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~The War of ~TROY~

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This campaign is based on the famous theme of the Trojan war.

Prince Paris of Troy has kidnapped the fair Helen ,wife of the Greek king Menelaus and the Greeks declare war on the Trojans to get her back. The massive Achaean fleet of a Thousand ships rapidly approaches the Trojan shores as the Trojans prepare themselves for the approaching Achaeans the Greek Champion is the great Achilles of the Myrmidons while on the Trojan side stands Prince Hector the greatest warrior of Troy.

Gear up as you lead the Achaean forces to battle against the Trojan forces and be prepared some interesting twists and surprises.

"This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen"

1.An epic Story
2.Over 900 triggers for a FF scenario!!!
3.Loads of sound and music files
4.Cinematic Cut scenes
5.Action Packed game play
6.FF battles presented in a whole new way
7.Intense Characters
8.New Ideas and Tricks
9.Lengthy Intro (which you can skip)
10.Multiple Difficulty options

P4 2.6 Ghz with 512 mb Ram and above
This campaign is playable with slight lag on P3 with 256 mb of Ram

The music pack can now be downloaded from the blacksmith server.
Just Follow the link given below
Music Pack

My sincere thanks to Angel Spineman for uploading the music files for me.

Visit the Website if you like.
(just copy and paste the link in your browser and click 'GO')
hyperlink is provided with the readme file
For complete enjoyment of this campaign it is highly recommended to download the music pack

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Thanks for the review Jedi Master!
Great to know that the campaign impressed you so much.
Zeus50 I'm new to computer gaming and Age of Empires. I bought the game a while ago but didnt really play it until I came on this site. 'The War of Troy' intrigued me and was the first campaign i downloaded. I think it is fantastic the way it is put together. It was really enjoyable so thank you for making it. I would also like to ask anyone out there what are some other really fun campaigns to play.

Cheers Zeus
File Author
Thanks for the nice comments Zeus!
I reccomend every 5.0 to 4.6 rated campaign in the blacksmith to you and please visit our scenario design forum for mopre info.
aok lord Very well done a good variety of triggers and evry fun. The only bad thing bout this was it ended to soon. And not that it really matters or it is something u should change id rather play on the achean side the whole time cuz they r sweet.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
‘The War of ~Troy~; The Trojan Shores’ is a single scenario campaign presented by the author Sceletar, detailing, through a powerful and moving cut-scene and action-fledged scenario, the abduction of Queen Helen, to when Agamemnon gathered all of Greece for a war for vengeance to the early days of the Trojan War itself, lying waste over the beaches and fields. The campaign captures the battle for Troy’s beach, both exhaustedly and claustrophobic, to the first of the many battles raging across the open plains before the behemoth city of Troy itself.

Playability: (5.0) +

The scenario, ‘The War of Troy’ was excellent and definitely worth the download. The ability to choose difficulty by selecting either of the two outposts, and take the roles of both sides of the war was impressive. It was a fun game to play, and challenging at the same time! The action scenes, the way they were all carried out helped to entertain the player, and keep him on the edge of his seat right throughout the game. The playability is such that it leaves you wanting more, desiring more!

Balance: (5.0)

The ability to chose the respective difficulties, Standard or Moderate by selecting structures gave the player a chance to play the scenario as it is meant to be experienced. On both Standard and Moderate alike I was met with a thrusting challenge and in both cases was forced to use many strategies and heavy micromanaging to win. Whilst playing the Achaeans or even the Trojans in the thick of battle, the balance for both teams to win was 50 and 50. If you didn't watch your soldiers in battle they would be slaughtered making the player 'sit with it' all the way through. The difficulty levels were fit for all players, veterans and new, and offered a fitting challenge throughout.

