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~The War of ~TROY~

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This campaign is based on the famous theme of the Trojan war.

Prince Paris of Troy has kidnapped the fair Helen ,wife of the Greek king Menelaus and the Greeks declare war on the Trojans to get her back. The massive Achaean fleet of a Thousand ships rapidly approaches the Trojan shores as the Trojans prepare themselves for the approaching Achaeans the Greek Champion is the great Achilles of the Myrmidons while on the Trojan side stands Prince Hector the greatest warrior of Troy.

Gear up as you lead the Achaean forces to battle against the Trojan forces and be prepared some interesting twists and surprises.

"This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen"

1.An epic Story
2.Over 900 triggers for a FF scenario!!!
3.Loads of sound and music files
4.Cinematic Cut scenes
5.Action Packed game play
6.FF battles presented in a whole new way
7.Intense Characters
8.New Ideas and Tricks
9.Lengthy Intro (which you can skip)
10.Multiple Difficulty options

P4 2.6 Ghz with 512 mb Ram and above
This campaign is playable with slight lag on P3 with 256 mb of Ram

The music pack can now be downloaded from the blacksmith server.
Just Follow the link given below
Music Pack

My sincere thanks to Angel Spineman for uploading the music files for me.

Visit the Website if you like.
(just copy and paste the link in your browser and click 'GO')
hyperlink is provided with the readme file
For complete enjoyment of this campaign it is highly recommended to download the music pack

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Smapla Evidently they banned the use of HTML tags in descriptions. gasp!
File Author
Now how the hell am I going to provide proper links to the music files?
Those who download are requested to use the link provided with the readme document
Smapla what speed did you play it on? Perhaps it was intended for slow speed?
ThUnDeR77 Oh. Whoops. You're right. It was probably meant for Normal, I was playing on fast. Though it did not specify what game speed to play it on...
Ruler of Hell
Map Design5.0
The War of Troy by Sceletar is a campaign based on the Trojan War with ideas taken from the Iliad by Homer and from the movie Troy. A total unique type, never tried-before campaign. Now for the review ;) -

Playability: 5
There were absolutely no bugs experienced during the game and it was lag free. The ability to play on the Trojan And Achanean side was truly amazing. The backing up of forces frequently was also quite good. The various sounds used developed a real war-like atmosphere. I truly enjoyed playing with and against the various heroes which made me experience how it felt like in the Trojan War on both the sides, Trojan and Achanean side.

Balance: 5
The scenario was perfectly balanced. The ability to choose the difficulty levels made the campaign fit for all players. The easy difficulty was also not that easy. The use of micro management was needed. Normal difficulty wasn't as easy as it sounds it does. It was a real challenge for Veteran players and needed careful micromanagement. The game had no imbalance, was perfectly balanced fit for players of all skill levels.

Creativity: 5
I have no words to describe this. The various use palaside walls in the battle field like barriers, the use of statues inside and outside the temples, was truly amazing. The use of traps was also fascinating. You could even activate traps helping you in battle. The use of Path and Palaside Wall along with the Change View effect for creating an effect like in the middle of a sea was also truly unbelievable. The use of sounds from the movie and using various other trigger tricks was marvellous.

Map Design: 5
The Map Design charmed the eyes. The eye-candy used was tremendous. The use of desert for the battle-field and a mixture of grass for farm lands was truly charming. The use of cliffs and various gaia objects for ponds etc pleased the eyes. The author has done great work.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Story was explained in detail with the whole history of the Trojan War. A person who has no idea about it will learn it in a matter of hours. This is the way it was explained that anyone could understand it.
The Instructions was very well explained with each objective having details and hints so that the player does not get lost at all. Truly good work.

Additional Comments:
If this review is read carefully you might be knowing that there is no words to express the campaign. The author has done great effort and anyone can make out from the campaign. Hard work done there.
Sceletar, why are you waiting here??? Continue designing!!! ;) :P
File Author
I hope that you play it again on normal speed and review WoT again.This time please rate the balance as well.
Dragon_Sword It's a great scenario, but kinda short... It ended when I thought it was just getting started... :/
Map Design4.0
The War of Troy by Sceletar is a campaign based upon the landing at the beach of Troy. The player plays many different roles, and the only problem I have with it are a few minor bugs, whereas the rest! The campaign begins with a young man walking up to Homer, and asking him about the story of The War of Troy, Homer proceeds to tell him...


