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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
~Experience battle at The Great Wall of China.
~Witness the ferocity of an Imperial Age Mongol Army.
~Find intrigue in the role of Panlong, a 14th Century Chinese Subject.

Panlong (Coiling Dragon)*
It is early spring in Gubeikou China, the year is 1378. General Xu Da is completing the reconstruction on this strategically important section of the Great Wall. This section will link the Qinfeng and Dicui Mountain peaks, and protecting China's Northern Capital for the new Hongwu Emperor.
Recently, one of the main locks at Gubeikou Gate has been compromised. The work of Chinese spies in the service of Khan Toktamish. These special intelligence forces have also taken over a Manor (castle and peasant village) that lies along a deep creek at the foot of Panlong Mountain.
Trade with Mongol and Korean peoples has been a way of life here, and it has only been 11 years since the remnants of the Mongol ruled Yuan Dynasty was finally ousted. Not all Chinese have benefited though, and some who suffer have become spies for profit, they gather intelligence and smuggle supplies for Toktamish who amasses an army of 35,000 for the capture of Gubeikou.
Toktamish the Siberian wants conquest, with his White Horde's recent victories over their eastern neighbors the Golden Horde, the now combined force holds the promise of a great empire. The Khan believes if he can take a victory here in Gubeikou and establish a stronghold, he can march unchallenged into Beijing and seize the Hongwu Throne. Control of Northern China might also help Toktamish Khan with his mounting troubles with the Mongols of Central Asia.
General Xu Da, knows of the impending attack and has garrisoned his regulars along the great wall and upriver. The Militia has been called to arms and is on the march from all over Minyun County. The General waits, knowing he cannot defeat Mongol Horses in an open battle.
Nearby the Great Wall reconstruction is not halted, as it is under the direction of Lieutenant Marshal Zhou Chu a cruel sociopath. Chu has been out spy hunting to bolster his labor force. Anyone he can ascribe even the slightest suspicion to is arrested and taken to the labor camp. The Lieutenant and his Elite Guard have been terrorizing the people here as they constantly patrol the countryside looking for 'spies' and escaped laborers. There are even rumors of rape and robbery! Someone has fingered you as suspect in the sabotage of the lock, for this you will be killed if captured.
In the darkness before the dawn of the Mongol invasion, while you take fresh fish for breakfast from your nets along the river bank, Chu and Guards come for you. You and your wife Lin have been living over the trade market near Gubeikou Gate, owned by your closest friend Bolo. Chu takes them as ransom for your capture.
This is Panlong, the coiling dragon, a symbol of a soul, a life, in turmoil, with a fierce will to live against all odds.

Panlong historical fiction scenario, and Gubeikou map by A.Kafka,

SCNPUNK** for the tutorials and sound archive...but most of all for inspiration.
Zanzard Lothar for Immobile Units AI Gold...the best AI ever created.
Styrbiorn Starke and the Rise of Ming Campaign for inspiration.
Marko Crnigoj and the fantastic music clip of The 100 Years War.
Intrepid for The Seventh Way To Die escape.
AOK Heaven Angels and Forumers

Panlong is a 'Giant Size' map with large fixed forces, If you have an older computer, or experience lag in 'Single Player Game' with large populations (100-200), it will lag to a degree I cannot estimate. Panlong was designed to allow game players to witness The ferocity of a large Imperial Age Mongol Army in an attack of The Great Wall of China. I apologize in advance to any one who cannot play this. If you think you will experience lag problems, please
don't play this one scenario Campaign. This update has additional lag reduction. (Please read the ReadPanlong document.)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
GraphiteFused Nice stuff, the sound effects are amazing and the story is interesting too.
SoulKid It lags... It sounds cool, but it lags so much that that i /****ng can't play the game.
Official Reviewer
File Author
I apologize for your experience with Panlong. Though I did give a clear warning of slight lag on older computers in the ReadPanlog.doc and also in the Instructions.

However, Panlong was play-tested 28 times on a Celeron 300 with 64mb RAM, and the system was at 67%. During these tests, there was some lag experienced, although at no time was play interrupted or slowed to the point where play-tester was unable to complete.

I would have appreciated if you had qualified your statement with your system's specifications, before leaving such a discouraging comment here.

Hundreds of people played Panlong before you, and I received some very positive responses from veteran teams and players for what is after all my first Campaign. So you tell me...what should my suggestion be to you?

Players: I cannot account for SoulKid's experience, although I can say that Panlong is set on a giant map, with some rather large fixed forces on it. If you have an older computer, and have had lag in 'Single Player' Game with a large population (100 - 200), or other personal problems, don't download Panlong. My intention was for Panlong to be as GraphiteFused and others have found it to be. So I cannot validate SoulKids claim, nor the reason for his weakness of character.
Official Reviewer
Hey Anastasia,
I played this scenario on a Pentium II 350mhz and didn't experience lag at all! I also played on my 1000mhz I prefer all those 000's over just 1 GB :-). Great scenario and it's obvious a lot of time was spent on it.
Quetzelcoatl well The Stats of my Comp are 1ghz proccesor and about 512mb of ram......ill post another message as soon as i checked out this (what seems to be and probably is) great campaign
Quetzelcoatl i liked this one a lot......i also did a test on the map.....i used MARCO/POLO on it the second time i played it and during the game suffered no lag at all
Cknchaos I finally got to play one of AK's projects:) and i loved it simply because this campaign contained two of my favourite elements.Simplicity and fun.Alas,i have yet to complete it as i was struck down by lag:{.Quetzelcoatl's idea seemed to work however.
Map Design3.0
I played this one part scenario on hard and found it to be interesting,not difficult.There were no bugs or lag.

This was a role playing game with a acquired fixed force.The fixed force was far superior to anything on the map,but was offset because of superioity in the number of enemy.

There was some creative use with triggers.

Map Design:
This was a one part map,with good use of elevation,a little eye candy,fair use of terrain.The cities however were not that well designed.

There wasn't any story,the objectives were varied and clear,but the instructions were very vague.

In closing,I would recommend downloading this scenario.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:1.93 MB