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Mongol Trush

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is my first try at the Mongol Trush, so if any experienced gamers want to give me some advice, please post in the Mongol Trush thread at G&SD. Thanks!
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Friar Bill I had a lot of fun watching this game. Your forward builders did a great job of quickly towering your opponet. You also did a wonderful job at getting extremely close to your opponet yet just out of their line of sight. I went back and forth to see your line of sight and your opponet's. You also did good at having several towers near each other to defend each other. However, There are a few suggestions that I would offer that I think would improve your game play.

First and most importantly, the first thing to do is always to get your town center making villagers. Always let this be THE top priority. Although your forward builders did very well, your economy kept you from finishing the job before your opponet was able to build that castle next to your town center. Keep your town center busy constantly. Until you reach the population limit, your town center should not stop making villagers (except for researching the next age or maybe a technology) and set several villagers at a time to prevent wasted time in-between villagers. After you run out of "free" food, it takes 7 farms next to your town center (meaning don't have a house where the farm would go) to make a continuous supply of villagers (some technologies may make it take less).

Second, although your towers did good at shooting your opponet, he just moved further north. This is why I personally like to do an archer flush and then a tower flush (flush then trush). Archers can move around and follow villagers, but towers can't move. Sometime, try to first gather wood and gold and make about ten archers, then move your wood and gold villagers onto stone. Have your archers find villagers (the easiest place to look is next to lumber camps) and remember that your opponet will make a new lumber camp when you attack one. Once the archers kill some villagers, keep moving them to find more. Eventually you will kill all the villagers, except for the ones right next to the town center (use the stand ground command to keep them from getting close to the town center). After your archers are already attacking, then have your forward villagers build towers (and use less forward villagers to keep more gathering resources). Another thing you can do is have your archers protect the villagers while they make towers, and then have the archers chase down your opponet's villagers.

Third, if your going to spend all the stone to make lots of towers, put them where they'll hurt bad. Don't just surround your enemy with towers, suffocate his resources. What I mean is this, put 3 towers next to a stone pile. Then put 3 towers next to another stone pile. then put 3 towers next to a gold pile. Keep doing this until your opponet is unable to get any stone or gold (and keep archers attacking his villagers on wood). Do this and your opponet won't be able to fight back. Then once you are winning get to the castle age, create a seige weapon(s) and destroy the town center.

I hope this helps. I think if you use your current strategy with the three suggestions I mentioned, you will find yourself the winner of most of your games.

Flush then Trush.
Official Reviewer
Hi xingjianma,

I sent you an e-mail on January 17 with regard to your latest submission, Recorded Game ID: 8202 xingjian_ma & _Punk vs. matrixzinhu & ThIaGo.

The .zip includes a .rar file, which is unplayable with AoE II unless the player has WinRaR to decompress the file, in addition, the .MGX might become corrupt by decompressing. I removed ID 8202 and saved your description.

Please place your .MGX file into a .ZIP file and resubmit.

I will remove this comment after you read it.

-Blacksmith Administrator

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