own scenario. Even though I ain't downloaded it yet. The reviewer has probably never played any scenario apart from this one.
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