After the cut scenes, which are very well done we take control of the Achaeans storming the beach, it is all very well presented and a very enjoyable campaign, there were no bugs spotted and I had fun, the best feature was then becoming Hector and fighting the Achaeans, I liked the idea of swapping between the two armies. The only annoyance I had was the length of the opening cut-scene, it was lengthy though an option to skip it was included, nonetheless it was a good scenario. I didn't experience lag, but it will probably be present for people with low end computers. The battles are rather hectic, if a little plain. There didn't seem to be much innovation and at times I felt that there is litle micromanagement needed during the initial assault.


For this the author has put in the option to choose difficulty in game, I played Normal each time. The fighting on "Standard" was a little bit to easy so I played on moderate, I found it a bit harder and it presented a good enough challenge and I was happy, there’s a good learning curve in the game, you can play on Standard - Easy, if you are quite new to AoK, or Standard - Normal if you are fairly used to the game and so on.


There were many creative aspects in the campaign, such as swapping between the armies and getting the player to do certain things in the fight, destroying the catapults, or targeting certain heroes. There was also the aspect of the traps in the Temple of Apollo, but I didn't see any clear reason why they went off at the start, whether people were setting them off, or was it just random. Letting the player use them later was very clever, it also followed the movie very well, which would have been hard to do. These saved it from looking just like another Fixed Force scenario! The sounds were brilliant, and I didn't even play with the music pack! The use of sounds is brilliant, including many clips from the film!


The map was very well designed with the tide trick used, there was nothing outstanding, but it was well done. I would have liked to see more of Troy, but everything was pleasant in view and there wasn't too much of certain objects used, terrain was mixed well.


The instructions were very well done with hints provided with the objectives, I was never left in the dark as to what I was supposed to be doing. The author also provided great history and pointed out the inaccuracies. His spelling was perfect (unlike mine probably) and everything was there including a lovely bitmap. The story was well done, having Homer say the story was clever, and the way you ended it left me hungry for more!


A brilliant scenario, I honestly didn't think it would be that good as doing stuff like this is hard to represent in AoK and was pleasantly surprised and the high amount of work that went into this campaign, I’d recommend it to anyone who even watched the film "TROY," whether you liked it or not. We have another great designer among us. Well done Sceletar!

[Edited on 08/22/06 @ 04:12 PM]

Leinad le Grand
Map Design5.0
The War of Troy, based on the greatest battle ever, and the movie “Troy”

Playability: 5
Had no trouble at all. Although my silly computer did not meet the system requirements, the lag
did not take the fun out of the game. The intensity of the battle made me pause a lot, set the speed
to slow, and focus on what I was doing. This will put you on your toes, and people from all
ranges of experience will have great fun playing this over and over again. The ability to play on
both sides was confusing, yet added to the fun. It was simple to play and the sounds made it all
the better. It feels as if you were almost in the battle itself.

Balance: 5
Both sides had an equal amount of chance to win, and the only thing that kept you from losing
was the fact that Artificial Intelligence will never beat a human being. I enjoyed how well this
campaign was created to let the player use his full skill in turning out victorious on the battlefield.
In every way there was no luck involved, and everything is fair and square.

Creativity: 5
Everything here is made perfectly. The camera moved at the precise moments, and every little
thing was made to it’s full quality. This campaign should gives much fun to the player as it must
have for the maker. Words can’t describe it.

Map Design: 5
Stunning, positively stunning. The sea shore moving, the good realism in creating the perfect
battlefield, making it one of the best campaigns I have ever played, is enough to leave you
electrified. If only the English language was made with more words that I could use here.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was told in the right way for this game. The instructions were told perfectly, so there
was nothing you couldn’t understand. I had no trouble going through it and did not find any
problem. The objectives were clear, and the player knows exactly what to do and what not to do.
The way the instructions are put makes it clear how much thought was put into it.

Additional Comments:
Even though I myself have not seen the movie yet, it was still a good campaign. Everybody ready
for a good war on their PC is going to love this one. You won’t regret clicking on the
“download” button.

[Edited on 03/22/05 @ 01:48 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the nice review:)
It is a pleasure to know that my campaign has been able to do justice to the theme of the Trojan war.
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