Creativity: (5.0) +

The idea of Homer telling his story was very impressive. The use of sound files from the movie added a sense of realism, and the beach scene in the first few plays was awesome! Alot of work was added into this game, especially the beginning scenes. The use of traps in the temple was pretty good, and helped to turn the tide of battle and the shield wall carried out by Achilleus and his Myrmidons was creative too. The cut-scene whereby it dealt with the Achaean fleet crossing the vast Aegean to when they were setting anchor on Troy's beaches under the hail of fire was spectacurly carried out and the scenes whereby it depicted the interiors of buildings or decks of ships was great and very creative. Overall you have done a terrific job!

Map Design: (4.0)

The map design was overall good with the hard blue sea sloping against the sandy beaches of Phrygia, the dry, harsh fields nestled in between the many hills lying before the city of Troy, and well designed and structured settlements and the interiors of buildings and ships. There was a good use of terrain mixing, and a suitable structure of the overall design, but in all lacked in realism for what North Western Turkey looks like as explained in the ‘Iliad’ and was a bit too bland. The jungle trees didn't work out too well either.

Story/ Instructions: (5.0) –

The War of Troy is a story constantly told throughout the Blacksmith, but Sceletar finds new ways to juice it up and make it in such a way that it involves the audience and captivates those who do not know what to expect. The story is a cross between 'The Iliad’ of Homer and ‘Troy’ the movie and as such, provides both historical accuracy, although only in some areas, and fully immersing action. The History section was exemplary with plentiful detail telling us mythically how the Trojan war started, caused primarily because of the dispute of a “golden apple” between the three goddesses Pallas Athene, Hera and Aphrodite. The hints section abounded with much useful detail, and in-game when objectives came anew, came yet more hints making clear what one needed to do in that certain event. Topped with a bitmap both great and rich in colour and good dialogue, the story will not let you down. However, do not expect this scenario to be just like Homer’s epic poem ‘The Iliad’. It is merely an adaptation; a story based on it. For you will find, providing you have read ‘The Iliad’, that some of the events in ‘The War of Troy’ do not necessarily fit those from the poem written over two-and-a-half-thousand years ago. This can disappoint the viewer, and I admit it did me, but the story is fantastic nonetheless, and the dialogue great.

I encountered many grammatical errors, both in the written story and dialogue alike, such as the frequent lack of full stops, lack of gaps in between sentences and numbers, the overuse of the "..." whose name I have forgotten, some bad use of wording and in all, have cost a deduction of half a point in this category.

In a word - Climactic!

In Closing – A must download!

- Mashek

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 07:34 PM]

SaM12345 Really fun, really enjoyed the cut scenes and all that, just a couple of things. The intro timer on the chat is too short, i kept on missing what it said and i was looking forward to playing the rest ! Will you ever make the next part?
P4 2.6 Ghz with 512 mb Ram and above
This campaign is playable with slight lag on P3 with 256 mb of Ram

uhhh I have a 500mhz and 256 mb ram, and it runs perfectly, not a lag at all..
crazykid When i first started the campaign i though "it is too much like the movie". then i figured out it was supposed to be that way (im slow).But Sceletar did really great job on that.I could tell that getting some of the details like in the movie took some work.Good Job Sceletar.
Homestar Runner2
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This game wasn't impossbly hard to understand or play, and it was very enjoyable

Balance: 5
Both sides of the armies were balanced when fighting. It was never impossible to win because you were outnumbered

Creativity: 5
The way that Sceletar had parts from the Illiad and the movie, but it wasn't exactly the same really showed creativity

Map Design: 5
Wow. Wow. It was truly amazing how Sceletar Showed people on boats, and all the beautiful scenery

Story/Instructions: 5
The Instructions were easy to read and understand.
Additional Comments:

I give this amazing game, the War of Troy, a five out of five. My only comment is when you were showing all the ships in the water it slowed the action, but it did show just how big the Achaens army was.
Ivan du Terrible How long did it take you to make this mate, this is epic!

[Edited on 02/08/06 @ 12:10 PM]

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